Dylan Carlson St. Louis Cardinals

Age: 22 (October 23, 1998) | 1677' 2" | 20126lbs. | Bats: Both OF-34 LF-10 CF-17 RF-18 PH-2
STL A 2018 13 47 5 11 10 10 3 0 2 9 2 0 .234 .368 .426 18 18 .257 n/a
STL A+ 2018 99 376 63 93 52 78 19 3 9 53 6 3 .247 .345 .386 12 18 .286 n/a
STL AA 2019 108 417 81 117 52 98 24 6 21 59 18 7 .281 .364 .518 11 20 .315 n/a
STL AAA 2019 18 72 14 26 6 18 4 2 5 9 2 1 .361 .418 .681 8 23 .429 n/a
STL NL 2020 35 110 11 22 8 35 7 1 3 16 1 1 .200 .252 .364 7 29 .260 45/24/32 4 4
STL NL 2021 149 542 79 144 57 152 31 4 18 65 2 1 .266 .343 .437 9 25 .332 38/25/38 14 15
Career 2yrs 184 652 90 166 65 187 38 5 21 81 3 2 .255 .328 .425 9 25 .320 n/a
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A homer and double last night. In the last three weeks, Carlson is slugging .613.

Alex Patton Alex
Sep 25 '20

BA today...

St. Louis Cardinals

— OF Dylan Carlson collected a hit and scored a run on Tuesday, but his real eye-popping moments came on defense. All three of Carlson’s strongest throws of the season came in the game, including an 86.6 mph bolt to nab Hunter Dozier trying to take third base on a sacrifice fly to left center. Carlson broke off an 88.6 mph throw in the game as well.

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 26 '20

The battle for 5th place--and the first reserve pick---is an important one.  In PCL, it's the difference between activating Dylan Carlson this weekend and waiting a year, or two, or ever, for Josiah Gray.

There was likely a better prospect selected after we picked Gray, but it's not obvious who it might be. 

It *was* obvious Carlson wasn't going to drop to our third pick in the reserve.

Mike Landau ML-
Aug 15 '20

Penciled into the lineup today, playing left field, batting sixth.

In the Cardinal's sixth game of the season.

Is that enough time to delay Carson's free agency?

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 15 '20

Worry not, Rotoworld. He's not available. Anywhere.

08.13: Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak confirmed that Dylan Carlson will be called up when they're cleared to resume. (This
was reported on Wednesday night by multiple outlets, but Mozeliak
confirms the report. The switch-hitting outfielder is the top prospect
in the system, and he's a player who can hit for both average and power
while also providing some steals. The Cardinals aren't likely going to
call up Carlson without having him be a regular, so he's absolutely
worth an add on fantasy roster in leagues he's available. )

Alex Patton Alex
Aug 14 '20

Will Dylan Carlson be the first pick in the PCL reserve round?  Is there any other choice assuming some significant everyday player doesn't get overlooked during the auction?  We will see in about 7 hours since I have that first pick.

joel schreier jschri
Jul 27 '20

It makes sense, since there won't be a minor league season, for all the promising prospects, no matter how far down, to be on the taxi squad, it not the expanded active roster.

There will be a lot of 60-day ILs.

Carlson (OF) STL - May. 12


Carlson is considered "a lock" for the big-league club this coming regular season now that expanded rosters are strongly expected to be implemented, Mark Saxon of The Athletic reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Saxon adds that the one challenge attached to getting the promising 21-year-old into the big-league ranks this season is the fact he's not on the 40-man roster. That means bringing Carlson into the fold will necessitate another player being removed from the 40-man or getting placed on the 60-day injured list. Nevertheless, it appears highly likely the organization will opt to take this step, which will give Carlson a potential head start on a big-league career that otherwise may not have begun until September at the earliest if the season had unfolded normally. Although Carlson has only logged 79 plate appearances at the Triple-A level, Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports he's already made a significant impression  on the major-league coaching staff, including former outfielder Willie McGee. "Oh, man. Hits the ball hard from both sides of the plate. Runs better than it looks,"McGee said. "Outstanding outfielder. Just a good athlete. And the most impressive thing about him is that he's a lot more mature than his age. He's ahead of the game, mentally, knowing situations." 

Alex Patton Alex
May 13 '20

In the old days, LynchMob would write down the second to last bidder on players he won at auction as possible trade partners for later in the season.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Mar 24 '20

I don't remember, I'm afraid. I've been afraid to ask if the auction records of bids are something Fantrax can let us have, mostly because I figure they don't keep them. In most cases, why should they? But I'm going to ask. I'm now unafraid. There is interesting info in their, stuff Alex has always tried to track, but doing it manually is kind of impossible beyond Nominated and Last Bid.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Mar 22 '20

Peter, was Brian Walton the one bidding against you in Tout for Carlson?

Mike Gianella MikeG
Mar 22 '20