Shane Bieber Cleveland Indians

Age: 24 (May 31, 1995) | 6' 3" | 195lbs. | Throws: Right P-20
Tm Lg YEAR W L SV Hld G GS IP H HR BB SO ERA WHIP Rating BB/9 SO/9 BABIP G/L/F % $4x4 $5x5
CLE A 2017 2 3 0 0 5 5 29.0 34 1 1 31 3.10 1.21 1.24 0.3 9.6 .394 n/a
CLE A+ 2017 6 1 0 0 14 14 90.0 95 5 4 82 3.10 1.10 1.16 0.4 8.2 .344 n/a
CLE AA 2017 2 1 0 0 9 9 54.1 56 2 5 49 2.32 1.12 1.13 0.8 8.1 .341 n/a
CLE AA 2018 3 0 0 0 5 5 31.0 26 1 1 30 1.16 0.87 0.90 0.3 8.7 .303 n/a
CLE AAA 2018 3 1 0 0 8 8 48.2 30 3 6 47 1.66 0.74 0.77 1.1 8.7 .230 n/a
CLE AL 2018 11 5 0 0 20 19 114.2 130 13 23 118 4.55 1.33 1.40 1.8 9.3 .363 47/22/31 5 8
CLE AL 2019 15 8 0 0 34 33 214.0 186 31 40 259 3.28 1.06 1.18 1.7 10.9 .310 44/21/35 32 32
Career 2yrs 26 13 0 0 54 52 328.2 316 44 63 377 3.72 1.15 1.26 1.7 10.3 .331 n/a
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Six picks and no pans in last year's Guide.

The best:

DENNIS PICK: I am a Bieber belieber. Bieber
had a 3.53 expected ERA and that screams
“BUY” to me. 

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 11

First pitcher to throw three complete games this year. 107 pitches, 76 for strikes. Even Mike Trout couldn't coax a walk out of him. Two runs on five hits, one of them a homer. Eight strikeouts. His record improves to 11-4. On May 18 it was 2-2.

Since June 4 the Indians have the best record in the majors.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 5

Three up, three down in the ninth on eight pitches, completing a one-hitter, and he still can't quite get a Maddux. 102 pitches 68 for strikes, 22 first-pitch strikes to 29 batters. One walk, 11 strikeouts.

Too many strikeouts if you're going for a Maddux.

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 25

Only 6 baserunners in 7 innings, although two of them touched them all, for win No. 5.

Before we get the stats feed, he's earned $7 & $8.

It's not for me to complain about that, even if I did pay $24.

I think Walter is pretty happy he didn't execute his back-up plan.

Alex Patton Alex
Jun 5

As the team who got Carrasco for $30 in the ADL and was worried that the Peppers would top my bid, I thought I should check in. I, too, had a backup plan -- and, in some ways, I wish I had the guts to execute to see if it would work.

My idea was to buy two ace relievers for, say, $50 (Leclerc and Hand went for a total of $53) and spend maybe $33 on eight starters. (I already had frozen Marco Gonzales and Eduardo Rodriguez for $7). For maybe $24 in the ADL draft, I could have picked up Trevor Cahill ($5), Jordan Zimmerman ($3), Martin Perez ($3) , Frankie Montas ($6), Drew Smyly ($3)  and Matt Harvey ($4).

My guess is such a mythical pitching staff would have gotten 11 points in Saves, 8 points in Wins with 8 starters, 6 each points in ERA and Ratio for 31 points. With the remaining $175-$180, I could have built a good 35-point offense if I had (fat chance) made all the right decisions. That would have put me in second or third in September with no Starter costing more than $6. 

Walter Shapiro WShapiro
Apr 2

This reminds me so much of Taillon last year in the PCL. I had him going for $15/$16, but I knew I wanted him so I knew I'd probably get him because I was willing to go $19/$20. He was my secret ace.

He went for $25, and not to me.

Keith Prosseda andypro
Apr 1

Chris Sale was the sixth player nominated yesterday. The Veecks had the topper.

The bidding stopped at 34.

Even though I had a solid list of hitting freezes and no pitchers, I was content to let the Veecks have him at 35. There were several other great pitchers to come and I wanted that to be the standard.

Then the Veecks shocked me by not topping.

Verlander was the very next player nominated and he went for $35. So that was the standard. I was among the finalists, but again was content to have a reasonable ceiling on the ace pitchers in a league with mild inflation (6 percent).

Two players later Kluber went for $33 (to the Veecks). 

There you go. Prices are dropping.

Carrasco was the next player nominated. He went for $30. 

I could have said $31, of course I could have, but there was one more ace left. Blake Snell. I'd get him for under 30 and who's to say he wasn't better? 

He went for $29.

I could have said 30, and that probably would have done it, but I was getting greedy.

The next pitcher was clearly going to be an ace but had never been an ace, no one pays $30 for an ace-to-be. Not in Stage Three, the stage we've all been in for about 30 years.

You know who I'm talking about.

Jose Berrios.

It felt like the gavel was about to drop with my bid at 29.

The Kids said 30.

I could have said 31. Of course I could have. But to bid more for Jose Berrios than Blake Snell... it felt like borderline Stage One.

But that's not why I didn't. Who cares about those silly stages? I didn't because Berrios was the last ace on the board and now my secret ace would come in cheap.

We know who that was, because that's where I'm posting.

Not cheap cheap, my secret ace was everyone's secret ace, but I figured I'd leave everyone gasping at around $20.

Nearing the end of round 4, Bieber was finally nominated. The Tooners and I left everyone gasping at around $15 and just kept going.

When I said $20, the Tooners with no hesitation whatsoever said $21. I knew I was in trouble.

But here was the problem. I had no backup secret ace, not one.

When I said $22, the Tooners said $23 with no hesitation but with visible pain on their faces (there are two Tooners).

I waited while the auctioneer started to count, and said $24 with obvious effort just in time.

Thankfully, the Tooners believed me and stopped bidding.

Would I have gone on to 26? I don't know. Probably. I was that desperate.

I suppose the moral of the story is you should always have a backup plan. And yet what was the backup plan when there were no more secret aces?

It was now my turn to nominate, and there was such a huge drop to the next person on my list, Brad Keller, that I nominated him just to see two teams chase him to $23.

Didn't happen. Someone said $13, I quickly said $14, and that was the end of it.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 1

LABR was discipline itself compared to the ADL. I'll report tomorrow.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 1
LABR more disciplined, but not much more, as he goes for 16.
John Thomas Roll2
Mar 3

$10 would have been outrageous enough, never mind $18. But the CBS draft is always undisciplined. 

Scott Shea SJS
Feb 25