Thread: Patton & Co. League

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Tonight's FAABs ...

Lynch Mob: rel JArrieta SD, prr AMedina Phi 2
Lynch Mob: rel AHaseley Phi, prr ZDavies ChC 1
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel SLong SF, prr JRogers Was 2
Lynch Mob: rel TGilbert Ari, prr WCrowe Pit 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Sep 20

Last night's FAABs ...

Choes Balin: rel TJankowski Phi, prr SBeer Ari 1
Dirk Bags: rel DSmyly Atl, prr JWoodford StL 4
Dirk Bags: rel SAkiyama Cin, prr ASampson ChC 1
Lynch Mob: rel ZEflin Phi, prr JArrieta SD 3
Lynch Mob: rel EPagan SD, prr JQuintana SF 3
Dirk Bags: rel ASlater SF, prr DPeters Pit 1

... somebody needs IPs ... desparate times :-(

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Sep 13

Tonight's FAABs ...

Lynch Mob: rel JHoffman Cin, prr SNolin Was 2
Dirk Bags: rel SBrault Pit, prr KPillar NYM 21
Choes Balin: rel GPolanco Tor, prr LWeaver Ari 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Sep 6

Tonight's FAABs ...

Replacement Level Drinkers: rel WContreras Atl, prr MPerez Pit 1
Choes Balin: rel TAntone Cin, prr ERosario Atl 7
Fisher Catamounts: rel YGarcia Hou, prr CEstevez Col 5
Power Hungry Redux: rel RVilade Col, prr MChavis Pit 4
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel SAlcantara ChC, prr JMcCarthy Ari 5
Dirk Bags: rel RChirinos ChC, prr JHeyward ChC 1
Dirk Bags: rel ABradley Phi, prr JLuzardo Mia 3
Rhys's Pieces: rel RHoskins Phi, prr KMuller Atl 1
Choes Balin: rel GCabrera StL, prr FGalvis Phi 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 30

Last night's FAABs ...

Replacement Level Drinkers: rel TNido NYM, prr WContreras Atl 2
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel MChavis Pit, prr RAdams Was 1
Power Hungry Redux: rel JAlvarado Phi, prr MHermosillo ChC 4
Power Hungry Redux: rel JOliva Pit, prr KThompson ChC 3
Amnesia Reboot: rel KCalhoun Ari, prr AAshby Mil 2
Choes Balin: rel BBoxberger Mil, prr SAlcantara Mia 20
Dirk Bags: rel KRobinson Ari, prr RChirinos ChC 1
Rhys's Pieces: rel JHeyward ChC, prr YTsutsugo Pit 4
Gashouse Gang: rel JNogowski Pit, prr MMikolas StL 2
Amnesia Reboot: rel JLuzardo Mia, prr LNootbaar StL 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 23

Tonight's FAABs ...

Power Hungry Redux: rel SAlcantara Mia, prr EHernandez Mia 8
Power Hungry Redux: rel KMuller Atl, prr RWick ChC 3
Power Hungry Redux: rel TEstrada SF, prr JSteele ChC 1
Amnesia Reboot: rel JDevers Mia, prr ZLittell SF 3
Amnesia Reboot: rel ZDavies ChC, prr RRodriguez Atl 2
Amnesia Reboot: rel VGonzalez LAD, prr AMills ChC 1
Lynch Mob: rel MTauchman SF, prr CKnebel LAD 3
Lynch Mob: rel CHeuer ChC, prr TGilbert Ari 6
Fisher Catamounts: rel JFuentes Col, prr JPeterson Mil 3
Rhys's Pieces: rel GParra Was, prr MWhite LAD 3
Amnesia Reboot: rel BHand Tor, prr BFalter Phi 1
Choes Balin: rel SCastro Was, prr GCabrera StL 1
Dirk Bags: rel AAlzolay ChC, prr SBrault Pit 2
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel JRoss Was, prr EUceta LAD 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 16

Tonight's FAABs ... 

Power Hungry Redux: rel CMartinez StL, prr MRodriguez ChC 6
Power Hungry Redux: rel CTucker Pit, prr GDeichmann ChC 9
Amnesia Reboot: rel MKranick Pit, prr JLuzardo Mia 7
Choes Balin: rel AMills ChC, prr JHapp StL 1
Dirk Bags: rel VVelasquez Phi, prr MGivens Cin 1
Dirk Bags: rel CBrogdon Phi, prr KFreeland Col 1
Sugar Kings: rel JPeterson Mil, prr NMaton Phi 1
Rhys's Pieces: rel JPanik Mia, prr AAlford Pit 4
Rhys's Pieces: rel KPillar NYM, prr FSchwindel ChC 4
Rhys's Pieces: rel TBarrera Was, prr AlJackson Mia 1
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel JReddick FA, prr SAlcantara ChC 2
Dirk Bags: rel BMcKinney LAD, prr SAkiyama Cin 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 9

Tonight's FAABs ...

Amnesia Reboot: rel SAkiyama Cin, prr LThomas Was 3
Lynch Mob: rel AKnapp Phi, prr CHeuer ChC 15
Lynch Mob: rel BOGrady SD, prr ROrtega ChC 11
Choes Balin: rel JGant Min, prr KGibson Phi 26
Choes Balin: rel SVogt Atl, prr CKelly Ari 11
Dirk Bags: rel JHarrison Oak, prr BDeLaCruz Mia 4
Power Hungry Redux: rel SStrasburg Was, prr KFinnegan Was 12
Power Hungry Redux: rel ABarnes LAD, prr JSoler Atl 18
Gashouse Gang: rel KHiura Mil, prr CJoe Col 1
Gashouse Gang: rel COwings Col, prr HPark Pit 1
Gashouse Gang: rel EGonzalez Pit, prr MagSierra Mia 1
Gashouse Gang: rel JVosler SF, prr AEscobar Was 1
Gashouse Gang: rel JSoria Tor, prr JHager Ari 1
Amnesia Reboot: rel TShaw Mil, prr IKennedy Phi 16
Amnesia Reboot: rel SFairchild Ari, prr TClippard Ari 4
Rhys's Pieces: rel MMikolas StL, prr DEllis Ari 2
Rhys's Pieces: rel RRodriguez Atl, prr MKeller Pit 3
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel MCastro NYM, prr DFloro Mia 3
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel ASanchez SF, prr MChavis Pit 5
Sugar Kings: rel RBrothers ChC, prr TMay NYM 2

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Aug 2

oops, missed last week ... here's tonight's FAABs ...

Amnesia Reboot: rel MVierling Phi, prr WDifo Pit 2
Lynch Mob: rel SSouza FA, prr BOGrady SD 1
Fisher Catamounts: rel JLester Was, prr BreAnderson Mil 3
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel JArrieta ChC, prr MBumgarner Ari 13
Rhys's Pieces: rel YHernandez Was, prr SHilliard Col 2
Gashouse Gang: rel JGant StL, prr TToussaint Atl 1
Choes Balin: rel JNelson LAD, prr AMills ChC 1
Sugar Kings: rel WContreras Atl, prr AAdams SD 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jul 19

You will be competing with me (Power Hungry).  My team name has never been so approriate.

joel schreier jschri
Jul 7