Thread: Reports from the Trenches

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Floro's save allowed me to breathe. I gained one point (pulled me ahead of a three-way tie). I finished one RBI ahead of the overall second-place team (on the final day, so that was a two-point swing), one W ahead of the overall second-place team and someone else, .0002 and .0008 ahead of two teams in BA (on the final day), and .026 in ERA ahead of the overall second place-team. I finished one HR BEHIND the overall second-place team.

So without Floro's save, I still would have won by 1.5. But there were MANY other scenarios under which I would have finished second.

T.J. Rohr TJRohr
Oct 12

Thank you Alex,,,ended a pretty long Doubt Wars drought for me. 

van wilhoite LVW
Oct 10

Congrats TJ! That is one hell of an exciting last day. What would the standings look like without Floro's save?

Alex Patton Alex
Oct 10

I won my league. I was a point down headed into the final day of the season and fell behind by two around 5 pm. But then with a good BA, a bunch of RBI, and Dylan Floro's save, I finished 2.5 points ahead of second.

T.J. Rohr TJRohr
Oct 10

No three-peat for the Neaux Brainers in the Plain Wheeler Dealer League (AL, 5x5). But I did manage a second with a pitching staff that saved my bacon (Manoah, McKenzie, Luis Garcia, Sonny Gray, Scott Barlow, and pickups Holmes, Bautista and Fairbanks). Even with a great freeze list, I failed to spend it wisely at the auction table and could never overcome buying Rendon, Kelenic, Kirilloff, Grandal, and Torkelson. 

Congrats to all the winners. After 32 years of Rotisserie, I'm still grateful to play a game I love.

And now to soak in the first round with the Guardians. Never expected this, and I love the way they play the game. 

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Oct 6

Congrats to LVW, who was never seriously challenged in NL Doubt.

Doubt Wars NL League 1 Standings as of 10/05/22
1. van wilhoite146.5
2. Mike Lester130.5
3. BoogAlou129.0
4. Foodie126.0
5. Tanks125.5
6. Rickshaws122.5
7. LGM120.5
8. Rob'noods118.0
9. Team BB117.5
10. LynchMob113.5
11. Peru Loves Baseball111.0
12. Roll 2107.5
13. Smoke and Mirrors101.0
14. Scoopy96.0
15. Sloshed Thugs93.5
16. Psalms 291.5
17. Vandelay Industries NL89.0
18. Dan Craig57.0
19. Los Maestros de Doubt54.5
20. Texas Windmills49.5

In the ADL, I managed to hang on for a two-peat. BB Guns, Nabobs and Bad K were the big excitement on the last day. Fourth-place team gets a nice chunk of money, fifth-place team gets first pick in the reserve draft, so now two teams flip a coin to see who wants what.

American Dream League Standings as of 10/05/22
1. Moose Factory86.0
2. Fine Tooners83.0
3. BB Guns61.0
4. Nattering Nabobs60.0
5. Bad Kreuznachs60.0
6. Peppermartins53.5
7. Nova48.0
8. Stolen Bags42.5
9. Random Hackers34.0
10. Veecks34.0
11. Palukas29.0
12. Jerry's Kids25.0
Alex Patton Alex
Oct 6

And so it ends.

A 2nd place (distant) finish in PCL.

A final week collapse from 4th to 6th in SGRL (ongoing since the mid-1980s.

An eighth of 11th in my home league.

The second place team took their lead from the pitchers Rodon, Merrill Kelly, Diaz, and Bednar. A trade for Darvish and a FAAB on Orduzzi helped the pitchers score 49.5.

On the offensive side, we spent most of our money on Machado, Alonzo, Realmoto, Adames, and Yelich.  While I feel I overpaid for the stars, at $1 to $2 each, the scrubs had to kind of earn their money, right?  All of this despite Ian Anderson's betrayal.
Both losing teams similarly were stars and scrubs and both had Ozzie Albies. My home team also carried a $46 Juan Soto around it's neck. While my 6th place team simply had no closer and some bad end of season adds (Maneaa, Gallo).

PS I started working on next year's numbers about 2 weeks ago.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Oct 6

Headed into the final three days, I'm a half-point out of first. I'm one RBI, four HR, and two saves behind the first place team. I could lose points in BA, ERA, saves, and wins. In hold-'em poker terms, I'm behind headed to the river but with a lot of outs. I'd say it's 70/30 against me.

T.J. Rohr TJRohr
Oct 3

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Nabobs the Swattie.

Money for the other 11 teams ranged from 22 to nada.

About the only message from this week's SWAT is that if the Palukas want somebody, their $22 bid guarantees that they get him. 
Remember, there is a Waiver set of claims next Monday because the season doesn't end until Thursday. Here are the claims and the losing cash bids:

Jerry's Kids: rel JJimenez Det, pur GOtto Tex 0
Palukas: res JHarrison CWS, pur JKelenic Sea 22 (Losing Bids: Moose $4, BBs $1)
Palukas: res DPhelps Tor, pur JLyles Bal 22 (Losing Bid: Kids $1)
Palukas: res NSyndergaard Phi, pur BBello Bos 22
Random Hackers: dis TAnderson CWS, pur MMastrobuoni TB 6
Veecks: res YKikuchi Tor, pur SArmstrong TB 0
Stolen Bags: res KPilkington Cle, pur JHeasley KC 0
Nattering Nabobs: res MFord LAA, pur CCapel Oak 16 (Losing Bid: Moose $2)
Bad Kreuznachs: rel KAkin Bal, pur ESwanson Sea 0
BB Guns: res MBrash Sea, pur MBaumann Bal 0
Fine Tooners: res MFulmer Min, pur GJax Min 11
Moose Factory: res DGerman NYY, pur RStanek Hou 0
Moose Factory: res CMorris Cle, pur GCleavinger TB 0
Moose Factory: res KStowers Bal, pur JSmith Tex 0
Moose Factory: res AVaughn CWS, pur WBrennan Cle 7 (Losing Bids: Fine Tooners $6, Bad K $3)
Nova: res MStrahm Bos, pur PMaton Hou 0
Moose Factory: mov JSmith Tex OF

Also, the Nabobs drop Cal Stevenson to comply with the Rule of Seven

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 26

I was a bit too clever with some of my pitching picks and am dragging along in 16th. Doesn't help that I have six hitters hurt or not in the majors (Tatis, Votto, Sanchez, Beer, Alex Dickerson, etc). Wow, looking at my picks I'm actually kind of surprised I'm as high as 16th out of 20.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Sep 24