Thread: Reports from the Trenches

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FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

I'm this week's Swattie.

Winckowski today’s big battle. Kody Clemens, after languishng unclaimed for a week, joins the Dreamers. 

First AL game: 7:10

Jerry's Kids: res ADiaz Hou
Jerry's Kids: pur KClemens Det 1
Nova: dis CArroyo Bos
Nova: pur DMacKinnon LAA 1
Moose Factory: res SHaggerty Sea
Moose Factory: pur JMatijevic Hou 16
Moose Factory: res SArmstrong TB
Moose Factory: act ESwanson Sea
Stolen Bags: res AHedges Cle
Stolen Bags: pur RRefsnyder Bos 47 (moose 4, guns 3, nova 1)
Stolen Bags: res MWisler TB
Stolen Bags: pur MMoore Tex 41 (nabobs 2)
Peppermartins: res SHuff Tex
Peppermartins: pur JBride Oak 105 (moose 17)
Peppermartins: res SHentges Cle
Peppermartins: pur JWinckowski Bos 77 (bags 64, guns 11, kids 7, moose 3)
Fine Tooners: res RTepera LAA
Fine Tooners: pur BRaley TB 11 (nabobs 5, bad k 4)
BB Guns: dis YGrandal CWS
BB Guns: pur SZavala CWS 56 (veecks 26)
BB Guns: res KPilkington Cle
BB Guns: pur JQuijada LAA 3 (tooners 11 - second choice)
Jerry's Kids: dis JPayamps KC
Jerry's Kids: pur PMaton Hou 1
Nattering Nabobs: res THearn Tex
Nattering Nabobs: pur JCuas KC 2 
Nattering Nabobs: res SMoll Oak
Nattering Nabobs: pur ZJackson Oak 2
Nattering Nabobs: res MBush Tex
Nattering Nabobs: pur JHerget LAA 2
Nova: res JFoley Det
Nova: pur RBrasier Bos 0
Moose Factory: res MDavidson Oak
Moose Factory: pur AHaseley CWS 3
Stolen Bags: res ADavis Bos
Stolen Bags: pur JKoenig Oak 2
Stolen Bags: mov RRefsnyder Bos UT
Peppermartins: mov JBride Oak C
Moose Factory: mov AHaseley CWS UT
Alex Patton Alex

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

The Bidmeister has spoken:

Jerry's Kids: res RMcKenna Bal
Jerry's Kids: pur TNevin Bal 40 (Nova 28, Moose 19, Tooners 11)
Jerry's Kids: rel JCastro Hou
Jerry's Kids: pur RMcGuire CWS 15 (No bids)
Palukas: dis ABummer CWS
Palukas: pur LLuetge NYY 5 (No bids)
Veecks: res TMayza Tor
Veecks: pur JHeasley KC 52 (Jerrys 35, Moose 8)
Nova: dis DCameron Det
Nova: pur SVogt Oak 28 (Hax 5)
Random Hackers: res ZCollins Tor
Random Hackers: pur KSuzuki LAA 9 (No bids)
Random Hackers: res JLagares LAA
Random Hackers: pur RMartin Bal 82 (Pepps 55, Nabobs 47, Moose 5)
Moose Factory: dis SWalker Tex
Moose Factory: pur MDavidson Oak 37 (No bids)
Moose Factory: res SHaggerty Sea
Moose Factory: pur ROHearn KC 1 (No bids)
Moose Factory: res JMoran Min
Moose Factory: pur SArmstrong TB 5 (No bids)
Moose Factory: res JSprings TB
Moose Factory: pur KCrawford Bos 2 (No bids)
Nattering Nabobs: dis NEovaldi Bos
Nattering Nabobs: pur EDeLosSantos Cle 4 (No bids)
Bad Kreuznachs: res JHerget LAA
Bad Kreuznachs: pur TDanish Bos 4 (No bids)
Bad Kreuznachs: dis GOtto Tex
Bad Kreuznachs: pur RLopez CWS 1 (No bids)
Bad Kreuznachs: res TTrammell Sea
Bad Kreuznachs: act APollock CWS
BB Guns: dis GWhitlock Bos
BB Guns: pur JKaprielian Oak 111 (Toons 16)
Jerry's Kids: rel ZJackson Oak
Jerry's Kids: pur JPayamps KC 2 (No bids)
Nova: res NSandlin Cle
Nova: pur KCrick CWS 0
Nova: res TRichards Tor
Nova: pur JFoley Det 0
Random Hackers: dis AKittredge TB
Random Hackers: pur AGose Cle 0
Moose Factory: mov ROHearn KC UT
Bad Kreuznachs: mov APollock CWS UT
Alex Patton Alex
Jun 13

It helps to be a player on the 40 man, of course.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jun 6

That's a hefty bid for Duran, but it could work out really well. I was very surprised to see the Rangers call him up when Miller went on the IL. It will be interesting to see how the Rangers deal with this situation once Josh Jung is healthy and ready to roll. 

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Jun 6

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Nabobs again the Swattie.

Clearly, the theme of this week's Waivers was Duran, Duran with the BBs losing out by a whisper.
The Nabobs got Moll (who if he were on the BBs, he would be Gun Moll) through an accident. We forget to change our bids from $3 to $2 in the later boxes. As a result, we beat out the Stolen Bags in a tie. Doubt that this will ever matter. 
Veecks: res RThompson TB
Veecks: pur CPerez Bal 75 (Losing bid: Nabobs $3)
Veecks: res BRaley TB
Veecks: pur WPeralta NYY 55 (Losing bid: Nabobs $5)
Moose Factory: res KGarlick Min
Moose Factory: pur SWalker Tex 24 (Losing bids: Peppers $17, Hackers $16 and Bad K $7)
Moose Factory: res ElvRodriguez Det
Moose Factory: pur JMoran Min 4 (Losing Bid: Tooners $2)
Nattering Nabobs: dis HRyu Tor
Nattering Nabobs: pur RStripling Tor 37 (None)
Peppermartins: res AIbanez Tex
Peppermartins: pur EDuran Tex 181 (Losing bids: BBs $174, Moose $101, Hackers $51 and Tooners $15)
Peppermartins: res RMarinaccio NYY
Peppermartins: pur BAbreu Hou 22 (Losing Bid: Kids $1)
Random Hackers: rel ROHearn KC
Random Hackers: pur JLagares LAA 0
Stolen Bags: res ADavis Bos
Stolen Bags: pur AAbreu KC 23 (None)
Bad Kreuznachs: res RRay Sea
Bad Kreuznachs: pur DKremer Bal 12 (None)
Fine Tooners: res KSmith Oak
Fine Tooners: pur JSmith Tex 2 (None)
BB Guns: rel JKaprielian Oak
BB Guns: pur KPilkington Cle 174 (Losing bids: Stolen Bags $64, Moose $2)
Palukas: res DBundy Min
Palukas: pur ABummer CWS 4 (Losing bid: Nabobs $3)
Moose Factory: res CChang Pit
Moose Factory: pur JPalacios Min 1 (None)
Nattering Nabobs: res TStephan Cle
Nattering Nabobs: pur SMoll Oak 3 (Losing bid: Stolen Bags $3)
Nattering Nabobs: res RBrasier Bos
Nattering Nabobs: pur ALoup LAA 1 (None)
Random Hackers: res ABradley LAA
Random Hackers: pur JCotton Min 0
Jerry's Kids: rel MMoore Tex
Jerry's Kids: pur JJimenez Det 0
Peppermartins: mov EDuran Tex MI
Random Hackers: mov JLagares LAA UT
Moose Factory: mov JPalacios Min UT

Alex Patton Alex
Jun 6

FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Nabobs were the Swattie.

This is the first time that your SWATman can recall when all winning bids cost money. What is also interesting is the Lucky-To-Be-a-Yankee appeal of Andujar and the tight clustering of bids for Oscar Gonzalez.

Jerry's Kids: res RMcKenna Bal, pur MAndujar NYY 175 (Losing Bids: Hackers $96, Nabobs $57, Pals $53 and Tooners $31)
Jerry's Kids: rel DKeuchel CWS, pur RGarcia Det 30 (Losing Bids: Stolen Bags 27, Moose $7)
Jerry's Kids: dis CStashak Min, pur MMoore Tex 5
Nattering Nabobs: res SKwan Cle, pur OGonzalez Cle 37 (Losing Bids: Moose $32, Stolen Bags $27, Hackers $19 and Tooners $17)
Moose Factory: res CSilseth LAA, pur ElvRodriguez Det 6
Stolen Bags: res KBradish Bal, pur DSantana Tex 23 (Losing Bids: Nabobs $16, Tooners 8, Moose $4)
Stolen Bags: rel BAbreu Hou, pur ADavis Bos 35
Fine Tooners: res DMoore Sea, pur MCarpenter NYY 16 (Losing Bids: Hackers $3, Moose $1)
Palukas: dis RGrossman Det, pur DMendick CWS 4 (Losing Bid: Hackers $3)
Nattering Nabobs: res ZGreinke KC, pur TStephan Cle 11
Moose Factory: res BMiller Tex, pur BHicklen KC 1
Random Hackers: dis JRyan Min, pur DSmeltzer Min 16 (Losing Bids: Tooners $13, Moose $1)
Random Hackers: res TAnderson CWS, pur ROHearn KC 1
Fine Tooners: dis JKelly CWS, pur EMorgan Cle 11 (Losing Bid: Nabobs $2)
Nattering Nabobs: dis HRobles Bos, pur RBrasier Bos 1
Palukas: mov DMendick CWS OF

Alex Patton Alex
May 30

The FAAB fights this morning in the ADL.

Once again I'm the Swattie.

Big battles for Singer, Faedo — and Johnny Cueto! Hackers calibrate Cueto perfectly. Moose not so much for Singer.

Please note any bids that I missed (I always miss some) for the archive.

First AL game 7:05.

Veecks: res CArcher Min
Veecks: pur AFaedo Det 151 (kids 125, hackers 61, bags 11, moose 4)
Nova: dis SPerez KC
Nova: pur KSuzuki LAA 0
Bad Kreuznachs: res RChirinos Bal
Bad Kreuznachs: pur TTrammell Sea 23 (hackers 1)
Moose Factory: res THearn Tex
Moose Factory: pur BSinger KC 224 (peppers 135, guns 121, hackers 101, nabobs 47, bad k 47, tooners 20)
Moose Factory: res RUrias Bal
Moose Factory: pur SHaggerty Sea 8 (bad k 23 - but got trammell for 23)
Stolen Bags: res TDuffey Min
Stolen Bags: pur BAbreu Hou 17 (kids 15, tooners 1)
Random Hackers: res SWatkins Bal
Random Hackers: pur JCueto CWS 110 (peppers 105, kids 95, nabobs 58, bad k 47, bags 27, moose 23, tooners 20)
Random Hackers: res SSouza Sea
Random Hackers: pur MFord Sea 2
Fine Tooners: rel AuRomine LAA
Fine Tooners: pur RMcGuire CWS 0
Jerry's Kids: dis WVest Det
Jerry's Kids: pur CStashak Min 14
Nova: res CCulberson Tex
Nova: pur DBlanco KC 0 (moose 3 but got haggerty for 8, hackers 1 but got ford for 2)
Nova: res HCastro Det
Nova: pur DCameron Det 0
Nattering Nabobs: dis ERodriguez Det
Nattering Nabobs: pur ALoup LAA 3
Fine Tooners: res JKelly CWS
Fine Tooners: pur PMurfee Sea 0
Bad Kreuznachs: mov TTrammell Sea UT
Moose Factory: mov SHaggerty Sea UT 

Alex Patton Alex
May 23

Today's Swattie being me...

SWAT 4/16

Today’s Swattie is thinking letting Vest go last week was a mistake. Five teams really wanted a hitter on the Oakland A’s, a team that could really use a hitter. Four teams bid furiously for a pitcher who was drafted in the 11th round last year and is not on any prospect list.

First game 6:40.

Jerry's Kids: dis MPineda Det
Jerry’s Kids: pur WVest Det 40 (bags 38, nabobs 11, moose 8, bad k 3)

Nova: res PMaton Hou

Nova: pur JSchreiber Bos 0 

Veecks: dis CGallagher KC

Veecks: pur CWallach LAA 35

Veecks: res BPhillips TB

Veecks: pur LBarrera Oak 101 (kids 60, hackers 42, bad k 23, moose 19)

Stolen Bags: res MFoster CWS

Stolen Bags: pur MWisler TB 11 (moose 7)

Stolen Bags: res EClement Cle

Stolen Bags: pur MDubon Hou 71 (kids 65, hackers 15)

Bad Kreuznachs: dis CPaddack Min

Bad Kreuznachs: pur JHerget LAA 0

Bad Kreuznachs: res GOtto Tex

Bad Kreuznachs: act DCastillo Sea

Moose Factory: res CHernandez KC

Moose Factory: pur CSilseth LAA 108 (peppers 104, guns 49, bags 47)

Moose Factory: res KAkin Bal

Moose Factory: pur RLopez CWS 3

Random Hackers: dis MMargot TB

Random Hackers: pur SSouza Sea 51 (bags 1)

Random Hackers: res LRengifo LAA

Random Hackers: pur RBannon Bal 18 (bad k 3)

Peppermartins: rel RMcGuire CWS

Peppermartins: pur SHuff Tex 26 (bad k 13)

Jerry's Kids: res VReyes Det

Jerry's Kids: pur RMcKenna Bal 40 (hackers 2, bad k 1)

Fine Tooners: rel THeineman Tor

Fine Tooners: pur AuRomine LAA 0

Fine Tooners: rel PMurfee Sea

Fine Tooners: pur GSpeier KC 0

Alex Patton Alex
May 16

The action this morning.

Stolen Bags: res CPoche TB, pur TDuffey Min 18  (No bids)
Stolen Bags: res WPeralta Det, pur MFoster CWS 21 (Moose 1)
Veecks: dis AVaughn CWS, pur GCelestino Min 51 (Bags 43, Hax 11, Moose 3)
Veecks: dis SPiscotty Oak, pur ZReks Tex 26 (Hax 16)
Veecks: dis DFletcher LAA, pur WCastro Det 16 (Hax 4, Moose 1)
Nattering Nabobs: rel MWisler TB, pur RBrasier Bos 8 (No bids)
Nattering Nabobs: res MTaylor KC, pur AWhitefield LAA 27 (Moose 5)
Bad Kreuznachs: res RChirinos Bal, act CRaleigh Sea
Bad Kreuznachs: res DCastillo Sea, act DDunning Tex
Fine Tooners: res ABaddoo Det, pur EFlorial NYY 0
Fine Tooners: res DJefferies Oak, pur PMurfee Sea 0
Moose Factory: res ESwanson Sea, pur ZLogue Oak 24 (Bags 19)
Moose Factory: res TWade LAA, pur ERivera KC 4 (No bids)
Moose Factory: dis EOlivares KC, act TNevin Bal
Moose Factory: res ALoup LAA, pur KAkin Bal 4 (Bags 1)
Random Hackers: res KPlawecki Bos, pur SFairchild Sea 0
Random Hackers: res RPalacios Cle, pur LRengifo LAA 4 (No bids)
BB Guns: rel RPinto TB, pur MMaldonado Hou 1
Stolen Bags: res EClement Cle, pur JMayfield LAA 41 (Moose 2, Hax 2)
Stolen Bags: res ROdor Bal, pur LMaile Cle 0
Stolen Bags: res PFry Bal, pur OOrtega LAA 3 (No bids)
Nova: dis MWacha Bos, pur JBarnes Det 0
Nova: dis RHill Bos, pur PMaton Hou 0
Nova: res DSteckenrider Sea, pur ALange Det 0
Fine Tooners: dis TomMurphy Sea, pur THeineman Tor 0
Veecks: mov ZReks Tex UT
Veecks: mov WCastro Det MI
Random Hackers: mov SFairchild Sea UT
Random Hackers: mov LRengifo LAA MI
Stolen Bags: mov JMayfield LAA 2B

Alex Patton Alex
May 9

First FAABs in the ADL ($1,000):

Jerry's Kids: rel CThielbar Min, pur ZJackson Oak 50
Nattering Nabobs: res GCelestino Min, pur DHill Det 23
Stolen Bags: res WPeralta Det, pur CPoche TB 21
Veecks: dis JGray Tex, pur BZimmermann Bal 101
Veecks: res TWells Bal, pur RThompson TB 76
Bad Kreuznachs: res JLowe TB, pur NAllen Oak 14
Bad Kreuznachs: res BZimmer Tor, act APollock CWS
Bad Kreuznachs: dis LPatino TB, act GOtto Tex
Bad Kreuznachs: dis PSewald Sea, pur MPerez Tex 8
Moose Factory: res THearn Tex, pur TStephan Cle 12
Moose Factory: res RUrias Bal, pur KGutierrez Bal 3
Palukas: dis JPaxton Bos, pur PValdez Bos 65
Palukas: dis DJansen Tor, pur JTrevino NYY 62
Palukas: dis KGiles Sea, pur RMontero Hou 55
Palukas: res ARutschman Bal, pur CBethancourt Oak 50
BB Guns: res RGreene Det, pur JMayfield LAA 101
BB Guns: res RStripling Tor, pur CSchmidt NYY 101
BB Guns: res KSuzuki LAA, pur DGarneau Det 17
Bad Kreuznachs: res CRaleigh Sea, pur RChirinos Bal 0
Moose Factory: dis AChafin Det, pur ESwanson Sea 2
Moose Factory: res CHernandez KC, pur JWinder Min 2
Moose Factory: dis JSprings TB, pur JAdam TB 1
Moose Factory: res EOlivares KC, pur KGarlick Min 0
Palukas: dis SBaz TB, pur MCastro NYY 30
Palukas: dis EJimenez CWS, pur DMendick CWS 40
Nova: res JSuarez LAA, pur TThornton Tor 0
Nova: dis JLowrie Oak, pur CCulberson Tex 0
Nattering Nabobs: dis HRyu Tor, pur MWisler TB 6
Nattering Nabobs: res FBautista Bal, pur BMartin Tex 2
Fine Tooners: res DMoore Sea, pur AVelazquez LAA 0
Fine Tooners: dis SPatton Tex, pur JRuiz CWS 0
Moose Factory: mov KGutierrez Bal CI
Palukas: mov CBethancourt Oak C
Palukas: mov DMendick CWS OF
Nova: mov CCulberson Tex UT  

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 25