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Lots of interesting minor league transactions:
Varsho sent down. Cole Tucker sent down. Jordan Yamamoto sent down. Jason Vosler sent down. All of these guys were possible opening day players.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 25

Scott Servais response yesterday when Trevor Bauer said he wasn't really trying when he allowed three homers in the fifth inning. "Our guys were hitting with one eye shut for the first four innings." Gotta love it! 

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Mar 24

Smart move to not have Manfred talking about these experiments. 

I'm in favor of the fixed (ABS) strike zone. The bigger base? Sure. Timers? Won't make much difference.

But no to defensive positioning limits. The so-called problem that addresses will be fixed by hitters who learn how to deal with it, and the value they have over those who don't.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 20

You can get bleacher seats at Yankee Stadium for $400 on Stubhub!

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Mar 18

I hate to think what seats will cost -- especially for Opening Day, especially the 10,800 in Yankee Stadium -- but still it's good news.

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 18

Completely agree with Syd and Tex about the renaming of the minors. A travesty.

I never thought I would say I miss Bud Selig. 

Alex Patton Alex
Mar 12

I like the Anti-shift rule.  Takes a bite size out of the shift without completely restricting it.  Defenses can still shift the SS to play behind 2B against a LH pull hitter - but they can't have 4 OFs.

Pitchers/catchers have gotten too good at killing the running game.  Bringing back more steals will be good for fans.  Let's hope this moves up to the majors.

I'm still enough of a traditionalist to be on the fence as far as robot umps are concerned.

But being a traditionalist - the new league names ... AAA East/West, AA Central/Northeast/South, High A West/Central/East, Low A West/East/Southeast ... is just shitting on a century of tradition that helps tie fans to the game.

Maybe that's the goal - and MLB wants to kill any sentiment that a fan might have for the combined 50 decades of history in the Pacific Coast League and Texas League and Eastern League and California League and FSL.

That makes it easier to kill off minor league ball as an entity in the future, I suppose.  There are probably baseball execs who believe that any fan going to watch a minor league game would be better as eyeballs for their major league broadcasts.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Mar 12

WOW - Coming soon to an MLB park near you!

For those of you driving Yugos instead of Cadillacs I'll paste a few bits below:

The one that will affect our game the most:

The anti-Shift rule

The rule will require all four infielders to have both feet on the infield dirt (or the infield grass, if they’re playing in) as the pitch is being delivered. If a team violates the rule, it’s an automatic ball. But if the pitch results in the batter smoking one up the gap, or something equally positive, the batting team also has the option to take the outcome of the pitch.

The anti-Pickoff rule

For a hundred years, left-handed pitchers have been able to raise that right leg, look toward the plate, then unleash that lightning-quick quasi-balk move to first base, leaving many generations of base runners frozen in pickoff embarrassment. Not anymore — in High-A leagues, at least. This rule will require all pitchers to step off the rubber before throwing to first (or any) base. The penalty is (what else?) a balk and runners get to advance a base.

The anti-Umpire rule
This year the Low-A Southeast League, the artist formerly known as the Florida State League, will use the ABS (Automated Ball-Strike System) at most of its parks as baseball continues to explore the future feasibility of sending in the robots in the big leagues.

My biggest problem is that the thing I dislike the most is that they renamed the "Florida State League" to the "Low-A Southeast League". There's nothing ambiguous about "Florida State League" - it's a league that plays in Florida. "Low-A Southeast League" OTOH sounds like a title page in an interminable Powerpoint presentation.

Mar 11

One thing I look at in my leagues with aging minor league clocks when picking minor leaguers is who is on the 40 man roster. It's not my first cut of course (talent is), but guessing which talented player can help me this year can be helpful. While that's still a good list modifier, a second one is the list of NRI's that are being handed out this year. While not a guarantee on top prospects , it does give you a feel for who might start in the upper minors if they don't make the club. 

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Feb 24

My telephone book, AKA Prospectus 2021, arrived today.

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Feb 23