Thread: Patton & Co. League

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Tonight's FAAB ... 

Replacement Level Drinkers: rel EHoward ChC, prr WDifo Pit 1
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel MSoroka Atl, prr VGutierrez Cin 13
Gashouse Gang: rel DLeyba Ari, prr SAlcantara ChC 2
Gashouse Gang: rel YTsutsugo LAD, prr JCamargo Atl 2
Gashouse Gang: rel TMarcano SD, prr JRondon StL 1
Plato's Cave: rel EUceta LAD, prr MPeacock Ari 13
Sugar Kings: rel MKeller Pit, prr ELauer Mil 9
Sugar Kings: rel CMartin Ari, prr CEstevez Col 7
Dirk Bags: rel RQuinn Phi, prr BMcKinney NYM 18
Dirk Bags: rel KCrick Pit, prr RTorreyes Phi 4
Rhys's Pieces: rel JFargas NYM, prr RTepera ChC 1
Power Hungry Redux: rel JOliva Pit, prr BDrury NYM 2
Fisher Catamounts: rel OArcia Atl, prr TJankowski Phi 1
Rhys's Pieces: rel SLeon Mia, prr CMaybin NYM 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 31

Kent Ostby Seadogs
May 27

An oddity and an endorsement of the idea that this is the year batting average died.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
May 27

Here's an oddity ...

... a lower BA for the week, but gained a point ... I understand how/why (ABs), just odd.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 27

Last night's FAAB results ...

Replacement Level Drinkers: rel CWallach Mia, prr MPina Mil 1
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel SDoolittle Cin, prr DMaples ChC 1
Fisher Catamounts: rel JVanMeter Ari, prr WAdames Mil 29
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel JHolloway Mia, prr APujols LAD 20
Sugar Kings: rel AKnizner StL, prr CPoteet Mia 12
Sugar Kings: rel RBrothers ChC, prr ChGonzalez Col 4
Dirk Bags: rel JSteele ChC, prr KCrick Pit 1
Plato's Cave: rel PCrowArmstrong NYM, prr TWidener Ari 2
Plato's Cave: rel CCarroll Ari, prr ABender Mia 2
Rhys's Pieces: rel AMinter Atl, prr TRichards Mil 1
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel TFrazier Pit, prr JReddick Ari 5
Power Hungry Redux: rel ABradley Phi, prr KLee NYM 4
Amnesia Reboot: rel CKieboom Was, prr JDevers Mia 6
Gashouse Gang: rel CAnderson Phi, prr JLucchesi NYM 1
Rhys's Pieces: rel TStokes Pit, prr JFargas NYM 4
Choes Balin: rel ABlandino Cin, prr SReidFoley NYM 1
Choes Balin: rel KMuller Atl, prr VGonzalez LAD 1
Amnesia Reboot: rel BMcKinney Mil, prr JMateo SD 3
Gashouse Gang: rel SNeuse LAD, prr YTsutsugo LAD 1
Dirk Bags: rel MMoroff StL, prr TNido NYM 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 24

This seem notable ... 4 teams tied for 1st place!

Go Mob!  (Wink! Wink! Wink!)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 23

Nice move by Gashouse. Picks up three prospects in one night -- Leyba whose been killing it at AAA, Marcano who is young, and Braxton Garrett.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
May 17

Last night's FAAB results ...

Replacement Level Drinkers: rel GSantos SF, prr AChafin ChC 1
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel SKingery Phi, prr JPeraza NYM 2
Gashouse Gang: rel NHeath Ari, prr EInciarte Atl 9
Gashouse Gang: rel LRaley LAD, prr WCraig Pit 7
Gashouse Gang: rel JMateo SD, prr TMarcano SD 4
Gashouse Gang: rel AHendrick Cin, prr DLeyba Ari 3
Gashouse Gang: rel ELauer Mil, prr ChMartin Atl 2
Gashouse Gang: rel ABass Mia, prr BGarrett Mia 3
Sugar Kings: rel VGonzalez LAD, prr GHeredia Atl 6
Choes Balin: rel DPeters LAD, prr MagSierra Mia 2
Rhys's Pieces: rel MGivens Col, prr TStokes Pit 1
Rhys's Pieces: rel SHilliard Col, prr SLeon Mia 1
Dirk Bags: rel TWilliams ChC, prr MMoroff StL 1
Plato's Cave: rel LGuillorme NYM, prr ESosa StL 2
Plato's Cave: rel TWidener Ari, prr AAdams SD 3
Plato's Cave: rel ARodriguez SF, prr ICastillo SD 1
Plato's Cave: rel KFinnegan Was, prr EUceta LAD 2
Amnesia Reboot: rel JNottingham Mil, prr JFeyereisen Mil 1
Fisher Catamounts: rel WDifo Pit, prr BGamel Pit 3
Sugar Kings: rel KCrick Pit, prr RBrothers ChC 1
Dirk Bags: rel RHelsley StL, prr JSteele ChC 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 17

Tonight's FAAB results ...

Amnesia Reboot: rel JFeyereisen Mil, prr JFamilia NYM 1
Fisher Catamounts: rel BGoodwin CWS, prr WDifo Pit 5
Lynch Mob: rel BDoyle Col, prr SDuggar SF 4
Sugar Kings: rel DMay LAD, prr CStammen SD 3
Sugar Kings: rel KGinkel Ari, prr THill SD 3
Choes Balin: rel MWhite LAD, prr DPeters LAD 2
Dirk Bags: rel MAllan NYM, prr RHelsley StL 2
Plato's Cave: rel SReidFoley NYM, prr KFinnegan Was 2
Plato's Cave: rel ADean StL, prr WCrowe Pit 5
Rhys's Pieces: rel EInciarte Atl, prr CJoe Col 1
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel JDevers Mia, prr TFrazier Pit 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 10

Tonight's FAAB results ...

Sugar Kings: rel DPeters LAD, prr KTom Pit 6
Amnesia Reboot: rel CCavalli Was, prr JNottingham Mil 3
Lynch Mob: rel MMoniak Phi, prr MTauchman SF 21
Gashouse Gang: rel CDoval SF, prr ELauer Mil 4
Dirk Bags: rel JoseDeLeon Cin, prr VVelasquez Phi 1
Plato's Cave: rel RCastro Pit, prr KFarmer Cin 1
Plato's Cave: rel MVargas LAD, prr YHernandez Was 21
Rhys's Pieces: rel GHeredia Atl, prr OHerrera Phi 6
Sugar Kings: rel TFrazier Pit, prr WContreras Atl 9
Lynch Mob: rel CRay Mil, prr MBeaty LAD 9
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel JVosler SF, prr MAdams Col 7
Choes Balin: rel CBrogdon Phi, prr MWhite LAD 2
Rhys's Pieces: rel AlJackson Atl, prr CWallach Mia 1
Replacement Level Drinkers: rel DCastano Mia, prr SDoolittle Cin 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 3