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Wilmer Flores New York Mets

ESPN's Jeff Passan reports that the Diamondbacks and Wilmer Flores have come to terms on a one-year, $4.25 million contract with a $6 million club option for 2020.

It's a fit that makes a lot of sense. Flores is bad defensively everywhere other than first base (and not particularly good there), but the Diamondbacks have plenty of flexibility there with Jake Lamb able to move between the corners, Eduardo Escobar able to play throughout the infield and Ketel Marte perhaps moving to center field. Flores will be asked to play against lefties and could take on a significant role against righties if he has a good start.
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Paul Goldschmidt St. Louis Cardinals

Just a nit, but it looks to me like he's tied for 3rd :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Kyle Seager Seattle Mariners

LODs (Long Out Distances) for Seager last year:

330 (balls that travelled between 320 and 339 feet that were caught): 23

350: 20

370: 17

390: 7

400+: 2

Alex Patton Alex
Matt Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals

Had 92 Long Fly Outs (balls that travelled at least 300 feet before being caught) last year, the most in the majors. Nick Castellanos was next with 88.

In 2017 Carpenter had the second most LFO with 98, behind Kyle Seager with 103.

Seager last year had 87.

Maybe I should have posted this under Seager.

Alex Patton Alex
Salvador Perez Kansas City Royals

Available through the mail:

I'm assuming they send the '19 version, not the '15.

John Thomas Roll2
Paul Goldschmidt St. Louis Cardinals

Ties for second in the most Long Flies That Were Caught last year.

Balls hit 400+ feet last year that didn't land in the seats and in fact landed in fielders' gloves:

Mookie Betts 4

Nick Castellanos 4

Mike Trout 3

Alex Bregman 3

Eduardo Escobar 3

Kendrys Morales 3

Paul Goldschmidt 3

Goldy also had four of his flies that traveled between 380 and 399 feet get caught.

Exceptionally unlucky?

Not really. The number of fly outs between 380 and 390 for the other hitters on this list:

Betts 9

Castellanos 8

Trout 2

Bregman 11

Escobar 6

Morales 8

Alex Patton Alex
Joe Panik San Francisco Giants

Don't panic, Joe: You make it into the Handbook as the last player listed in the section called Lords of the Flies.

To qualify you need to have hit at least 50 fly balls that travelled at least 300 feet and were caught.

Joe hit exactly 50. The breakdown:

10 went between 320 and 339 feet

13 went between 340 and 359 feet

4 went between 360 and 379 feet

5 went between 380 and 399 feet

1 went 400+ feet

Of the four fly balls that landed in the seats...

1 went between 340 and 359 feet

1 went between 360 and 379 feet

2 went between 380 and 399 feet

My takeaway is that with any kind of luck Joe could have hit his usual ten homers, even with all the missed playing time. 

Alex Patton Alex
Joe Ross Washington Nationals

From the Guide:

TRACHTMAN PICK: Velocity was back after he returned, unlike his brother. He was an asset with that velocity when he was first called up.

From Statcast Averages in our link here to MLB:

79 Four-seam FB

Avg Pitch Speed: 93.2

Avg Exit Velocity: 84.1

The average speed is exactly the MLB average, the exit speed is more than 4 mph slower than average.

Alex Patton Alex
Salvador Perez Kansas City Royals

In The Fantasy Baseball 2019 Guide, on newsstands now.

ROTOROB PAN: He remains a productive catcher, but his slash lime plummeted and will continue to slide if he remains overly aggressive like last year, when he swung at more pitches outside the strike zone than any other hitter in the game. 

Now the trick is to find a newsstand. 

Alex Patton Alex
Yasmani Grandal Milwaukee Brewers

Yasmani Grandal (C) MIL - Jan. 15

Grandal passed his physical Monday and officially signed with the Brewers on a one-year,

$16 million contract that includes a $16 million mutual option for 2020, Tom Haudricourt

of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: When Grandal and the Brewers first agreed in principle Jan.

9, initial reports suggested the catcher would sign a one-year, $18.25 million contract.

Instead, it was clarified Monday that Grandal's deal will guarantee him at least

$18.25 million, as the 2020 option contains a $2.25 million buyout if not exercised.

The structure of the contract keeps the door open for Grandal to remain in Milwaukee

for two years and earn $32 million in salary plus award-based incentives, but the

30-year-old will presumably be eager to test the market again next winter in pursuit

of a longer-term deal. Grandal reportedly turned down a four-year, $60 million offer

from the Mets earlier in the offseason before New York turned its attention to other

catching options.

Alex Patton Alex
Sean Murphy Oakland Athletics

He is currently blocked by the duo of Josh Phegley and Chris Herrmann. How long does that keep Murphy from plying his trade in Oakland? I'm going to wager not very long.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Chris Stewart San Diego Padres

Former Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Chris Stewart keeps ticking along. Signed a minor league deal with the San Diego Padres today. He played two games for the Padres in 2010 without getting an at-bat.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Mel Stottlemyre New York Yankees

Hear hear. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Growing up as a Yankee fan in the late 60s (I was born in '59), he was a god.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Yoan Moncada Chicago White Sox

$19-20 is my current thought. 

Scott Shea SJS
Sean Newcomb Atlanta Braves

At the end of June, it looked like the Braves had themselves an ace. Then he stumbled in July (5.06 ERA) and fell apart in August (6.75 ERA). In his five July starts, the batting average against him was .181; the problem was he started walking people. The batting average against him jumped to .325 in five August starts, but he cut his walks down a bit. In September the BAA dropped back down to .200 but he walked 12 in 19 IP and had a 4.26 ERA.

On the year, he had a 5.12 ERA at home (14 starts) and a 2.80 ERA on the road.

The bidding will go quickly to $10 (in 5x5 at least) and then each new bid will be with a silent groan.

Alex Patton Alex
Yoan Moncada Chicago White Sox

What kind of price do we put on Moncada this year? The count 'em stats are solid, the rate sats are awful. He starts his fourth season at the ripe old age of 23.

Alex Patton Alex
Avisail Garcia Tampa Bay Rays

Signed a one-year deal with the Rays for $3.5 million. Could earn another 2.5 with incentives. Was paid $6.7 million last year by the White Sox, who non-tendered him in November.

I'm surprised his fielding is only three runs below average.

Alex Patton Alex
Mel Stottlemyre New York Yankees

A great career. In an average year, he started 34 games, won 16 of them, completed 14, and had four shutouts. Pitched in only one World Series (his rookie year, when he started three games against the Cardinals and won one with a complete game), then was the pitching coach on five World Series winners.

Alex Patton Alex
Blake Snell Tampa Bay Rays

How does a guy who earned $44 last year get panned? Tough crowd!  Snell is certainly due for some regression, but I'd still love to have him. 

Scott Shea SJS

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