Thread: Reports from the Trenches

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I participated in an NL-only auction (4x4) on Sunday.  The only change versus previous years was a significant reduction in the prices for starting pitchers.

John Hobbs Real-Joker

As I prep for my first auction next Thursday, I realize that there is one big factor this year that is different -- absolutely no Littlefield effect coming out of spring training.  No mediocre outfielders on a hot streak that will disappear in June. No gaudy K rates from pitchers. Really a lot based on last year's performances. 

Kent Ostby Seadogs

We're going with #1, except keeping freezes, because the additional 2 hours will kill us all.  All contracts extended a year, basically.

Head to head never came up, because it's an abomination.

Mike Landau ML-
Jul 1

The ADL is heading, fitfully, toward something much like 2. I assume you keep a seat at the table in your third league if you take a pass on this year?

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 1

So here are the decisions of my three leagues for 2020.  All are deep freeze leagues, with redraft for 2020, and restoration of rosters/rules in 2021.

1. auction, rotisserie scoring, all AL players available, 5 round reserve draft, 40 games required to be a complete season. $100

2. snake draft, rotisserie scoring, available players not yet determined. $50

3. snake draft, twice a week head-to-head, only regular AL roster players available, no reserve draft. $100

I am very unhappy about the 3rd league, because I think head-to-head is an abomination. I might not do it.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jul 1

While I'd put the start around 20%, I'd agree with the 0% finish estimate. (Maybe 10%.)

mike fenger mike
Jun 30