Thread: Reports from the Trenches

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

So far so good, but I massively overpaid. As you see, no one else bid for any of the three starters. Not a lot of money left, but enough that I expected fights for each one.

After the next two starts, I might be sorry there weren't.

The Nabobs did this week's SWAT.

First-place teams rarely massively overhaul their rosters in September, but the 2021 Moose are the exceptions to all rules. Here are the bidding results with losing bids added when they involved cash:
Random Hackers: res JJimenez Det, act ACivale Cle
Nattering Nabobs: res AVelazquez NYY, pur KDavis Oak 11
Nattering Nabobs: res CThielbar Min, pur DRobertson TB 4 (Losing Bid: Veecks $3)
Jerry's Kids: dis JLoaisiga NYY, pur PMaton Hou 0
Jerry's Kids: res AHeaney NYY, pur JGant Min 0
Peppermartins: rel DTate Bal, pur BBaker Tor 2 (Losing Bid: Moose $2)
BB Guns: res DJefferies Oak, pur SDoolittle Sea 0
Nova: res ESantana KC, pur NPivetta Bos 0
Palukas: dis WRamos Cle, pur DGarneau Det 3 (Losing Bid: Hackers $2)
Stolen Bags: res MKopech CWS, pur SHentges Cle 0
Stolen Bags: res WPeralta NYY, pur ACobb LAA 0
Moose Factory: dis MBarnes Bos, pur JSuarez LAA 88
Moose Factory: dis LLynn CWS, pur JKowar KC 30
Moose Factory: res NSnyder Tex, pur AAlexy Tex 11
Moose Factory: res YPetit Oak, pur YRamirez Sea 4 (Losing Bid: Bad K $2)
Moose Factory: res VReyes Det, pur GSheets CWS 19 (Losing Bid: Tooners $7)
Moose Factory: res EOlivares KC, pur JSiri Hou 10
Veecks: rel AAlbers Min, pur JPayamps KC 2
Random Hackers: dis JUpton LAA, pur JMarmolejos Sea 2
Fine Tooners: res RUrias Bal, pur TShaw Bos 5
Peppermartins: rel MDiplan Bal, pur AWantz LAA 1
Peppermartins: res TSaucedo Tor, pur JMinaya Min 0
BB Guns: res JDavis NYY, pur SBolt Oak 0
BB Guns: rel GGreiner Det, pur RLavarnway Cle 0
Bad Kreuznachs: res DCoulombe Min, pur DGuerra Oak 0
Stolen Bags: res JCave Min, pur JBauers Sea 0
Nattering Nabobs: mov KDavis Oak UT
Moose Factory: mov GSheets CWS UT
Random Hackers: mov JMarmolej
Alex Patton Alex
Sep 7

The action this morning in the ADL. My turn as the SWAT...

Palukas (perhaps) more than make up for Starling Marte with two aggressive starting pitcher buys. And they still hold the hammer.

Veecks: rel JGant Min
Veecks: pur AConley TB 2
Veecks: rel NPivetta Bos
Veecks: pur PNaughton LAA 4
Veecks: rel KMaeda Min
Veecks: pur AAlbers Min 3
Nattering Nabobs: res KAllard Tex
Nattering Nabobs: pur TMayza Tor 9 (moose 6, peppers 2, tooners 2)
Random Hackers: res JLamb CWS
Random Hackers: act BBradley Cle
Palukas: res ZShort Det
Palukas: pur TShaw Bos 14 (moose 6, tooners 3)
Palukas: res TanScott Bal
Palukas: pur PBlackburn Oak 120 (moose 42, veecks 4, tooners 3)
Palukas: res LCessa Cin
Palukas: pur GOtto Tex 110 (moose 82, nabobs 7)
Stolen Bags: res JFleming TB
Stolen Bags: pur TDuffey Min 0
Stolen Bags: res MKopech CWS
Stolen Bags: pur BSmith Oak 0
Stolen Bags: res BShaw Cle
Stolen Bags: pur AScrubb Hou 0
Moose Factory: res BHand Tor
Moose Factory: pur HRobles Bos 27
Moose Factory: dis EHernandez Bos
Moose Factory: pur CPinder Oak 5
Moose Factory: dis JHeim Tex
Moose Factory: pur AHedges Cle 4
Jerry's Kids: res RMartin Bal
Jerry's Kids: pur NGordon Min 0
Fine Tooners: rel YRamirez Sea
Fine Tooners: pur DGuerra Oak 2
Peppermartins: res DKeuchel CWS
Peppermartins: pur TSaucedo Tor 1
Nova: dis AMisiewicz Sea
Nova: pur ESantana KC 0
Nova: res HSawamura Bos
Nova: pur CHolmes NYY 0
Nova: res RStanek Hou
Nova: pur TStephan Cle 0
BB Guns: dis AWarren LAA
BB Guns: pur LAllen Cle 0
BB Guns: dis CCulberson Tex
BB Guns: pur YMunoz Bos 0
Bad Kreuznachs: dis DDunning Tex
Bad Kreuznachs: pur CEllis Bal 0
Moose Factory: mov CPinder Oak UT
BB Guns: mov YMunoz Bos 3B 

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 30

It was pick 2.09 in the Sunday evening XFL draft that got my attention. Looks like Peter and Alex aren't making my Christmas card list this year. I thought for sure that Hoy Jun Park would be there for my second kick-at-the-can. Nice (said very begrudgingly) pick, guys!

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Aug 4
I traded Myles Straw and Whit Merrifield and Gregory Soto for Mike Trout, Matt Olson, and Cristian Javier. Marte essentially replaces Merrifield. I had a 12-13-24-24 steal lead over second to fifth place, Should be a boost in power, especially since I surprisingly added Rizzo. The sweet spot is if the team in fourth in steals overtakes the team 12 behind (first place overall) and the team 13 behind (third place overall) without catching me. We'll see.
Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Aug 3

This morning's post-trade-deadline waivers in the ADL brought a few surprises.

Peter was the SWAT today. He describes.


I'm a lucky duck on Rizzo, the rest was brute force. I spent all week planning to bid 245 on Marte figuring Pals and Hacks for closers and Toonns and Moose for Rizzo/Schwarber. But I could bid $392 for Rizzo besting both.

After trading for Olson/Trout I decided I really needed Marte and couldn't afford to be cute and wrong.

Instead, lucky.

On a bookkeeping matter, Moose changed bids on Howard which then put him over the max in his third block, but it didn't change anything.


Random Hackers: res HSawamura Bos, pur CKimbrel CWS 389  (Moose 287, Toons 51) 
Nattering Nabobs: dis JSprings TB, pur TyAnderson Sea 73
Veecks: rel AHedges Cle, pur JArauz Bos 12
Veecks: res BKeller KC, pur TAlexander Det 25
Fine Tooners: res JDuran Bos, pur KSchwarber Bos 268 (Pals 203, Nabobs 130, Hax 22
Peppermartins: dis JWalsh LAA, pur JMeyers Hou 10 (Pals 4, Hacks 1)
Peppermartins: res TSaucedo Tor, pur KBubic KC 3 (Nova 3, Hacks 1, Jerrys 1
Bad Kreuznachs: res DStewart Bal, pur SMarte Oak 656 (Pals 424, Pepps 10, Hacks 1)
Bad Kreuznachs: res CTerry Tex, pur ARizzo NYY 26 (Hacks 1)
Nova: res WCastro Det, pur JHarrison Oak 29 (Peppers 10, Moose 5, Hacks 1)
Palukas: res KSuzuki LAA, pur YGomes Oak 23 (Nova 11, Hacks 4
Stolen Bags: res PValdez Bos, pur RTepera CWS 3 (Moose 2)
Moose Factory: res RDolis Tor, pur BHand Tor 59 (Tooners 51, Veecks 51, Nabob 30, Hacks 5, BB 1)
Moose Factory: res BTaylor Hou, pur SHoward Tex 4
Random Hackers: rel GCelestino Min, pur MThaiss LAA 1
Random Hackers: res JBurger CWS, pur CChang Cle 1
Jerry's Kids: res BParker Cle, pur THearn Tex 0
Jerry's Kids: res DanJohnson Cle, pur SZavala CWS 0
Veecks: res GCrochet CWS, pur JRuiz CWS 2
Fine Tooners: res JBrentz KC, pur YGarcia Hou 16 (Moose 4)
BB Guns: dis JKing Tex, pur JSoria Tor 1
BB Guns: res GGreiner Det, pur TWade NYY 0
Stolen Bags: res KFunkhouser Det, pur JBarria LAA 1
Veecks: mov JArauz Bos UT
Bad Kreuznachs: mov ARizzo NYY CI

Nabobs had bids on Garcia and Howard, but they weren't considered because he bought Tyler Anderson.
Alex Patton Alex
Aug 2

I wonder/hope if releasing Corey Dickerson was pre-mature ... or maybe you don't keep stats if/when traded to AL ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 2

The first round of the monthly claims last night in the XFL:

1.01Jeff WinickMitch GarverDanny Jansen
1.02Greg Ambrosius/Dean PetersonTylor MegillAdam Eaton
1.03Tim McLeodEddie OlivaresDaz Cameron
1.04Todd ZolaKole CalhounKyle Isbel
1.05Brian WaltonCorey KluberSpencer Turnbull
1.06Brian FeldmanMike MoustakasGarrett Cooper
1.07PK/APCal Raleigh +3Joe Panik
1.08Steve Gardner/Ian KahnTouki ToussantHector Neris
1.09Perry Van HookRafael OrtegaCorey Dickerson
1.10Ron ShandlerKyle MullerVince Velasquez
1.11Derek VanRiperKyle FinneganStarlin Castro
1.12Jeff EricksonKris BubicTaylor Walls
1.13Trace WoodDerek HillMichael Taylor
1.14Brian FeldmanTravis d'ArnaudElias Diaz
1.15Don DrookerDavid BoteCarlos Martinez
Alex Patton Alex
Aug 2

The action today in the ADL, reported by this scribe...

Two-man shootout (only) for Daniel Lynch. Many wild guesses about what happens before the deadline.

I’m sure I missed a few bids for this SWAT. Glad I’m not doing the next one.

First game: 5:10

Random Hackers: dis HSawamura Bos, pur JRodriguez Tex 32 (nabobs 9)
Random Hackers: res RMontero Sea, pur JJimenez Det 8 
Nattering Nabobs: res RMcGuire Tor, pur BRooker Min 27 (moose 2)
Veecks: res JDavis Tor, pur CDickerson Tor 5
Veecks: dis AJudge NYY, pur EFlorial NYY 20 (bad k 8, moose 1)
Fine Tooners: res ABummer CWS, pur JBrentz KC 3 (stolen bags 1)
Fine Tooners: res JSborz Tex, pur JBarlow Tex 3 (hackers 3, moose 1)
Peppermartins: rel RBurr CWS, pur DTate Bal 21 (moose 11, nabobs 6, hackers 4, kids 1)
Peppermartins: res TMayza Tor, pur DLynch KC 13 (moose 13, tooners 3, guns 1)
Bad Kreuznachs: rel JPanik Mia, pur CTerry Tex 4 (nabobs 3, moose 2)
Palukas: dis JRogers Det, pur KSuzuki LAA 4 (stolen bags 2, guns 1)
Nova: res DMendick CWS, pur HCastro Det 13 (stolen bags 1)
BB Guns: res JHicks Tex, pur GGreiner Det 1
Stolen Bags: rel KGutierrez Bal, pur JCave Min 3 (nabobs 1)
Stolen Bags: res KFunkhouser Det, pur PValdez Bos 1
Moose Factory: res DLeyba Bal, pur CChang Cle 0
Moose Factory: res WPeralta Det, pur LHead TB 1
Nattering Nabobs: dis CMcHugh TB, pur CThielbar Min 0
Jerry's Kids: rel SCishek LAA, pur BParker Cle 0
Nattering Nabobs: mov BRooker Min UT
Bad Kreuznachs: mov CTerry Tex CI
Nova: mov HCastro Det 2B
Moose Factory: mov CChang Cle MI  

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 26

Time to get ready for the trade sprint. The "word on the street" is that there will be a lot of deals but close to the deadline especially for a couple of teams on the fence over being buyers or sellers.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 23

Bad luck, of course, to brag about your home league. But Doubt Wars, where your fate is set when you submit your roster, is different.

Not only that, Vandelay Industries has an insurmountable lead. Barring injury.

Doubt Wars NL League 1 Standings as of 07/16/21
1. Vandelay Industries93.0
2. Tanks83.0
3. Strike Back81.5
4. Death by Politics69.0
5. Aventura Nuggets64.0
6. Pavano's Dogs63.0
7. Rickshaws63.0
8. Thurmanators62.0
9. Roll 261.5
10. Lynch Mob56.5
11. 3repeaters42.0
12. BoogAlou41.5


Alex Patton Alex
Jul 17