Technical Notes for the Software

When you've subscribed and are able to download the software, this is the page to come for all updated and alternative materials.

Bookmark this page. It is where owners will find updates and news about the program and data through April 3th. We will also post in the Software thread.

Things to know

Follow the directions below to install the program the first time, and to update the data files after that (or to update an already installed program).

Remember, always backup your previous installation if you want to save any of it. And please, always back up everything (especially patton.opt) before installing all or part of an update.


To do a complete original program install (with the original data files) download the install program. Then:

  1. Download archive. Then unarchive by double-clicking on it.
  2. Copy the folder to the place on your computer you want to keep it. It will run any place.
  3. Inside the folder, double click the file patton.exe to run the program.


Look for corrections at The Software thread. As I make changes each week I will note significant ones there.

  1. To update your installation with all new data and options, replace your Working (PWW) files with a new option file (not yet posted) (updated projections, prices, and news, improved batting order and rotation info), download the PWW. (working) files with the OPTions file. Copy these files to your Patton installation folder (it might be called Patton $ Software 2014) and you'll have the complete data update (but not program revisions — there haven't been any yet). Be aware that this will write over all your past work.
  2. If you've setup your league information, but want to add new Working (PWW) files but not the Option file download an archive file (not yet posted) without the Options file. Copy the four files. to your Patton installation folder (it might be called Patton $ software) and you'll have the complete data update (but not any program revisions — there haven't been any yet) and your personalized league info. Always backup your folder before doing this!
  3. To Merge some new information into your working files download the archived Merge (PWM) files. The April 3 merge files come without the OPTions file. Copy these files to your installation folder (which might be called Patton $ Software) and you'll be able to use the program's Merge Update File function to import the latest prices and projection information of your choice.


We will be providing text and Excel files of the data we use in the software and here on the website.

(These files include Single Leagues sorted by Alpha, then by Position and Patton $)

Text and Excel files have the hitters and pitchers listed separately by league. Free agents are found in the NL files.


A note about Position Sorts: There are a couple of handfuls of players in each league who didn't have enough games played last year in the majors or minors to have a clear position. Many of these are DHs in the AL. In the NL they are more diverse. They are found clustered near the end of the Double Position/Patton$ sort. When you're making your draft list you will want to make sure they're sorted into the proper position. To do this:

  1. Make sure the hard position is the one you want the player assigned to.
  2. Click the last choice in Options/League.

Free Agents are listed in the NL and Mixed League files.

If you see something that seems a mistake please report it here. That will help.

Word will open the text files. So will Excel. I use Microsoft's WordPad to create and edit TXT files. To have them lay out properly you need to use a monospaced font.

Good luck this year!

Tips on BACKING UP: Make a copy of the full Patton $ 2015 folder, then rename the copy with the latest date. You can then update the program and have a safety version if something goes wrong.

Guide to columns:

Prospect rankings in the Bid column:

We often add memos in Memo. These aren't exhaustive, but sometimes have useful information. The S# column:

Let me know what problems you've had, and any fixes you've found.


Now that baseball has an Opening Day, we will be posting updates every Thursday (starting March 17) through the second Thursday of the season (April 14). Each update will have new bids, new projections, new depth charts (lineups, rotations, bullpens, benches) and more notes in Quick Memo.

Schedule of Updates

Write to Alex or Peter with any questions, suggestions, complaints, ideas. And don't forget to join in on this site or visit the blog for preseason fun.