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Devin Williams Milwaukee Brewers

John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer found a spot for Williams at the end of his MVP ballot.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 13
Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves

There seems to have been a backlash against WAR. Two shy of unanimous.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 13
Shane Bieber Cleveland Indians

One Cleveland writer (Paul Hoynes) had Bieber third on his MVP ballot, behind Ramirez and Abreu. The other (Zack Meisel) left him off altogether.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 13
Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox

Bieber comes in fourth.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 13
Gary Sanchez New York Yankees

Ken Davidoff, admitting he needs a vacation.

... if the Yankees keep their human click bait behind the plate and Sanchez doesn’t rebound? Baseball’s most storied franchise might just vaporize one day. Cease to exist.

OK, clearly the 2020 stress is getting to me and I’m exaggerating. Yet as the Yankees deliberately make their way through this confusing Hot Stove season, one truth should guide them: They can’t bring back Sanchez, their two-time All Star and one-time king Baby Bomber. They must move forward without him.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 13
Antonio Senzatela Colorado Rockies

It must.

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 13
Justin Turner Los Angeles Dodgers

There are nine Dodgers down with it now, almost as many as in the White House. If the outbreak came during the season would they have had to play with guys from the alternative site?

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Nov 12
Antonio Senzatela Colorado Rockies

Does WAR factor in Coors?

Mike Landau ML-
Nov 12

Maybe WAR isn't the be all and end all. No Cy Young votes for Senzatela.

WAR for Pitchers
1.Bieber • CLE3.3
2.Ryu • TOR3.0
3.Fried • ATL2.9
4.Wheeler • PHI2.9
5.Senzatela • COL2.8
6.Bauer • CIN2.7
7.Gallen • ARI2.7
8.Darvish • CHC2.7
9.deGrom • NYM2.6
10.Lamet • SDP2.4
Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Max Fried Atlanta Braves

He doesn't make the same claim as Bieber (or Ryu) for MVP consideration, but he makes a claim.

Wins Above Replacement--all
1.Betts • LAD3.4
2.Bieber • CLE3.3
3.Ryu • TOR3.0
4.Fried • ATL2.9
5.Wheeler • PHI2.9
6.Freeman • ATL2.9
7.Machado • SDP2.8
8.Senzatela • COL2.8
LeMahieu • NYY2.8
Abreu • CHW2.8

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves

If Abreu wins and Freeman doesn't...

NL MVP Candidates

Mookie BettsFreddie FreemanManny Machado


Mookie Betts 3.37
Freddie Freeman 2.89
Manny Machado 2.82

Win Prob Added

Freddie Freeman 2.7
Mookie Betts 2.1
Manny Machado 0.6

On-Base Pct

Freddie Freeman .462
Manny Machado .370
Mookie Betts .366

Slugging Pct

Freddie Freeman .640
Manny Machado .580
Mookie Betts .562

Freddie Freeman Spotlight

Highest OPS from August 9, 2020 to the end of the regular season (min. 2 PA/team game)

Freddie FreemanATL2021.220
Juan SotoWSN1841.187
Marcell OzunaATL2061.125
Jose AbreuCHW1951.099
Trea TurnerWSN2121.082

See the full list at's Daily Game Log Finder

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Jose Ramirez Cleveland Indians

Since 1901! I like that.

Stathead Spotlight: Jose Ramirez

10+ HR, 8+ doubles, 1.250 OPS or higher in September/October regular season games (since 1901)

Richard Hidalgo20001.4861411
Babe Ruth19201.394910
J.D. Martinez20171.382816
Barry Bonds19921.3701011
Albert Belle19951.3491017
Randy Winn20051.3311311
Jose Ramirez20201.294910
Stan Musial19531.281910
Manny Ramirez20001.2581111
Rogers Hornsby19221.253810

See the list at's Batting Split Finder

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox

It's a given that Bieber is not even in he running?

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12

AL MVP Candidates

José AbreuDJ LeMahieuJose Ramirez


José Abreu 2.78
DJ LeMahieu 2.78
Jose Ramirez 2.15

Win Prob Added

José Abreu 1.9
Jose Ramirez 1.5
DJ LeMahieu 0.1

On-Base Pct

DJ LeMahieu .421
Jose Ramirez .386
José Abreu .370

Slugging Pct

José Abreu .617
Jose Ramirez .607
DJ LeMahieu .590
Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Trevor Bauer Cincinnati Reds

NL Cy Young: Trevor Bauer

You can see full Cy Young voting, as well as previous awards voting results at's Awards section!

In September/October regular season games: 11.5 SO/9 or higher, 1.50 ERA or lower (min. 30 IP)

Trevor Bauer202011.8291.2935.0
Gerrit Cole201915.8571.0742.0
Justin Verlander201813.6361.0933.0
Blake Snell201813.3741.2635.2
Stephen Strasburg201514.1191.2436.1
Johan Santana200411.7000.4540.0
Kerry Wood200311.7501.0036.0
Pedro Martinez199915.2140.8642.0
Randy Johnson199812.9131.4138.1
Dwight Gooden198413.2861.2942.0

See the list at's Pitching Split Finder

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Shane Bieber Cleveland Indians

AL Cy Young: Shane Bieber

You can see full Cy Young voting, as well as previous awards voting results at's Awards section!

Longest streak of 8-SO games to start a season (since 1901)

NameStrk StartEndGamesTm
Randy Johnson2000‑04‑042000‑06‑1915ARI
Shane Bieber2020‑07‑242020‑09‑2312CLE
Pedro Martinez1999‑04‑051999‑05‑189BOS
Bob Feller1946‑04‑161946‑05‑219CLE

See the full list at's Pitching Streak Finder

Most recent Pitching Triple Crowns

2020 AL: Shane Bieber, CLE - 8-1 W-L, 1.63 ERA, 122 SO
2011 AL: Justin Verlander, DET - 24-5 W-L, 2.40 ERA, 250 SO
2011 NL: Clayton Kershaw, LAD - 21-5 W-L, 2.28 ERA, 248 SO
2007 NL: Jake Peavy, SDP - 19-6 W-L, 2.54 ERA, 240 SO
2006 AL: Johan Santana, MIN - 19-6 W-L, 2.77 ERA, 245 SO
2002 NL: Randy Johnson, ARI - 24-5 W-L, 2.32 ERA, 334 SO

See the full list of Triple Crown winners at

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Devin Williams Milwaukee Brewers

Not just the NL Reliever of the Year, the only reliever to get a nod for the NL Cy Young.


Trevor Bauer (CIN): 27 (1st-place votes), 3 (2nd) - 201 points
Yu Darvish (CHC): 3 (1st), 24 (2nd), 2 (3rd) - 123 points
Jacob deGrom (NYM): 3 (2nd), 23 (3rd), 4 (4th) - 89 points
Dinelson Lamet (SD): 5 (3rd), 20 (4th), 2 (5th) - 57 points
Max Fried (ATL): 4 (4th), 7 (5th) - 15 points
Corbin Burnes (MIL): 1 (4th), 10 (5th) - 12 points
Aaron Nola (PHI): 1 (4th), 1 (5th) - 3 points
Devin Williams (MIL): 3 (5th) - 3 points
Kyle Hendricks (CHC): 2 (5th) - 2 points
Zac Gallen (ARI): 2 (5th) - 2 points
Clayton Kershaw (LAD): 2 (5th) - 2 points
Zack Wheeler (PHI): 1 (5th) - 1 point

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Liam Hendriks Oakland Athletics

One reliever makes it onto the Ct Young ballots in the AL.


Shane Bieber (CLE): 30 (1st-place votes) - 210 points
Kenta Maeda (MIN): 18 (2nd), 4 (3rd), 2 (4th), 4 (5th) - 92 points
Hyun Jin Ryu (TOR): 4 (2nd), 7 (3rd), 5 (4th), 4 (5th) - 51 points
Gerrit Cole (NYY): 2 (2nd), 6 (3rd), 10 (4th), 4 (5th) - 50 points
Dallas Keuchel (CWS): 5 (2nd), 4 (3rd), 5 (4th), 4 (5th) - 46 points
Lance Lynn (TEX): 1 (2nd), 3 (3rd), 4 (4th), 1 (5th) - 22 points
Lucas Giolito (CWS): 3 (3rd), 2 (4th), 5 (5th) - 18 points
Chris Bassitt (OAK): 2 (3rd), 1 (4th), 2 (5th) - 10 points
Dylan Bundy (LAA): 1 (3rd), 2 (5th) - 5 points
Liam Hendriks (OAK): 1 (4th), 3 (5th) - 5 points
Framber Valdez (HOU): 1 (5th) - 1 point

Alex Patton Alex
Nov 12
Kenta Maeda Minnesota Twins

How good are the Dodgers? They won the World Series after trading away the 2nd and 3rd place  AL Cy Young pitchers 

Kent Ostby Seadogs
Nov 12
Marcus Stroman New York Mets

Accepted the qualifying offer with the Mets and cited the new owner's desire to win as the primary reason.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Nov 11

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