Cody Bellinger Los Angeles Dodgers

Age: 25 (July 13, 1995) | 6' 4" | 210lbs. | Bats: Left 1B-19 OF-39 CF-39 RF-1 DH-2 PH-15
LAD AAA 2017 18 67 15 23 9 22 4 0 5 15 7 0 .343 .429 .627 12 29 .450 n/a
LAD NL 2017 132 480 87 128 64 146 26 4 39 97 10 3 .267 .352 .581 12 27 .299 35/18/47 29 26
LAD NL 2018 162 557 84 145 69 151 28 7 25 76 14 1 .260 .343 .470 11 24 .312 40/20/40 25 24
LAD NL 2019 156 558 121 170 95 108 34 3 47 115 15 5 .305 .406 .629 14 16 .302 31/26/42 42 38
LAD NL 2020 56 213 33 51 30 42 10 0 12 30 6 1 .239 .333 .455 12 17 .245 38/22/41 26 23
LAD NL 2021 4 19 2 4 2 5 1 1 0 2 0 0 .211 .286 .368 10 24 .286 36/21/43 -0 -0
Career 5yrs 510 1827 327 498 260 452 99 15 123 320 45 10 .273 .364 .545 12 21 .297 n/a
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This is how I feel about roto this year. Let's go, Cody: "Everything is going to be so weird this year. It's going to be fun," he said Thursday on a video conference call. "It could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so I'm just taking advantage of what we got."

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Jul 10 '20

Cody Bellinger (1B) LA - May. 01

Bellinger has been able to take swings in a batting cage twice per week during MLB's hiatus, he stated in an interview with John Hartung of Spectrum Sportsnet LA.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: In addition to the twice-per-week batting sessions with hitting coach Brant Brown, Bellinger has also been working out in an Arizona gym with teammate Enrique Hernandez. The reigning National League MVP indicated that he is "down for whatever" in terms of rumored plans to restart the season. 

Alex Patton Alex
May 2 '20

Harold Reynolds did a pretty good analysis of Altuve today.  He broke down the AB against Chapman, including the prior AB, which resulted in a walk.  He showed how Chapman had no FB command and that any hitter would look FB but sit off speed. He also showed how Altuve would have needed some kind of radio receiver for a buzzer - but his jersey was yanked out by his teammates and there was nothing around his waist.  (Harold didn't mention that Bluetooth doesn't work that far away).

He also talked about how Altuve, like a lot of hitters, don't want to know the pitch in advance.  Apparently, Jeter looked fastball on every pitch his entire career and adjusted to off speed.  That's how a lot of top hitters do it.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Feb 17 '20

You Texas guys think it's bad now, just wait until someone fesses up about the buzzers.

Mike Landau ML-
Feb 17 '20

Was chatting with a non-roto Astros fan over the weekend while throwing beads out to Mardi Gras crowds in Galveston (it ain't New Orleans ... but then it ain't New Orleans).

He was wondering about what effect the whole controversy will have on the team this year.  Thinking it through, I'm figuring:
- the next couple months are going to be tough.  Every new town will mean new reporters sticking mikes in their faces asking the same questions, and new crowd booing and heckling.
- by sometime in May, the Astros players are going to be getting tired of answering the same questions, and being critiqued over their answers, and hearing the same catcalls over and over
- this is a team of professionals, with some very good seasons under their belt.  Except for Cole, they're largely intact.  I expect them to have developed some calluses by then - and their attitude will shift to "let's show those MF's what we are capable of without sign stealing".
- that may fuel a level of intensity through the second half of the season that most teams have a hard time maintaining.

In short - it wouldn't shock me to see a number of Astros have even better seasons - and I have a suspicion there could be an uptick in SB attempts (stealing bags being one of the main ways a player can say "FU" to a pitcher who's just brushed him back or thrown over to first one too many times).

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Feb 17 '20

"If."  Not that there's the slightest evidence, or even allegation, of PED use by Bellinger.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Feb 16 '20

I expect Mookie will explain in detail how Alex Cora's "coaching tips" helped Mookie win the MVP.  Geez, it was almost like Mookie knew what pitch was coming!

Man, all these haters better be awfully damn sure they are 110% squeaky clean.  If Bellinger gets popped for PEDs down the road the Astros will be, um vocal.

I'm officially done with all these sacrosanct players blasting every Astro.  Karma is a biatch, guys.  Be careful.

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Feb 16 '20

What's Mookie going to say as he dresses next to him?

Alex Patton Alex
Feb 16 '20

Tell us how you really feel about the Astros ... Bellinger rips Astros

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Feb 15 '20

Avoided arbitration, signing for $11.5 million.

Alex Patton Alex
Jan 11 '20