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Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!
Ribbie and Roobarb, Choes Ballin, Riders Rogues... who are these people?!
Alex Patton Alex
Apr 6 '13
And here's the 1st 2 rounds of the PCL reserve draft ...

Yasil Puig
Travis D'Arnaud
Anthony Rendon
Tyler Skaggs
Jorge Solar
Dee Gordon
Archie Bradley
Darrin Ruf
Trevor Story
Brett Jackson
Tony Campana
Carlos Martinez
Matt Davidson
Michael Wacha
Hunter Morris
Didi Gregerious
A. Hanson
Jerry Hairston
Andrew Heaney
Nathan Eovaldi
Albert Amora
Ryan Wheeler
Jake Marisnack
Joe Kelly
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 6 '13
I found the PCL draft in chrono order ... in the draft room ...

Pick Team Salary Player
1 Ribbie and Roobarb $36 Upton, B.J. (OF ATL)
2 Choes Ballin $12 Johnson, Chris (3B ATL)
3 Rider's Rogues $8 Henderson, Jim (P MIL)
4 Broken Chains $47 Tulowitzki, Troy (SS COL)
5 The Sweeney Todds $38 Crawford, Carl (OF LAD)
6 Palin Comparisons $20 Haren, Dan (P WAS)
7 Ribbie and Roobarb $41 Gonzalez, Adrian (1B LAD)
8 Nats $19 Uggla, Dan (2B ATL)
9 Broken Chains $16 Ryu, Hyun-Jin (P LAD)
10 Nats $29 Soriano, Rafael (P WAS)
11 Fisher Catamounts $20 Halladay, Roy (P PHI)
12 The Sweeney Todds $13 Fernandez, Jose (P MIA)
13 Broken Chains $39 Wright, David (3B NYM)
14 The Sweeney Todds $25 Ramirez, Hanley (3B LAD)
15 Rider's Rogues $5 Nicasio, Juan (P COL)
16 Lynch Mob $31 Revere, Ben (OF PHI)
17 Choes Ballin $23 Ethier, Andre (OF LAD)
18 Nats $32 Greinke, Zack (P LAD)
19 Choes Ballin $33 Choo, Shin-Soo (OF CIN)
20 Rider's Rogues $18 Segura, Jean (SS MIL)
21 Gashouse Gang $26 Cuddyer, Michael (OF COL)
22 Nats $23 Fujikawa, Kyuji (P CHC)
23 Lynch Mob $17 Lincecum, Tim (P SF)
24 Gashouse Gang $20 Span, Denard (OF WAS)
25 Palin Comparisons $24 Young, Michael (1B PHI)
26 The Sweeney Todds $21 Werth, Jayson (OF WAS)
27 Brubaker's Yeasts $10 Brantly, Rob (C MIA)
28 Gashouse Gang $21 Gyorko, Jedd (3B SD)
29 Ribbie and Roobarb $10 Martin, Russell (C PIT)
30 Fisher Catamounts $14 Garcia, Jaime (P STL)
31 The Sweeney Todds $5 Marcum, Shaun (P NYM)
32 Slyke's Sluggers $16 McCann, Brian (C ATL)
33 Choes Ballin $2 Crawford, Brandon (SS SF)
34 Broken Chains $5 Francisco, Frank (P NYM)
35 Fisher Catamounts $19 Miller, Shelby (P STL)
36 Lynch Mob $14 Young, Delmon (OF PHI)
37 Rider's Rogues $13 Morrison, Logan (OF MIA)
38 Lynch Mob $15 Beckett, Josh (P LAD)
39 The Sweeney Todds $10 Gattis, Evan (OF ATL)
40 Lynch Mob $5 Suzuki, Kurt (C WAS)
41 Broken Chains $10 Mesoraco, Devin (C CIN)
42 Slyke's Sluggers $14 Rodriguez, Wandy (P PIT)
43 Lynch Mob $8 Fiers, Mike (P MIL)
44 Slyke's Sluggers $12 Nelson, Chris (3B COL)
45 Rider's Rogues $1 Gamel, Mat (1B MIL)
46 Broken Chains $11 Arroyo, Bronson (P CIN)
47 Palin Comparisons $10 Snider, Travis (OF PIT)
48 Ribbie and Roobarb $1 Schafer, Jordan (OF ATL)
49 Slyke's Sluggers $10 Cruz, Luis (3B LAD)
50 Lynch Mob $11 Billingsley, Chad (P LAD)
51 The Sweeney Todds $18 Heisey, Chris (OF CIN)
52 Slyke's Sluggers $7 Hechavarria, Adeiny (3B MIA)
53 Slyke's Sluggers $11 Cowgill, Collin (OF NYM)
54 Lynch Mob $12 McCarthy, Brandon (P ARI)
55 Gashouse Gang $14 Ross, Cody (OF ARI)
56 Fisher Catamounts $9 Pennington, Cliff (SS ARI)
57 Rider's Rogues $5 Torres, Andres (OF SF)
58 Choes Ballin $5 Buck, John (C NYM)
59 Slyke's Sluggers $4 Sanchez, Gaby (1B PIT)
60 Slyke's Sluggers $2 Collmenter, Josh (P ARI)
61 Fisher Catamounts $5 Corbin, Patrick (P ARI)
62 Slyke's Sluggers $5 Wood, Travis (P CHC)
63 The Sweeney Todds $8 Ellis, Mark (2B LAD)
64 Slyke's Sluggers $3 Lillibridge, Brent (OF CHC)
65 Palin Comparisons $2 De La Rosa, Jorge (P COL)
66 The Sweeney Todds $4 Nolasco, Ricky (P MIA)
67 Nats $4 Tabata, Jose (OF PIT)
68 Brubaker's Yeasts $3 Lilly, Ted (P LAD)
69 Gashouse Gang $4 Sanchez, Hector (C SF)
70 Brubaker's Yeasts $7 Beachy, Brandon (P ATL)
71 Choes Ballin $13 Young, Eric (OF COL)
72 Gashouse Gang $3 Hudson, Daniel (P ARI)
73 Choes Ballin $13 Kozma, Pete (SS STL)
74 Fisher Catamounts $3 Guzman, Jesus (OF SD)
75 Gashouse Gang $12 Adams, Matt (1B STL)
76 Brubaker's Yeasts $8 Cashner, Andrew (P SD)
77 Gashouse Gang $4 Galvis, Freddy (2B PHI)
78 Fisher Catamounts $2 Bass, Anthony (P SD)
79 The Sweeney Todds $5 Helton, Todd (1B COL)
80 Fisher Catamounts $6 Forsythe, Logan (2B SD)
81 Palin Comparisons $2 Valbuena, Luis (3B CHC)
82 Palin Comparisons $10 Luebke, Cory (P SD)
83 The Sweeney Todds $5 Hairston, Scott (OF CHC)
84 Lynch Mob $2 Chacin, Jhoulys (P COL)
85 Gashouse Gang $1 Barmes, Clint (SS PIT)
86 Fisher Catamounts $3 Chavez, Eric (3B ARI)
87 Slyke's Sluggers $4 Peralta, Wily (P MIL)
88 Brubaker's Yeasts $8 Melancon, Mark (P PIT)
89 Choes Ballin $3 Dobbs, Greg (OF MIA)
90 Lynch Mob $1 Zito, Barry (P SF)
91 Broken Chains $2 Broxton, Jonathan (P CIN)
92 Rider's Rogues $1 Stewart, Ian (3B CHC)
93 Brubaker's Yeasts $4 Pollock, A.J. (OF ARI)
94 The Sweeney Todds $1 Villanueva, Carlos (P CHC)
95 Ribbie and Roobarb $1 Slowey, Kevin (P MIA)
96 Broken Chains $3 Stults, Eric (P SD)
97 Brubaker's Yeasts $2 Nieuwenhuis, Kirk (OF NYM)
98 Choes Ballin $1 Adams, Mike (P PHI)
99 The Sweeney Todds $8 Storen, Drew (P WAS)
100 Nats $1 Wigginton, Ty (1B STL)
101 Lynch Mob $3 Lombardozzi, Stephen (2B WAS)
102 Broken Chains $1 Bernadina, Roger (OF WAS)
103 Rider's Rogues $4 Torrealba, Yorvit (C COL)
104 Ribbie and Roobarb $1 Arias, Joaquin (3B SF)
105 Lynch Mob $2 Gregerson, Luke (P SD)
106 Brubaker's Yeasts $1 Turner, Justin (2B NYM)
107 Lynch Mob $3 Byrd, Marlon (OF NYM)
108 Nats $1 Olivo, Miguel (C MIA)
109 Rider's Rogues $1 Schumaker, Skip (2B LAD)
110 Broken Chains $1 Gonzalez, Alex (SS MIL)
111 The Sweeney Todds $1 Laird, Gerald (C ATL)
112 Palin Comparisons $2 Kelly, Casey (P SD)
113 Palin Comparisons $1 Brothers, Rex (P COL)
114 Lynch Mob $1 Herrera, Jonathan (SS COL)
115 Nats $1 Westbrook, Jake (P STL)
116 Broken Chains $1 Darnell, James (OF SD)
117 Ribbie and Roobarb $1 Harrison, Josh (2B PIT)
118 Palin Comparisons $1 Mujica, Edward (P STL)
119 Nats $1 Feldman, Scott (P CHC)
120 Ribbie and Roobarb $1 Volquez, Edinson (P SD)
121 Nats $1 Casilla, Santiago (P SF)
122 Ribbie and Roobarb $1 Avilan, Luis (P ATL)
123 Nats $1 Liriano, Francisco (P PIT)
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 6 '13
The Fisher Catamounts had lots of hitting (Braun, Harper, Bruce, Ike Davis, Pierre) and closers (Chapman, Betancourt) and no starting pitching going starters were the goal, and we knew we'd have to take some risks because Greinke was going to just cost too much. We also needed a good MI and ended up with Pennington, so probably a failure there.

C--Ruiz ($6) and Kratz ($1)
CR--I.Davis $21, G. Jones $9, E.Chavez $3
MI--Solano $2, Pennington $9, Forsythe $6
OF--Braun $44, Harper $25, Bruce $28, Pierre $10, Nix $1
UT--Guzman $3
SP--Halladay $20, Garcia $14, S.Miller $19, Corbin $5, Capuano $5 (boy do I wish we had Dickey and Worley still)
RP--Bass $2, Marshall $1, Betancourt $5, Chapman $17

Reserves---Campana, Marisnick, McKenry, Brignac, Rauch, C.Young, Pill, A.Vizcaino, Baez

I think we'll contend. But then, I always think that. So who knows. But the Bryce & Bruce and Braun show will be fun.

Mike Landau ML-
Apr 6 '13
The Brubaker Yeasts' 2013 Line-up

Bought at draft
C Rob Brantley $10
2B Justin Turner $1
OF A.J. Pollock $4
OF Kirk Niewenhuis $2

P Brandon Beachy $7
P Andrew Cashner $8
P Ted Lilly $3
p Mark Melancon $8

C Buster Posey $30
1B Joey Votto $43
SS Josh Rutledge $4
3B Ryan Zimmerman $29
MI Ruben Tejada $1
CI Brandon Belt $16
OF Domonic Brown $15
OF Adam Eaton $5
OF Dexter Fowler $18
OF Giancarlo Stanton $28

P Stephen Strasburg $16
P Edwin Jackson $4
P Kenley Jansen $2
P Ian Kennedy $4
P Paul Maholm $2

Reserve Draft
Casey Kotchman
Matt Davidson
Gary Brown
Kyle Parker
Yasiel Puig

Tyler Cloyd
Kyle Crick
Zach Lee
Jason Marquis
Mark Rogers

Don't think I hurt my chances with my draft. Really need Jansen and/or Melancon to become the closer. Beachy, Cashner and Lilly have good upside and fit well with my pitching keepers.

Brantly solidifies catching and Pollock helps to ease the hit that Eaton's injury had during the preseason. Will be looking to upgrade MI and Utility throughout the year and hope that a couple of offensive reserve picks can contribute this year.
Donny Brubaker donbru
Apr 5 '13
The auction was interesting due to the inflation (around 45%), but I have dealt with that before so I thought I was prepared. I believe I was the last owner to buy a player, as most guys went past my inflation price. I had $90 to spend on 11 was a tough auction to buy a stud (I bid $38 on David Wright, but he went to $39 and I just could not bring myself to bid $40). When I realized getting a stud was not going to happen, I sat back and waited to try end up with as many starting position players as possible. Here is what I ended up with:

C Brian McCann $16
1B Gaby Sanchez $4
MI Luis Cruz $10
CI Chris Nelson $12
OF Collin Cowgill $11 (that one killed me, but I needed to spend my money)
MI/CO/OF Brent Lillibridge $3
MI Adeiny Hechavarria $7
P Wandy Rodriguez $14
P Josh Collmenter $2
P Travis Wood $5
P Wily Peralta $4

Was able to get Albert Almora, Jacob Turner, Trevor Story and Noah Syndergaard in the reserve rounds so hope I can move them in a deal.
I had an Ok freeze list, so hope I can trade one or two of them.

I had a decent freeze list so hope this auction can keep me in the running.
Keith Cromer Slyke
Apr 5 '13
Nope ... no list for auction like that. You'd have to keep your own and it just moves too fast.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Apr 5 '13
Draft results are here ...

... including all our "chat" comments. But ... hmmm ... I'm not seeing a way to see the draft results in the order it happened (ie. above link shows team-by-team results) ... anyone know if a chrono record is available?
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Apr 5 '13
Andy, interesting, thanks. No question that PCL dynamics played a part in my willingness to pay these premiums. Right or wrong I thought I had okay hitting, not great, not horrible, and I was going to buy pitching no matter what (I had the money to do so). Only time will tell if spreading Greinke money around on two SP would have been better. I think Uggla was a fair price, I had clicked at 18 in price enforcing mode but I must have clicked after the 18 bidder so I was stuck with 19. I like Uggla (see my 24 bid year one) but had hoped to spend that money on something else. But, knowing me, I will open the trade doors as soon as Carpenter gets a game in at 2B.
Noah Hirsch NSh58
Apr 5 '13

I believe I had Uggla at $18, Greinke at $31, and Soriano at $33 on my sheet.

My Soriano price was based on past experience in the PCL, and a HUGE part of it was supply and demand.

For me, I knew there was no way I'd own Soriano, I just judged the market would pay more than you did. In other words, in my opinion at least, based on the givens of the PCL pre-auction, I think Soriano was a bargain.
Keith Prosseda andypro
Apr 5 '13