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A discussion about what your dollars get you.

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Alex and Peter, is the batting average denominator in the AL .260 this year? I've got Gary Sanchez projected to hit .260 (yeah, I'm an optimist!) and he earns $0.0 in AVG.

Are we expecting a big increase in AVG this year? I recall the AL average being about .254 in 2018. 

Scott Shea SJS
Feb 18 '19

Hi Joe,

I think what happened with the Help file in PDO is that Microsoft changed the help file format and the old one no longer worked. And we haven't updated it because we have a mostly veteran clientele that doesn't use the help file. I will dig around to see if I can find a copy of the old Help file. It should be posted and available, but as Alex said, please don't be shy about asking questions.

To add on to what Alex wrote:

1) Yes, at the 5x5 stats are based on Alex's formula. In PDO software, the 2018 historical earnings price is for 4x4. In fact all the historical prices are for 4x4 in the program.

2) One of the things I use the software for is to adjust my bids after entering my league's keeper prices into the BID column. Adjusting for inflation is very important and as you know the adjustment isn't across the board. In some leagues much of it goes to pitchers, in others much goes to hitters, and in all the pricier players get more inflation in general than the cheaper ones (unless leagues miscalculate and two or three teams end up with too much money and only one good player left to buy).

3) Make sure you save to Working file after making your edits/adjustments.

4) Yes, right now the default view doesn't include some key info (like my bid prices). In Information Source you can change that. In the next release I'll include a more expansive view as the default. You can set your own and as long as you don't update the Option File your adjustments will persist.

5) Yup.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Feb 17 '19

Joe --

When I click on help, I see a help message. But it pertains to this site; it doesn't help with the software. I'll try to do that.

1) I think this one is about the site. $5x5 is the value of each year's stats in 5x5, using my formulas. Peter's (in the Guide) are close but not the same.

2) You are correct. The bids are not inflation adjusted. And you are absolutely correct that  underpriced keepers can radically inflate the prices of available players.That's something we talk about extensively each year in various threads.

3) Each time you save the working file, the date and hour is shown for that particular file (e.g., nlp19.pww) -- is that what you're asking?

4) Click on List/Information Choices and check PK5, MF5 and AP4 under Rotisserie Info.

5) Yes.

I'm sure there will be more questions and do keep asking them here. Most of our subscribers have been coming back year after year. When we get a new one, we get very excited.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 17 '19

Hello Peter:

It is working. There is a learning curve but looks like it will be fun figuring it out.

I like the links to fangraphs, baseball reference, etc when you are looking at stats for an individual player.

Note that when I click on help, I get the following message:

"Error opening Help in Windows-based programs: "Feature not included" or "Help not supported"


1. On the stats page, for the year 2018, the $5x5 value shown - was that the average for 2018?

 2. I am three leagues, 2 AL, 1 NL - both are 10 teams although we may just have 9 in one league - 5 x 5 - keepers -- up to 15 keepers in one league up to 10 keepers in the other. Do the projections take into account inflation as a result of keepers?

[ It finally dawned on me why the bidding in our leagues is always so much higher than projections - the inflation due to keepers!! ]

After some more reading, I think I answered my own question - these are not inflation adjusted.  Only after I enter the keepers in my league with the value include inflation, correct?

3.  Entering my own projections - how do I enter date in the working file

4. In the projections, there are no values for AP, PK or MF. But in the raw data in the Excel spreadsheet I see values for these items.

5. "  And something else happens when you subscribe:

Rotoman's Projections Appear at the Bottom of the Stat Scans at Patton & Co.

Subscribers will see these"

Are these the Rotomans projections when looking at the stats of an individual player?



Joe Wrobel Chepelully
Feb 17 '19

That's right. 5x5 is more popular now, so 5x5 is the default, in the Evaluator and the Projector. Click on Options/Formula to change it.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 16 '19

I figured it out. The evaluator was defaulted to 5x5. I switched it to 4x4 and it syncs up. 

Scott Shea SJS
Feb 16 '19

The earnings in the 2018 evaluator do not match what's here on the site. For example, Mookie Betts earned $49 on the site, $46 on the evaluator. Jose Ramirez is $45 on the site, $40 on the evaluator. Which is correct? 

Scott Shea SJS
Feb 16 '19

Okay, the broad strokes version is found at

I don't think that has been updated this year, so the dates are wrong (though approximately right). But that should be a good place to get started.

And this is a good place to ask questions. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.


Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Feb 16 '19

Hi Chepelully. Could you be a little more specific about what you're having difficulty with?

The software allows you to do some neat things with the projections and the formulas, but there is a learning curve to it. And almost all the same information is in the Excel file, though that doesn't help you prorate the projections.

In any case, you remind me that we have lots of summarizing information about the software and the data files, and I don't think we've linked to it this year. I'll find it and post it and post back here with the link.

Thanks. And happy to answer any questions/problems you have.

Cheers, Peter

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Feb 16 '19

New subscriber. I having a really hard time with this software. Does anyone have more detailed instructions that what the website has?


Joe Wrobel Chepelully
Feb 16 '19