Thread: Patton & Co. League

Welcome! You are invited to wander around and read all of the comments that have been posted here at Patton & Co., but as soon as you register you can see the bid limits that Alex, Peter and Mike propose for each player, and you can post your own comments. Registering is free, so please join us!

Ps. Note that I don't talk about what Yamamoto can do in that comment. Remember how everyone was so psyched for Corbin Martin. Lots of talk about his skills. All these guys have skills, that's why they're on the precipice, and our informational void is we don't really have a clue about when they're going to figure it out.

We need to throw darts, we need to throw the best darts. That's the mission. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Surely this will go as badly as every other decision I've made this year, but Yamamoto was a lowball bid just to show we were in the game. In Tout NL's 1000 FAAB he went for 146, about the equivalent of $15 in our $100 budget.

But of interest here is how the dynamic is different. In this league we're building our teams over years and we get paid for finishing in the top four. In Tout the so-called experts have first place in mind, for this year only. Why not go Joey Gallo and go for the fences? Second doesn't matter, nor does seventh. Fifteenth might.

Anyway, worked out for me at least until Yamamoto pitches the next time. Good luck all. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Tonight's FAAB results ...

Original Oracles: rel ADickerson SF, prr JYamamoto Mia 7
Original Oracles: rel WSuero Was, prr BMiller Phi 1
Choes Balin: rel JHammer Phi, prr TFlowers Atl 3
Choes Balin: rel CSpangenberg Mil, prr SBrault Pit 3
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel JFamilia NYM, prr CFlexen NYM 4
Lynch Mob: rel JWebb Atl, prr AMinter Atl 11
Lynch Mob: rel LChisenhall Pit, prr YHirano Ari 4
Garry Oaks: rel LGohara Atl, prr EHernandez Mia 2
Lords of Flatbush: rel MAndriese Ari, prr JBrebbia StL 2

Howard Lynch LynchMob

With Hendricks on the shelf looks like Power Hungry will be sellers. Need some power, Ozuna is available. 

joel schreier jschri

Tonight's FAAB results ...

Original Oracles: rel TFlowers Atl, prr AAllen SD 1
Gashouse Gang: rel JNicasio Phi, prr DPoncedeleon StL 2
Gashouse Gang: rel TChatwood ChC, prr SDyson SF 1
Gashouse Gang: rel JBerti Mia, prr JRiddle Mia 2
Broad Street Bullies: rel GCabrera StL, prr CGonzalez ChC 11
Broad Street Bullies: rel CIrvin Phi, prr VVelasquez Phi 2
Broad Street Bullies: rel MPrado Mia, prr PLambert Col 6
Lords of Flatbush: rel YHirano Ari, prr JVargas NYM 3
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel AAltherr NYM, prr JLagares NYM 1
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel TFrance SD, prr TEdman StL 3
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel SDominguez Phi, prr TRainey Was 2
Choes Balin: rel RGsellman NYM, prr AHouser Mil 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jun 10

Last night's FAAB results ...

Original Oracles: rel VVelasquez Phi, prr GGallegos StL 1
Original Oracles: rel JBrebbia StL, prr WSuero Was 1
Palin Comparison: rel MWilliamson FA, prr TGuerrero Mia 2
Broad Street Bullies: rel POBrien Mia, prr GCabrera StL 3
Fisher Catamounts: rel MagSierra Mia, prr JBruce Phi 21
Lynch Mob: rel AWilson Mil, prr ASenzatela Col 3
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel NMargevicius SD, prr TBeede SF 3
Gashouse Gang: rel PNeshek Phi, prr TClarke Ari 2
Choes Balin: rel YLopez Ari, prr JHammer Phi 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jun 3

Tonight's FAAB results ...

Garry Oaks: rel CFerguson LAD, prr MYastrzemski SF 6
Original Oracles: rel JNottingham Mil, prr CCasali Cin 2
Broad Street Bullies: rel JLagares NYM, prr JNaylor SD 15
Broad Street Bullies: rel EDeLosSantos Phi, prr KCrick Pit 1
Gashouse Gang: rel DHolland SF, prr TChatwood ChC 1
Gashouse Gang: rel GGallegos StL, prr JNicasio Phi 2
Fisher Catamounts: rel JHughes Cin, prr ASwarzak Atl 3
Ribbie and Roobarb: rel ASanchez Was, prr AHechavarria NYM 2
Ribbie and Roobarb: rel WDifo Was, prr KCron Ari 16
Choes Balin: rel PReyes Pit, prr MBeaty LAD 3
Choes Balin: rel AAllen SD, prr YLopez Ari 1
Original Oracles: rel TWalker Ari, prr TLocastro Ari 1
Lords of Flatbush: rel SSchebler Cin, prr IVargas Ari 3
Lords of Flatbush: rel AMinter Atl, prr MAndriese Ari 2
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel GReyes SD, prr AAltherr NYM 2
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel WFont NYM, prr JOsuna Pit 2
Ribbie and Roobarb: rel KGarlick LAD, prr DSolano SF 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 27

Time for a standings update :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 22

Last Night's FAAB results ...

Original Oracles: rel TNido NYM, prr JNottingham Mil 1
Original Oracles: rel TBeede SF, prr BKintzler ChC 1
Gashouse Gang: rel JVenters FA, prr PNeshek Phi 2
Gashouse Gang: rel MNunez StL, prr CGomez NYM 9
Choes Balin: rel CCasali Cin, prr VCaratini ChC 4
Ribbie and Roobarb: rel NKingham Pit, prr ASanchez Was 1
Ribbie and Roobarb: rel JCastillo SD, prr KGarlick LAD 1
Lynch Mob: rel LPatino SD, prr SAnderson SF 6
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel ASlater SF, prr JFamilia NYM 2
Garry Oaks: rel JHellickson Was, prr CFerguson LAD 1
Broad Street Bullies: rel IGalloway Mia, prr JLagares NYM 1
Gashouse Gang: rel EHernandez Mia, prr GGallegos StL 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 20

Tonight's FAAB results ...

Original Oracles: rel TNevin Col, prr TBeede SF 2
Broad Street Bullies: rel ASenzatela Col, prr CIrvin Phi 7
Palin Comparison: rel DSteckenrider Mia, prr MWilliamson SF 11
Gashouse Gang: rel SOh Col, prr JVenters Atl 3
Gashouse Gang: rel RHelsley StL, prr EHernandez Mia 3
Power Hungry Redux: rel CSobotka Atl, prr DWinkler Atl 1
Choes Balin: rel JMurphy Ari, prr AAllen SD 4
Lynch Mob: rel VCaratini ChC, prr HRamirez Mia 8
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel KKramer Pit, prr WFont NYM 3
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel TGuerrero Mia, prr GReyes SD 2
Original Oracles: rel FMejia SD, prr TNido NYM 1
Garry Oaks: rel JLagares NYM, prr MJoyce Atl 1

Howard Lynch LynchMob
May 13