Francisco Lindor Cleveland Indians

Age: 26 (November 14, 1993) | 5' 11" | 190lbs. | Bats: Both SS-137 DH-5
CLE AL 2016 158 604 99 182 57 88 30 3 15 78 19 5 .301 .358 .435 8 13 .324 49/22/28 31 30
CLE AL 2017 159 651 99 178 60 93 44 4 33 89 15 3 .273 .337 .505 8 13 .275 39/18/42 29 28
CLE AL 2018 158 661 129 183 70 107 42 2 38 92 25 10 .277 .352 .519 9 14 .279 39/22/40 40 38
CLE AAA 2019 3 12 4 5 1 1 1 0 2 2 0 0 .417 .462 1.00 8 8 .333 n/a
CLE AL 2019 143 598 101 170 46 98 40 2 32 74 22 5 .284 .335 .518 7 15 .291 44/20/37 33 31
CLE AL 2020 52 206 27 56 18 38 12 0 8 26 5 1 .272 .339 .447 8 17 .296 39/27/34 8 8
Career 6yrs 769 3110 505 891 278 493 190 15 138 410 98 26 .286 .346 .490 8 14 .299 n/a
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Popped the ball over the left field fence to tie the game in the 9th against the Cubs in Wrigley.

No way it should have been a homer but it is what it is.

Alex Patton Alex

Fifth pick yesterday. Arguably he should have been the first after the Dreamers voted at the winter meeting to keep  the stats of players traded to the National League for another year.

We will argue about this every year from now on.

That was in late January. No mention of the news coming out of China.

Alex Patton Alex
Jul 27

Boys will be boys!

Terry Francona said that Francisco Lindor told him to use hand sanitizer during batting practice. So he used what Lindor gave him, except it was the firm grip the hitters use. "We almost released him," Tito joked. He's used rubbing alcohol, but nothing has gotten it off."
Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Jul 6

Back in the innocence of early February, Keith Law wondered what the future held for impending free-agent megastars like Lindor. Now, with the season about to begin, Ken Rosenthal wonders anew. 

Alex Patton Alex
Jun 26

Keith Law, putting a wrap on what is now two separate trades with a third on hold:

The Twins had to pay a little bit more to get Kenta Maeda, sending Graterol to the Dodgers rather than the Red Sox, but now adding outfielder Luke Raley to the trade and possibly getting a low-level minor leaguer (which, really, could mean anything from a real prospect to an org guy) back. Raley was originally with the Dodgers and came to the Twins in the Brian Dozier trade; he missed most of 2019 after surgery to repair a torn ankle tendon but, once healthy, might be a useful backup corner outfielder/first baseman and left-handed bat off the bench for someone.

And then there’s poor Joc Pederson, who was briefly an Angel before he was cast down into the fires of … wait, not that kind of Angel. The trade between the team that actually plays in Los Angeles and the one that pretends it does has fallen apart, apparently, which is a shame for everyone involved, most of all Pederson, who endured a week of rumors, during which he also lost an arbitration hearing and now needs to wait for another trade to know he’ll have a regular job this year...

One final thought: I wonder if the complexity of this deal chills the market further for the other superstars approaching free agency in the next year or two and whose teams have explored trading them, such as Francisco Lindor, Nolan Arenado and Kris Bryant. Getting this done required adding a third team, which sounds clever but just as likely makes it more difficult to pull off because now you have to get three GMs to agree and then get three owners to agree, and the only time you can get three MLB owners to agree on anything is if you tell them you found a way to pay players less. It’s not as if other teams will stop trying to trade for Lindor et al, but we might be even less likely to see such a deal, now or next winter, than we were before this whole imbroglio happened.

-- The Athletic

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 10

Avoided arbitration, agreeing to $17.5 million.

He's the cover boy on the Baseball Forecaster.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 11

A reader's response to Ken Rosenthal's piece at TheAthletic yesterday on the Big Four trade chips (Betts, Bryant, Lindor, Arenado) that Rosenthal thinks are on the table right now...

Heath B.

I think it makes the most sense to wait until the midseason trade deadline to trade Lindor. The Indians can start out the season with him, and if things look good for them to win the division and compete in the playoffs, add and make another run. If they’re not in it, then they can trade Lindor and have good air cover for why they traded him. Competing teams will trade as much or more then bc they’ll still get him for 2 postseason runs. 

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 10
Fangraphs 2018: WAR 7.6 Bat 27 Field 14 Run 1 HR/FB 17% Pull 40% Hard 42% IFFB 11%
Fangraphs 2019: WAR 4.4 Bat 12 Field 6 Run -2 HR/FB 17% Pull 45% Hard 42% IFFB 14%
Alex Patton Alex
Dec 16 '19