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D.J. LeMahieu Colorado Rockies

Joins the club.

Alex Patton Alex
Greg Bird New York Yankees

Joins the club.

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Jacob deGrom New York Mets

One unearned run over nine against the Philiies in Philly, pitching on both sides of a 41-minute rain delay.

The Cy Young voting will be interesting.

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Trevor Cahill Oakland Athletics

Seven scoreless, almost hitless, almost walkless innings today.

Guess who's tied with the Astros?

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Alex Cobb Baltimore Orioles

A completer game five-hitter against the Indians in Progressive.

More progress!

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Chris Sale Boston Red Sox

Back on the DL (shoulder). 

van wilhoite LVW
Javier Baez Chicago Cubs

Ranked second (behind LeMahieu) as Best Defensive NL 2B in Baseball America's new best tools rankings.

That just seems wrong.

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Chris Sale Boston Red Sox

In its new Best Tools poll of managers, scouts and front office types, Baseball America ranks Sale as having the best fastball and slider in the American League (relievers counted), the second best changeup and third best control. That all adds up to Best Pitcher.

Alex Patton Alex
Jose Altuve Houston Astros

Without Altuve the Astros are 7-11.  When he was first injured they were up 5.  Now, up 1.  See the Matt Olson thread.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Bryce Harper Washington Nationals

Three hits last night, eight in his last three games. Slashing .397/.494/.735 in the last three weeks.

A salary drive.

Alex Patton Alex
Matt Olson Oakland Athletics

Homered on a 3-2 pitch from Sipp, whose job most likely was to face the first batter in the bottom of the tenth, to bring the A's to within a game of the Astros.

An appreciative crowd of 23,000 watched. 

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Mike Moustakas Milwaukee Brewers

Three walks last night, pleasing the people who play in OBP leagues, others not so much.

In standard 4x4 leagues, Moose and Escobar have each earned $3 since coming over.

Alex Patton Alex
Eduardo Escobar Arizona Diamondbacks

Singled and hit his third homer for the D'backs last night. They're getting just what they were looking for, as are the winners of the FAAB wars.

Alex Patton Alex
Cole Hamels Chicago Cubs

Theo is a genius.

jeff merk jeffamerk

Seven more scoreless innings lower his ERA to 0.71 and actually raise his WHIP to 0.88 in his four starts with the Cubs. If he had allowed a single run, he wouldn't have recorded his third win.

Alex Patton Alex
Kyle Schwarber Chicago Cubs

Keeps the ball just inside the foul pole, gets it just over the fence for the only score of the game.

Alex Patton Alex

My league changed to daily transactions for ONLY being placed on or being taken off the DL once MLB went from the 14 day to the 10 day (with 3 days retroactive).  The problem with weekly transactions is that sometimes a guy would get injured on Friday, sit out a few games, and then Tuesday they would put him on the DL retroactive to before our Monday transaction deadline.  The worst part about it is that the team would then have to keep the DL player active the following week as well b/c he would be back again in the middle of the 2nd week or not.  This is especially bad with the way pitchers are missing one start with a retroactive DL stint back to the day after their last start, and an activation without any notice the day of the return, missing only one turn in the rotation.

We only have two major league reserves so a lot of teams keep one pitcher and one hitter to try to cover for any DL contingency.  

Minor leaguers coming up, free agents bidding, cannot be activated except on Monday.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

Daily ups and downs are a no-no because they don't mirror the actual game. MLB has a 10 day rule in place to prevent teams from basically skirting the 25 man roster. My two most progressive leagues use the same rule.

jeff merk jeffamerk
Aaron Judge New York Yankees

Sometimes Rotoworld is incomprehensible:

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Aaron Judge (wrist) was a little sore about doing some throwing on Friday.

The hope was that maybe Judge would be able to do some dry swings in addition to his throwing, but he's not quite ready to push his wrist like that. The original timetable indicated that Judge could be back within three weeks, but it's not likely that a return won't happen until September.
Thomas Rosenthal TommyR

What does "Big penalty if you act too soon" mean?  Why a penalty at all, let alone a "big penalty"?

It's my general understanding that when "the book rules" changed to "Ultra", one of the major conceptual changes was that an owner can activate and reserve players "at will" ...

I guess this gets to asking why "Daily ups and downs are a no-no"?

Howard Lynch LynchMob

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