Thread: Stage Four

It doesn’t exist. But we keep hoping.

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An excellent Traveling Salesman problem, indeed. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

I can wait for results. I'll be last. But it was sure a lot of fun.

Alex Patton Alex

I entered another team, swapping out Samuel 84, Donaldson 15 and Scherzer 16 for Raines 83, Jose Bautista 11 and Arrieta 15. I think that's better but it depends on the value of this and that. It's so great that we get the results this week. I'm hard up for results.

Gene McCaffrey GeneM

I lost Gooden to Ricky in 1985, which wasn't gamesmanship but reflected where I started and my sense I couldn't do without Ricky. 

I made values as I do, but it was hard to figure the weight of the quals. So I ran through counting them and then ran through a second time trying to fix things using only quants. 

Hitter, Pitcher, Pitcher, Hitter. And then I fixed things. I was so happy to actually have a legal roster I stopped knowing there was a long way to go.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Piazza means no Clayton Kershaw season, among others.  I really wanted Kershaw's season with 300 Ks. Also, taking 97 means no Larry Walker, which I considered the most balanced offensive season.

I think you only beat me in Saves.  That Rodney season is a really nice pull.

I started with the quantitatives.  As I posted, my original team batted .337 and my Ratio was 0.87.  I thought it would be harder to correct quantitatives.  

Regarding common seasons: 

Mauer's season may be the most used.  His avenge blows away the other catcher seasons without giving up HR.  And, he's the only Twin worth considering other than a Johan Santana season.  

There are so many ARod and Bonds seasons it's tough to figure out the best one.  I just used ones that fit the open years for me, so as to avoid a conflict.

Pedro 2000 is likely a huge choice too, even though 1999 competes with it directly and is a reasonable choice. 

Anytime someone doesn't take Gooden '85, I think it's gamesmanship.  His IP/ERA with so many Ks and Wins just can't be beat.

Randy Johnson 02 is also hard to pass up unless you go with his 370+ season.  Maddux 95 is likely a near unanimous too, unless people are too put off by the low Ks.  His ERA/Ratio are absurd.  I think you shorted him some IP, affecting both.

My desire for quantitatives is how I got Pujols and Miggy, but I should have had Miggy at 3B and Ryan Howard's MVP instead of Schmidt 1980 - would have gotten more HR and RBI, plus gotten my avg up to .330.  The 12 steals probably aren't as important.

With the quantitatives, I did a lot of sorts in the player index.  I started with all 20-40 and 40-20 seasons and sorted by Avg/RBI/Runs/SB/HR.  I sorted a lot by position as well.  I came close on Molitor a few times.  But, he never had the one perfect season with the average, SB, and Runs.  That's how I finished with Hanley 07.  .335 125 Runs 29 HR and 51 SB.  It's near perfect, just light in RBI.  Roberto Alomar, Yount, Trammell 87, a few others are very balanced, but not dominant in any one category.  Eric Davis' 87 is also near perfect.  A .293 average is a drag.  Bonds 93, Walker 97, Pudge Rodriguez 04 are all perfect seasons.  5 category dominance.  Not the most valuable, necessarily, but the most balanced across all 5 categories.  

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

It's going to be interesting to see which lines are common and which useful ones are uncommon. I started with a ranking of all the seasons, and worked down, trying to incorporate the best ones. It's hard to imagine many seasons below where I fetched Robin Young (who other people had) that add more. At which point it come down to: Piazza. He is the stinker, since he's so much better than all the other catchers, but he cuts you out of so many Dodgers. Is it right or wrong to roster him? It would take some more hours to figure that out.

After I posted my list I looked through and saw some lines that might improve my team. But I also saw we all landed on a lot of the same seasons. An excellent project.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Nine of our player/seasons are identical.

Gene McCaffrey GeneM

Exactly Gene. The question was how much BA, ERA and WHIP to give up to improve the quantitatives. Here's my answer today. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

I tried to weight the cats as equally as I could for that exact reason: we don't know what everyone else will do. X percent will themselves attempt balance (I would guess the majority but that could be wrong). Y percent will accept less here to get more there, and I'm assuming that they will balance each other. The extent to which my Y assumption is wrong will decide a lot.

And then perfect balance in ten cats is impossible. At the end you have to sacrifice one or more cats here to get better cats there. I think I'm chasing my tail.

Gene McCaffrey GeneM

I was busy and didn't get to this, and then avoided reading this thread because I wanted to do my own. The biggest issue is you don't know how to weight the categories. I've got George Brett and Greg Maddux on this team because those were tremendous seasons, but they might make this team less competitive under this scoring... Whoops, just noticed I had two 1994s. Be back soon.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman