The Subscription Package

Patton $ Online 2019 is now posted!

If you’ve been a customer before, you most likely are saying, "I don't need this wall of text.” I Want to Pay Great. Just click that blue button.

For new buyers, here is the full description of what we offer: Alex Patton's Software With Peter Kreutzer's Projections

As soon as you pay, Subscribe! in the main menu becomes Subscriber. When you click on that, you see the following options in the pulldown:

Click on Downloads and you are taken to the downloads page. This is where you get Patton $ Online 2019.

This is also where you get Excel and text files containing projections and bids for 2019.

And something else happens when you subscribe:

Rotoman's Projections Appear at the Bottom of the Stat Scans at Patton & Co.

Subscribers will see these. No one else. Unless they read down this far, non-subscribers won’t even know they are there. You don’t have to see the projections when you are reading the comments — you can change that in the settings for your account — but everyone wants to see Peter’s projections, and when you become a subscriber, you can.

The price of a subscription until Fri Feb 14 '20 is $36. Show us your love! The Blue Button