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Carlos Correa Houston Astros

"The players may have known it was against the rules generally"?! Should the bosses be required to read them the entire Penal Code? I mean, you never know what these guys are doing. Bottom line: the players did it, the brass condoned it, they are equally to blame. And the thing is, if just one player or employee goes to the perps and says "either you stop this or I'm going to the media," maybe this never happens. But no one did.

Gene McCaffrey GeneM

It's more than that.  The league office sent a memo to GMs saying that they would be held responsible for electronic sign stealing. The GMs could have notified the players and warned them it was illegal.  In the case of the Astros, Luhnow didn't.  He also didn't follow the rule himself even though he knew of the scheme.  Then, his staff furthered the plot the next year.  The players may have known it was against the rules generally, but when it was condoned by their bosses and then the bosses engaged in it themselves, it changed the dynamic for the players.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Gerrit Cole New York Yankees

$46 in CBS AL Only. That doesn't quite fit into my $52 pitching budget.

jeff merk jeffamerk

When is the CBS NL draft?

jeff merk jeffamerk
Aaron Judge New York Yankees

Imagine how much Manfred looks forward to delivering his verdict on the Red Sox.

Alex Patton Alex
Kevin Cron Arizona Diamondbacks

Kevin Cron is on Arizona

Joe Wrobel Chepelully
Carlos Correa Houston Astros

“Players weren’t told it was illegal” — Manfred

Ten-year olds would know it was illegal


Kent Ostby Seadogs
Danny Santana Texas Rangers

Oh, I think you're right.  

Mike Dean TMU2009

The CBS AL results, which Tex has been discussing in various player threads.

John Thomas Roll2
Manuel Margot Tampa Bay Rays

Speaking of enigma - with the crowded OF in Tampa nobody quite knows what to do with Margot.

Thus - I bought him for a paltry $7 in CBS (that NL bias again).

Right now he's slated to be the weak side of a platoon with Kiermaier ... which means (a) a lot less ABs (b) a much better BA and (c) being on first with a LHP - and he ran a LOT more frequently against RHP last year (55 singles+BB vs RHP last year - 16 SB attempts; 40 singles+BB vs LHP - 8 SB attempts).

Barring injury to Kiermaier, Renfro, or Meadows that opens up more PT, I might have overpaid.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Danny Santana Texas Rangers

If you're in a room of 12 bidders - someone is going to believe in him.  $18 in CBS - so if there's any inflation in your league and you like him, you better keep him at $15.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Luis Robert Chicago White Sox

Speaking of hype ... the contract seems to have removed all concerns over whether Robert would get the PT to pile up the counting stats we're expecting out of him.

$29 in CBS before ever facing major league pitching.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Nick Madrigal Chicago White Sox

Don't expect him to be a late round bargain - the hype is out there.  Went for $12 in CBS.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Travis Shaw Toronto Blue Jays

Word that Lourdes could see time at first is further indication that Shaw has little margin for error.  For LF they can move Teoscar from DH, or Drury, or an out of options Alford from off the bench, and Tellez can DH.

John Thomas Roll2
Orlando Arcia Milwaukee Brewers

If a word makes me smile when I think of it, I figure I'm allowed to invent it. The argument never worked with my teachers either.

Gene McCaffrey GeneM

Or the reason her lawyer is in jail.

Alex Patton Alex
Shogo Akiyama Cincinnati Reds

Shogo Akiyama (OF) CIN - Feb. 18

Akiyama (foot) was able to go at full speed in fielding drills Tuesday during the Reds' first full-squad workout, Mark Sheldon of reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: A lot of the focus on Akiyama is whether his bat will play, but it's also an open question whether he still has the ability to play center field, especially after injuring his foot in the fall. Judging by these early reports, the foot seems less of a concern now.

Alex Patton Alex
J.P. Crawford Seattle Mariners

I should point out (before the Nabobs do) that I traded for Crawford in time to catch most of those final 60 games.

Does Statcast capture spring training exit velo?

Alex Patton Alex

One shortstop, irregular shortstop (Bregman), sheds 10 pounds. his one...

Crawford (SS) SEA - Feb. 18

Crawford spent the offseason working with strength and conditioning coach James Clifton and put on 10 pounds of muscle, Greg Johns of reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: The 25-year-old frequently mae a mockery of big-league pitching during a breakout June last season, slashing .338/.413/.569 with two home runs and 17 RBI across 16 games during the month. However, that surge was followed by a significant downturn over the last three months of the season, with Crawford hitting just .178 across his final 60 games and also missing some time due to a strained right hamstring. Both the extended slump and the injury pointed toward a need for Crawford to get stronger, hence his diligent offseason program aimed at achieving that goal. The promising shortstop, who flashed an improved glove last season, says he already feels the increased strength paying dividends in terms of both the exit velocity of his batted balls and his throws across the diamond.

Alex Patton Alex

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