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The dream of witnessing Tetsuto Yamada plying his trade in MLB is simply that.....a dream. He has decided to stay in Japan, reupping with the Yakult Swallows on a 7-year $33 million deal. The next big bat we're likely to see heading our way from Japan is Seiya Suzuki, but likely not until 2022. Ha-Seong Kim will be posted out of Korea this year, probably right around Thanksgiving. 

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I sure can, Alex. Sources for both KBO and NPB stats are below. You'll have to do some maneuvering, but they are very sortable and should provide one with everything they need and would like to know.

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Tim, could you link us to the final stats in the NPB and KBO?

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Another amazing season with the glove for Ryosuke Kikuchi. "Hiroshima Carp 2B Ryosuke Kikuchi is the 1st player in NPB history to finish the season fielding at 2B with a perfect fielding percentage of 1.000. He played in 106 games this year and had 503 fielding chances without an error"

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Nov 11

Lots of chatter recently about Tomoyuki Sugano of the Giants. The two-time Sawamura Award winner is having another stellar season, posting a 2.04 ERA and 14-2 won/loss record over 132 1/3 IP. The Giants posted their first ever player last season, Shun Yamaguchi, but that doesn't mean Sugano will be their second. The whole situation is complicated by the fact that his Uncle is the Giants Manager. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, but should Sugano be granted a posting, he will be highly sought after by MLB clubs. 

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Nov 11

Matt Moore is having a solid year in Japan. He has kept the walks down and thus far he has only allowed five homers in 60 IP. Might we see a return to MLB in 2021?

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Oct 21

Ha-Seong Kim update time. He hasn't slowed down one bit as the season has progressed. He's currently 4'th in home runs with 24 in 397 AB, third in RBI with 87, and third in stolen bases with 19. He still hasn't been caught stealing this year. I'm really hoping we see this 24-year-old star plying his trade in MLB next year.

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Sep 9

"Tomoyuki Sugano:
Finally, the Yomuiri Giants posted a player, Shun Yamaguchi. Could a second
player be right around the corner? The two-time Sawamura Award winner (2017 and
2018) is looking at a posting in 2021, otherwise he’ll most likely arrive as a
Free Agent in 2022." 

Sugano is enjoying another stellar year. In 12 starts (87 1/3 IP) he's the proud owner of a 10-0 won/loss record with a 1.44 ERA. You can pencil him in for his third Sawamura Award. I'm still not sure about the off-season posting. This could go either way, but let's hope for a 2021 arrival in MLB.

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Sep 9

"Kohei Arihara: The
2015 Pacific League ROY enjoyed a breakout campaign in 2019, posting a career
high 15 wins, 161 strikeouts, and 2.46 ERA. A low-90’s fastball combined with a
full repertoire of secondary pitches will keep hitters off balance.  As a middle-of-the-rotation type starter, we
could see an arrival date as early as 2021." 

Not a great 2020 for Arihara. It would appear that he's regressed to his 2018/2019 level of play. As much as Nippon-Ham is likely to grant him the posting option, he's simply going to have to pitch better to generate interest from MLB.

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Aug 19

If I was a betting man, and I am, Ha-seong Kim will be playing for a MLB team next season.

Ha-Seong Kim: The star
Shortstop has been a model of consistency in the power department, hitting 19,
20, 23, 20, and 19 homers over the past five seasons. He owns a career .292 BA,
and last year stole a career high 33 bases, getting caught only four times. The
24-year-old has also secured the blessing of his team, the Kiwoom Heroes, who
have publicly stated they will post him if he so desires after the 2020 season.

His 2020 season is off to a great start. He's currently in the Top-10 in HR, RBI, SB, and OPS.

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Jul 22