Buck Showalter

Age: 65 (May 23, 1956) | 5' 9" | 195lbs. | Bats: Left
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Man Eugene, 41-100. I feel so terrible for Buck. Just historically bad.

He's such a great baseball man...I know this season is tearing him up.

You were just in the post season two years ago, and I hope you guys turn things around.

My daughter is a junior at Towson and enjoys going to O's games...would be nice to get them relevant in the next 2 years.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Sep 8 '18

Hey Alex.

Can we get a page for Austin Hays?

I am still pissed I did not grab him last year in my AL-only keeper league after his call-up.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Feb 2 '18