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Robbie Grossman Oakland Athletics

We've had him as our 5th/6th OF several times; always solid in that role, as long as you don't actually have to pay for him.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Jay Jackson Milwaukee Brewers

Jackson is returning to MLB after three great years in Japan. He signed a Minor League deal with an invite to camp with the Brewers. Here's his numbers from Japan. Great call, Peter!

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Taylor Rogers Minnesota Twins

Rotoman, you may want to take a look at no bid on taylor rogers. guide says nice things, but no bid there either. your projection on this site says bid.

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Merrill Kelly Arizona Diamondbacks

When Kelly left for Korea, his fastball was running 88-to-90 mph. It's now consistently in the 93-to-94 range spiking at 96/97 mph. The splitter and change were both above average pitches and still are. Will he succeed in his return to North America? Who knows, but the past success we've witnessed from the likes of Colby Lewis, Ryan Vogelsong, and just last year Mile Mikolas, combined with the improvement in fastball velocity, makes Kelly worthy of a small bid or late draft pick.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Adalberto Mondesi Kansas City Royals

Our Wise Guy, Gene McCaffrey, unlike other star free agents, has been signed by the Athletic, but for us lucky ones he's shared his Wise Guy Baseball Guide that will now be fodder for his Athletic (and muscular and witty) writing. His take on perhaps this year's most polarizing hitter is spot on (whatever the hell that means):

I had him
everywhere I could get him last year and died the death waiting for the Royals
to call him up. I understand the financial angle, but to leave your 2nd-best
hitter (at worst) in the minor leagues for months while the major league team is
playing .340 ball is a small crime against the integrity of the game, not to
mention a cheat to the paying customers. No doubt the Royals would invoke the
makeup defense and reply, "See, we were right. He needed that extra minor
league time." We will never know, but we will bear it in mind when tempted
to draft Royals' prospects in the future.

Mondesi is the new co-co-favorite to lead MLB in SBs, along with Trea
Turner and Jonathan Villar, so you can forget about anything resembling a

It will be said many times this spring that
Not Raul is a no-profit player given his cost, and I'm sure these people mean
well. But there is untoppable profit - in the standings -in the guy who leads
the majors in SBs. And when he has 15-20 HR pop and bats at the top of the
order, he is worth his likely cost. This guy strikes out too much and he
doesn't walk, yeah, and he still smacks the ball with authority and runs like
hell. I can't see him hitting under .270.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Okay, first PDO glitch. Because Kikuchi didn't have a BIS ID his price didn't carry over from the Guide to the Software. So, while he had a projection, there was no PK5 price. Now there is: $13.

This is a good place to publicize the PDO19 changes list. This is the place where I log my significant Projections and Prices changes. You can find it here.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Okay, the broad strokes version is found at

I don't think that has been updated this year, so the dates are wrong (though approximately right). But that should be a good place to get started.

And this is a good place to ask questions. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.


Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Hi Chepelully. Could you be a little more specific about what you're having difficulty with?

The software allows you to do some neat things with the projections and the formulas, but there is a learning curve to it. And almost all the same information is in the Excel file, though that doesn't help you prorate the projections.

In any case, you remind me that we have lots of summarizing information about the software and the data files, and I don't think we've linked to it this year. I'll find it and post it and post back here with the link.

Thanks. And happy to answer any questions/problems you have.

Cheers, Peter

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Jim Rice Boston Red Sox

There's a misconception that Rice was a liability defensively. Those that saw him say differently.....

  • "…He plays The Wall almost as well as Yastrzemski did in his prime. His arm is as good as any left-fielder’s in the league, and he routinely holds balls off The Big Green Thing to singles." Steve Wulf, Sports Illustrated, 8/6/1984
  • "While Rice’s hitting commands attention, he also has mastered the art of playing balls off the left-field wall. On several occasions this year, he’s either thrown runners out (he has 10 assists) at second or held the hitter to a single with his barehanded grabs of balls coming off the Green Monster." Joe Giuliotti, The Sporting News, 9/20/1982
  • "With George Scott injured and Yaz filling in at first base, Rice has played more in the outfield this season, and played it well." Time, 6/12/1978
  • "He took over for me in left field and really learned how to judge balls off the left field wall." Carl Yastrzemski,, 1/29/2001
  • "…He became a better-than-average left fielder who could really play that Fenway Park wall." Don Zimmer,, 1/29/2001
  • "He may have been the hardest working ballplayer I was ever associated with. We would go out to the park before anyone, and I would hit ball after ball to him in left field. He became a master of playing that tricky Green Monster wall." Johnny Pesky,, 1/29/2001
  • "In ’75, his rookie season, Rice played 98 games in left, didn't make an error, threw out six runners and played the unpredictable caroms off the Fenway Green Monster flawlessly." Mark Ribowsky, Sport, July, 1978.
  • "Rice always worked on his skills…Despite his speed, arm strength, and body control that allowed him to dive and cradle the ball without the jar of landing, he had to work hard on playing left field…Five days a week he would take fungoes from Pesky, first practicing charging grounders, then taking flies off The Wall. After eight seasons, he finally got out of the shadow of Yastrezemski, whose unique style of playing left field like a shortstop had paled anyone else who went out there. But by his ninth year in Boston, Rice, too, owned the new Wall, and in 1983 he had as many assists (twenty-one) as Yaz ever had in one season and probably should have won a Gold Glove for fielding excellence. Dwight Evans, who had the worst defensive year of his career, won one instead, proving clearly the value of a reputation." Peter Gammons, Beyond the Sixth Game, 1985.

The anecdotal evidence from first hand observers makes it clear that Rice developed a solid defensive reputation during his playing days. Only later did writers – usually writers who only witnessed a hobbled, aging Rice in his final three seasons – paint him as a defensive liability. It’s an easy, albeit incorrect, conclusion to draw for those who saw his waning days, when in reality Rice was worn down by a dozen years of playing through every injury that didn’t involve broken bones.

van wilhoite LVW

New subscriber. I having a really hard time with this software. Does anyone have more detailed instructions that what the website has?


Joe Wrobel Chepelully

Thanks for that link, Tim.  That's gold to me. 

Gary Cruciani Megary
Ben Lively Philadelphia Phillies

With the Royals since last September. 

Such nice minor league numbers, never translated to the bigs. 

Gary Cruciani Megary

Was tempted to do just that.  I got Trout for 55, then felt it would be too ostentatious to bid 55 on Betts and let him go for 54.

Did also add Machado (34) and Lindor (38) - didn't realize that Machado was only SS eligible until after I bought Lindor - along with Votto (25), Murphy (16), Pollock (12), Ramos (5), and Polanco (5), Chapman (2), (R)Miggy Cabrera (2), (R)Peralta (2).

After spending 191 on hitting, pitching was going to suffer ... but I like what I got:
MadBum (21), Wheeler (17), Eovaldi (5), Nelson (4), Musgrove (3), (R)Anibal Sanchez 1, (R)Chacin 1 ... Doolittle 9, Hicks 2, (R)Yarbrough 1 (since it's a points league, and Yarbrough is RP eligible under their rules, he was #12 among relievers last year).

Starters ate up a huge amount of money - deGrom 50, Scherzer 50, Cole 49, Sale 49, Kluber 44, Snell 43, Nola 42, Verlander 40, Bauer 37, Syndergard 34, Taillon 34(!), Severino 34, Paxton 32, Kershaw 30, Corbin 30, Strasburg 30, Clevinger 28, Greinke 28, Berrios 26, Buehler 25, Flaherty 24.

While I get that with this format - as I said during the auction - I'd rather look for the next Patrick Corbin than pay for the last one.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Robbie Grossman Oakland Athletics

You are right, Pancho. He signed today for $2 million.

We got that into the Projector yesterday.

Alex Patton Alex
Elias Diaz Pittsburgh Pirates

There are all kinds of surprises, comparing depth of position in the Evaluator. In the AL a grand total of four catchers earned $10 or more. In the NL eleven catchers earned at least $10. If Elias Diaz had caught in the AL last year, instead of being the 10th most valuable catcher (tied with Alfaro), he would have been the fourth (tied with Chirinos).

The 24th catcher in the NL, Kevin Plawecki, earned $4. That's not great.

The 24th catcher in the AL, Russell Martin, earned $2.

Alex Patton Alex
Robbie Grossman Oakland Athletics


Frank Smith Pancho
Austin Romine New York Yankees

Many people who buy the program just look at the Projector. I think they are missing out if they don't spend at least some time with the Evaluator.

As one example, open the AL file in the Evaluator. Run a doulble sort of hitters by Position and Patton $ descending. Where did Austin Romine rank among AL catchers last year?

Seventh. $7 in 5x5.

Who's next?

Gary Sanchez. $6.

Alex Patton Alex
Doug Fister Texas Rangers

Mercifully retired.

Frank Smith Pancho
Tim Federowicz Cleveland Indians


Frank Smith Pancho
Rio Ruiz Baltimore Orioles


Frank Smith Pancho

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