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The top two teams are seperated by 0.5 points, 102.5 to 102.0.

First place is Brett's Choes Balin.

Second place is Noah's Nats.

Balin is a hitting team with 56 hitting points and 46.5 pitching points.

Nats are pitching team with 46 hitting points and 56.0 pitching points.

Categories where neither team will likely move:

Categories where things could happen.

HR -- Nats are 3 HR from gaining another point. They have 6 20+ HR people: Holliday, Beltran, McCutheon, LaRoche, Pence, Scheirholtz plus David Wright.

RBI -- Nats could lose a point if they tank and Slyke's team does well.

SB -- There are four teams within a 7 SB range. One team with 102, Nats with 98, and two more with 95. Nats speed guys are McCutcheon, Pence, Wright, and Daniel Murphy. Billy Hamilton is NOT on any of these four teams.

K -- Nats are three strikeouts away from gaining another point. Neither team has any starters still to get starts from what I can tell.

S -- This is a 55, 54, 54 spread with Choes Balin being one of the 54 teams. Balin has Paplebon, and Romo. The teams he is up against have Brothers and Parnell (the 55 which is Andy) and the other 54 has Jansen/Melacon (Donny)

Nats are 2 saves behind Slyke. Slyke has Henderson, Street, and Hawkins. Nats have Soriano.

W -- Choes Balin trails my team by 1 W.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Sep 27 '13
Say more, Noah. Who's battling who? Which categories will decide?
Alex Patton Alex
Sep 26 '13
Quite a nice pennant race going on, although only if you view it from some sort of detached perspective.

102 tie at close of tonight's games.
Noah Hirsch NSh58
Sep 26 '13
Trades at the trade deadline in PCL:

Broken Chains acquired Jay Bruce and Ike Davis from Fisher Catamounts
Fisher Catamounts acquired Jeff Locke and Tim Hudson from Broken Chains

Bruce and Davis are in their last contract year. Locke is at 16 (FAABed this season) and Hudson is at 11.

Chains were in 5th at time of deal and Catamounts were in 10th.

Rider's Rogues acquired Yasmani Grandal, Tony Cingrani and Pete Kozma from Choes Ballin
Choes Ballin acquired Hyun-Jin Ryu, Randall Delgado and Rob Brantly from Rider's Rogues

Choes Ballin is the 2nd place team and Rogues are in 6th. The other interesting thing is that Grandal is on a long term contract. Penalty is $10 of FAAB money per year cut so Rogues likely will lose $10 of FAAB money provided they carry him the rest of this season, but cut him before roster time.

Slyke's Sluggers acquired Rafael Betancourt and Garrett Jones from Fisher Catamounts
Fisher Catamounts acquired Jonathan Pettibone and Noah Syndergaard from Slyke's Sluggers

Betancourt and Jones are in their last seasons. Slyke is the current 4th place team.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Aug 7 '13
This week's FAABs ...

Chris Rusin
Brubaker's Yeasts - $7
Fisher Catamounts - $5
Lynch Mob - $3

Ross Ohlendorf
Lynch Mob - $6
Gashouse Gang - $4
Fisher Catamounts - $2
Nats - $2

Jeff Bianchi Nats - $2

Chad Qualls Broken Chains - $1

Santiago Casilla Nats - $1
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jul 28 '13
Oops ... Junior Lake.
Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Jul 22 '13
Tex - "he" = whom?
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jul 22 '13
In my home league, he was a protected carryover from the 2012 ULTRA draft.

Yeah. We're deep.
Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Jul 22 '13
This week's FAABs ...

Junior Lake
Rider's Rogues - $15
Fisher Catamounts - $12
Palin Comparisons - $9
The Sweeney Todds - $7
Slyke's Sluggers - $6
Ribbie and Roobarb - $5
Broken Chains - $5
Choes Ballin - $3

Jeff Francoeur
Rider's Rogues - $3
Palin Comparisons - $2

Donovan Hand
The Sweeney Todds - $2
The Sweeney Todds - $2
Palin Comparisons - $1
Nats - $1

Roger Bernadina
Palin Comparisons - $2

Dale Thayer
Fisher Catamounts - $2

David Carpenter
The Sweeney Todds - $1

Dave Sappelt
Broken Chains - $1

Greg Dobbs
Nats - $1
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jul 22 '13
This week's FAABs ...

Brad Ziegler
Brubaker's Yeasts - $11
The Sweeney Todds - $5
Choes Ballin - $4
Ribbie and Roobarb - $2

Juan Nicasio
Ribbie and Roobarb - $4
Nats - $1

Kensuke Tanaka
Brubaker's Yeasts - $4
The Sweeney Todds - $3
Broken Chains - $3
Ribbie and Roobarb - $2

Reed Johnson
Ribbie and Roobarb - $2
Ribbie and Roobarb - $1
Broken Chains - $1

Tyler Thornburg
Rider's Rogues - $2

Cole Gillespie
Nats - $2

Jonathan Herrera
Broken Chains - $1
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jul 14 '13