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Jedd Gyorko St. Louis Cardinals

Thanks for the feedback.  I feel better about keeping Gyorko now.  Your point

about "losing a little" really hit home.

Tom Barnes Turtles

You have to keep him at $7, even if CBS says $2. The history is too strong. You could lose, but it would be losing a little. Go for it!

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

This is the place where narrative creeps in. Gyorko is a good player who could easily be marginalized. So his playing time is a danger. But he has a history of productivity. I give the edge to that.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

I was going to keep him at $7 in my 5 X 5 National League but if he only goes for $2 in CBS I don't know.  Rotoman has him earning $17 which is encouraging.  If his low price is because he came out late and the money was gone how much would he have gone for if he would have come out earlier?

Tom Barnes Turtles
Brad Hand San Diego Padres

no worries Slyke, I'd take Kuhn over Manfred too. Hell, I'd take Paul Giamatti over Manfred.


Well, the dam has definitely broken on free agent signings.

Moose looks hosed. No real landing spot with that pick attached.

Arrietta will probably have to take a front-loaded shorter deal as well.

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Joey Gallo Texas Rangers

Khris Davis three dollars cheaper was a better play.

Mike Gianella MikeG

I suspected that was intended in the way that you'll hear many people "longing" for the good old days of President GW Bush.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Joey Gallo Texas Rangers

$25 in CBS.

A tall order.

Alex Patton Alex

I was being sarcastic with Kuhn, Geoff.

Maybe a feeble attempt at humor on my part.

Keith Cromer Slyke

Kuhn was a schmuck. The guy we want is A. Bartlett Giamatti. 


I am not a Manfred guy, and I listened to him today on The Michael Kay Show and this obviously won't happen.

But Manfred still balks at the questions about the state of baseball in Florida. we long for the days of Bowie Kuhn?

Keith Cromer Slyke
Garrett Cooper Miami Marlins

Fetched a dollar in CBS.

Not a bad gambit by Chris Towers.

Alex Patton Alex
Nick Castellanos Detroit Tigers

Here's a case where I don't think regression should be in the forecast. No matter what the context (meaning no matter what they do or don't do with the baseball), Nick's going to earn more than he did last year. Not a huge amount more but more.

Assuming good health.

And now that I look more closely, I see that Peter isn't predicting regression, just isn't assuming good health.

Alex Patton Alex
Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers

I was targeting Yelich as I have always been a fan. But when he went past $25 I bowed out. 

Agreed, Texpope.

Keith Cromer Slyke
Ryan McMahon Colorado Rockies

Was holding back a few bucks and a Utility Slot with the hopes of netting him - but didn't hold back enough.  When he came out late he touched off a bit of a feeding frenzy considering what money was still out there, and the price reflects more the max bids at the time than I think what he'd have gone for an hour earlier.

In other words, if you're in a protection league, and you don't want to take the chance of being the guy who loses a fight with another guy who saved money for him as well, I'd just throw him out while folks have bucks and make sure that his price is honest for the future.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
J.T. Realmuto Miami Marlins

The trade talks may be scaring bidders off, but not that much - went for 15, which seems like a reasonable price just considering the lineup he'll be in.  I have been a fan since he came up, but in an NL only league the chance of seeing him wearing an AL team uniform by midseason was enough to have me drop out a few tics below that.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers

Considerable enthusiasm for Yelich after the trade ... he went for $30.  Heading to a better ballpark for power, and a team which runs more.

Be careful making him a key to your auction strategy, since there's a good chance someone is going to want him more than you.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope

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