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Piazza means no Clayton Kershaw season, among others.  I really wanted Kershaw's season with 300 Ks. Also, taking 97 means no Larry Walker, which I considered the most balanced offensive season.

I think you only beat me in Saves.  That Rodney season is a really nice pull.

I started with the quantitatives.  As I posted, my original team batted .337 and my Ratio was 0.87.  I thought it would be harder to correct quantitatives.  

Regarding common seasons: 

Mauer's season may be the most used.  His avenge blows away the other catcher seasons without giving up HR.  And, he's the only Twin worth considering other than a Johan Santana season.  

There are so many ARod and Bonds seasons it's tough to figure out the best one.  I just used ones that fit the open years for me, so as to avoid a conflict.

Pedro 2000 is likely a huge choice too, even though 1999 competes with it directly and is a reasonable choice. 

Anytime someone doesn't take Gooden '85, I think it's gamesmanship.  His IP/ERA with so many Ks and Wins just can't be beat.

Randy Johnson 02 is also hard to pass up unless you go with his 370+ season.  Maddux 95 is likely a near unanimous too, unless people are too put off by the low Ks.  His ERA/Ratio are absurd.  I think you shorted him some IP, affecting both.

My desire for quantitatives is how I got Pujols and Miggy, but I should have had Miggy at 3B and Ryan Howard's MVP instead of Schmidt 1980 - would have gotten more HR and RBI, plus gotten my avg up to .330.  The 12 steals probably aren't as important.

With the quantitatives, I did a lot of sorts in the player index.  I started with all 20-40 and 40-20 seasons and sorted by Avg/RBI/Runs/SB/HR.  I sorted a lot by position as well.  I came close on Molitor a few times.  But, he never had the one perfect season with the average, SB, and Runs.  That's how I finished with Hanley 07.  .335 125 Runs 29 HR and 51 SB.  It's near perfect, just light in RBI.  Roberto Alomar, Yount, Trammell 87, a few others are very balanced, but not dominant in any one category.  Eric Davis' 87 is also near perfect.  A .293 average is a drag.  Bonds 93, Walker 97, Pudge Rodriguez 04 are all perfect seasons.  5 category dominance.  Not the most valuable, necessarily, but the most balanced across all 5 categories.  

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

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