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We've been dealing with some difficulties in my league.  The problems are related to dump trades, staying active all season, you know the normal stuff we deal with.  One owner is now proposing what I consider a ridiculous high-low payout structure, where 1st, 2nd, 11th, and 12th win money with 11th and 12th having to qualify in AB and IP to win.  I don't know why we would incentivize teams to do poorly.

My suggestion is to move to a pyramid keeper system similar to what Alex has described in the past, but perhaps even more aggressive.  Right now each team can keep up to 5 major leaguers, plus 2 minor leaguers, or additional minor leaguers in place of major leaguers.  All told, that's 60 major league keepers maximum.

Perhaps this is too drastic, but I was thinking of proposing:

1st - 2

2nd - 3

3rd - 4

4th - 5

5th - 8

6th - 7

7th - 7

8th - 6

9th - 6

10th - 5

11th - 4

12th -3

This would be the same number of major league keepers (60), greatly incentivize the teams who try to improve throughout the season by making free agent pickups who could be kept and not trading out.  It may create unwanted incentives for teams at the very bottom to trade out for that one or two great keepers, though.  

The minor leaguer keepers would be unchanged and people could keep more minor leaguers at the expense of these major league slots if they so wished.

What do people think?  What tweaks would you make and what side effects do you foresee?

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

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