Mookie Betts Boston Red Sox

Age: 26 (October 7, 1992) | 5' 9" | 180lbs. | Bats: Right 2B-1 OF-131 CF-14 RF-120 DH-3 PH-4
BOS AA 2015 1 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 .500 .500 1.25 0 0 .333 n/a
BOS AL 2015 145 597 92 174 46 82 42 8 18 77 21 6 .291 .341 .479 7 13 .310 38/19/42 32 30
BOS AL 2016 158 672 122 214 49 80 42 5 31 113 26 4 .318 .363 .534 7 11 .322 41/19/39 48 44
BOS AL 2017 153 628 101 166 77 79 46 2 24 102 26 3 .264 .344 .459 11 11 .268 40/17/43 32 29
BOS AL 2018 136 520 129 180 81 91 47 5 32 80 30 6 .346 .438 .640 13 15 .368 34/21/45 49 46
BOS AL 2019 25 92 18 23 16 18 5 0 4 11 1 0 .250 .364 .435 15 16 .268 40/15/45 3 3
Career 6yrs 669 2698 496 812 290 381 194 21 114 401 111 22 .301 .369 .515 10 13 .313 n/a
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And the Red Sox have won two of them.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 6

Mookie Betts (OF) BOS - Apr. 5

Betts went 3-for-4 with a home run, two RBI, a walk and two runs scored Friday against Arizona.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Betts launched a two-run homer in the eighth inning, but the Diamondbacks had already pulled out to a big lead by that point. The reigning American League MVP is off to a solid start at the dish in 2019 and is batting .289 with two long balls, five RBI and nine runs scored over nine games.

Alex Patton Alex
Apr 6

Peter expected Mookie's batting average to go up and it did. This year he expects it to go down and it will.

Regression is always wise and, more often than not, too conservative.

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 10

Even Mookie has avoided arbitration, signing for an even $20 million.

My New Year's resolution didn't last very long, did it?

I'm doing better about not drinking wine this month.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 12

My New Year's resolution: to work my way down from the best hitter last year in our warped world to the worst and do the same for the pitchers. I'll never make it (and who wants to read about Pat Valaika anyway?) but each and every day I'm going to try.

So we start with Mookie. He just edges out the NL MVP as the most valuable player last year in 5x5. And we already have a bunch of comments since we turned the page.

One of them in fact calls me a troll. So maybe I should write about that.

I did indeed make a lopsided trade in the ADL with Peter. Ethically, I had to, after making a lopsided trade five weeks earlier with another team that, many said, wrecked the pennant race in the middle of June. As we approached the trade deadline, we still had a pretty good pennant race with Peter as the closest pursuer. And he had far and away the best high-priced buy in last year's auction: Mookie Betts for the aforementioned $36.

There were plenty of better low-priced buys, such as Miguel Andujar for $6 (also owned by Peter), but the problem there was, players with a salary under $15 who are traded during the season automatically have their next-year salaries raised to $15. Was Andujar at 15 better than Betts at 36? I didn't think so. I'm a big believer in high-priced bargains, especially when they go a long way toward addressing the two biggest scarcities on the hitting side in fantasy baseball: speed and batting average.

So I agreed in principle to trading Bregman (not Bergman, Peter), Haniger and Clevinger for Betts. The first two were at the end of their contracts and would be free agents next year. Clevinger at $18 seemed like he'd be a nice keep next year, but Peter really needed him and I didn't (my pitching was beyond repair) and Peter rightly was insisting on a lopsided trade. After all, it was a fire sale.

The question then became: could we expand it a little? To get the full quota of freezes I needed to climb two rungs in the standings (from 11th) and to do that I needed more speed than just Mookie Betts. Peter was awash in speed and looking for ribbies. I proposed my second baseman, Joey Wendle, who I had picked up on waivers in April and who just kept posting nice numbers week after week. For his second basemen, who was stealing the odd base but doing little else in the middle of July. Peter liked his guy more than I did and had paid $7 for him at the auction. I didn't seriously think his guy would be worth $15, but Joey, as a waiver pick, would only be a topper next year; his guy might be a keeper next year. Might be. Probably not. But with any kind of luck, he'd help me climb out of 11th.

And thus it was that the other part of the fire sale was Joey Wendle, who just kept getting better, for Adalberto Mondesi.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 2

One HR away from a 100-25-100-25 in an off year in 2017. The .268 BABIP is all of the convincing I needed that he would be back in 2018. Now that he's had the best and worst BABIP has to offer him I bet it settles in  between .315 and .335 based on the established level from 2014-2016. 

van wilhoite LVW
Dec 17 '18

Figuring this out is why the game is fun and endures.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Dec 17 '18

Alex Patton, Troll.

I indeed paid only $36 for Mookie last year, and traded that Mookie (keeper) to Alex for Bergman/Haniger/and Clevinger. 

That's why I almost won.

But it's easy to forget that Mookie was coming off a weak year. $36 was cheap based on our scouting, but not on his past performance. 

This is the jiu-jitsu we deal with every year.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Dec 17 '18

Did I mistype the number of hits in play last year by Mookie Betts?

Very possibly. Now, when you click on the MLB link for Mookie, you'll find 433 for his HIP.

On a rainy day in November I looked up the Statcast averages for the top 75 hitters in $5x5 and asked Colin to file away the comments until we turned the page, which we do every year on Dec. 15.

I did this because eventually MLB will stop showing last year's Statcast averages. During the season, when MLB is displaying this year's Statcast averages, I thought it would be interesting to have last year's easily available.

To see the top 75 hitters in $5x5 last year, go to the Stats section here and sort all hitters by $5x5. You'll also see the PK, MF and AP bids for last year.

Our bids are found the 2018 archive as well. 

I don't know about your league but $36 is exactly what Mookie cost in the 4x4 American Dreams last year. Rotoman paid that and finished second by half a point.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '18

Most valuable hitter, both leagues, in 5x5.

2018 Statcast averages

HIP: 432

Avg Exit Velocity: 92.3

Avg HR Distance: 400    

Avg Launch Angle: 18.4

One dollar better than Yelich.

Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '18