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Mac Williamson San Francisco Giants

The story of Williamson after his concussion is pretty scary.

Sleeping 10-14 hours a night.  Lost 25 lbs.  Panic attacks and mood swings.

Spring training player to watch.  He's out of options, so almost certain the Giants take him north.

If he doesn't run into another wall, I think $10 is a baseline earnings for him.  250 ABs, 12 HR.   And I think he has the breakout potential of a $25 season where he gets 500 ABs and 25 HR.

But you won't have to pay $10.  Or maybe even $5.  Because even a minor concussion sends him to the DL and sends his value to $0.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Cameron Maybin San Francisco Giants

Signed a minor league contract with the Giants.

As the Rotoworld spins:

Of all the landing spots, Maybin has found a good one in the Giants, a team with
virtually no sure things in the outfield. Of course, Maybin hasn't
brought much to the table in recent years, either, hitting
.249/.326/.336 with four homers and 10 steals between the Marlins and
Mariners last year. Given the state of the Giants' outfield, though,
he's certainly got a shot at winning a job -- if not a starting spot -- this spring.

Source: Andrew Baggarly on Twitter
Alex Patton Alex
Derek Dietrich Cincinnati Reds

Signed a minor league contract with the Reds. Has 2 million reasons to make the team.

Alex Patton Alex
Yulieski Gurriel Houston Astros

He's competing with Kepler for my last keeper spot in the ADL..

$20 to me this year; Kepler's 16. There's lots not to like about Yuli. He's a first baseman who hit 13 homers in 500+ AB. He slashed .273/.303/.390 against RHP and the 'Stros, with a preponderance of righty bats, are going to see a lot of those. He hits a lot of grounders.

What do I like about him?

He makes contact.

He'll be batting fifth or sixth in a lineup that makes contact and has good speed.

I love his swing, even if it does produce a lot of grounders.

He qualifies at second in the ADL. That could be what tips the scale, if it does.

Alex Patton Alex
Taylor Trammell Cincinnati Reds

No. 32 on John  Sickels top 100 prospects list at The Athletic.

"Age 21, comp-round pick in 2016... enormously fun to watch in person with blazing speed, developing power, sharp defense despite questionable arm; could be top-of-the-order force; ETA late 2020."

Alex Patton Alex
Brian Anderson Miami Marlins

Just two years ago, the Marlins lineup featured Stanton, Yelich, Ozuna, Gordon, Bour, and Realmuto.

Now, following the Realmuto trade, Anderson is the best bat in the lineup.

No pressure, kid.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Aaron Loup San Diego Padres

Inked a one-year deal with the Pads. $1.4 million with a $2 million club option ($200 K if they opt out). Could earn extra $800 K this year with incentives.

He has to be ecstatic. The owners are giving everyone a haircut; with the start of spring training, fringe players just want a guaranteed spot in the barber's chair.

Alex Patton Alex
Alcides Escobar Baltimore Orioles

Once upon a time Escobar flashed decent leather.  Last year a negative dWAR.

I can see a rebuilding team signing a really bad bat for SS in order to improve defensively - because it's nice for young pitchers, as you bring them up, to get rewarded for inducing ground balls.

Escobar seems more like an "oh, I've heard of him" signing.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Maybe Iglesias is also willing to sign a minor league deal.
jeff merk jeffamerk
Jose Berrios Minnesota Twins

Still less than 400 MLB innings ... just feels like the kind of guy who could breakout in a big way.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants

Well - he took a beating in the CBS auction we had last week - while #1 starters were going in the $35-50 range, I bought Madbum for a paltry $21.  He was 23rd among pitcher salaries.

If he keeps going cheap, I'll be happy to add him and gamble on the upside.  I know he wasn't the dominant MadBum last year - but for a pitcher who doesn't rely on "blow them away" power the effect of a broken pinkie on his grip could definitely have hurt his effectiveness all year after he came back.

Note that before he took the liner off his hand in his last ST start, he had 30 K/4 BB in 21 ST innings.  And really, that's all I mainly care about when I look at ST stats - is a pitcher throwing strikes, and getting the ball past hitters.

Now we have a 29 year old starter ... but a 29 year old starter who only has 240 IP in his last 2 years.  In 2014 he had 270 IP between the regular season and the postseason.

I'm not paying for a $30 season ... but one wouldn't shock me.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Max Kepler Minnesota Twins

Peter's projection is reasonable, and if it's accurate and I keep him, I would lose $2.

Even so, I'm thinking about keeping him.

Kepler is the Advanced Stat Heads' darling. Even his mediocre LD% doesn't discourage them.

The geezers in the American Dreams (even Rotoman has reached geezerdom, liberally defined) pretend they don't understand or pay attention to advanced stats.

Most of them are lying. (Not all.)

If I let Kepler go, I know for a fact he will cost more in the auction. Maybe just a dollar or two but more.

If somebody else has him and he has the season I was expecting him to have last year this year, I will be highly annoyed.

Not a good reason to keep somebody but it's a reason.

Kepler is definitely in play for the last spot on my reserve list.

Alex Patton Alex
Alex Reyes St. Louis Cardinals

No. 21 onn John Sickels' top 100 list, posted now at The Athletic.

"... where you rank him on the stairway depends on your risk tolerance but the song remains the same: Reyes is enormously talented, but can he stay healthy? ETA 2019."
Alex Patton Alex
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants

From the Wise Guy at The Athletic:

Madison Bumgarner  A lot of people will
look at his 3.26 ERA and think he's still Madison Bumgarner. He's not, he's
making the transition to finesse pitcher. Threw only 34.2% fastballs and his
control went from 1.6 to 3.0. His WHIP followed suit to 1.24. Great park to
pitch in but that could change at any time and almost anywhere he goes won't be
so great. Bumgarner is a shaky SP2 and no kind of ace. $16

Alex Patton Alex
Jose Berrios Minnesota Twins

From the Wise Guy at The Athletic:

Jose Berrios
No progress but no regress, and a better roto season than his 3.84 ERA since his
WHIP was 1.14 and he won 14 games and struck out 202 batters. Turns 25 in May
and no arm problems through 396.1 IP. I have him #23 among SPs, behind Carlos
Martinez and Flaherty and ahead of Greinke and Zack Wheeler, which is higher
than most rankings I've seen. I like the floor and I like the ceiling, and when
I see several SPs below him getting picked before him, I'll know what to do. $20

Alex Patton Alex
Max Stassi Houston Astros

Max Stassi (C) HOU - Feb. 17

Stassi believes he found the root cause of his offensive fade over the of 2018, Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Stassi was a surprise contributor in 2018,  nine extra-base hits over his first 74 plate appearances on his way to a in the first half. Opposing pitchers adjusted and Stassi faded to a .485 the All-Star break, forcing the Astros to add Martin Maldonado and move third on the depth chart. The 27-year-old catcher was on plane during the part of the season before the fade. The problem, according to Stassi, is "come out" of his legs in his batting stance and, therefore, was unable to all parts of the strike zone. He returns in 2019 as the primary backup to Chirinos and must discover a way to sustain offense for the full season.


If You enjoy RotoWire, spread the word and earn $10!

Alex Patton Alex
Yoan Moncada Chicago White Sox

Yoan Moncada (2B) CHI-A - Feb. 17

Moncada reported to camp Saturday and took grounders at second and third base, Daryl Van Schouwen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Moncada may be asked to play some third base this season, and that will become a greater possibility if free agent Manny Machado eschews Chicago's offer. The 23-year-old infielder played third base while in Boston's organization, and the White Sox have a glaring need at the hot corner, so having him split time between the two positions makes roster sense. The position versatility will help fantasy owners, but Moncada will get his plate appearances regardless of where Machado decides to sign. The bigger issue for Moncada in 2019 is if he can cut down on his MLB-high 217 strikeouts. That limited his ability to get on base, steal bases and use his speed to create offense.

Alex Patton Alex
Chris Davis Baltimore Orioles

Fron the department of understatement:

Chris Davis (1B) BAL - Feb. 17

Davis (illness) took part in batting practice and fielding drills Sunday and will be a full participant moving forward, Roch Kubatko of MASN Sports reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: The veteran slugger sat out of activities to start spring training due to bronchitis, but it appears that issue is fully in the rearview mirror at this point. Barring any further issues, Davis projects to be the Orioles' starting first baseman to begin the season, though he'll need to improve his .168/.246/.296 slash line from last season to warrant staying in that role.

Alex Patton Alex
Alcides Escobar Baltimore Orioles

I would have preferred Iglesias.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

Not like he's blocking some impressive shortstop phenom.

Mike Landau ML-

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