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Ben Revere Texas Rangers

How steals skew our game ...

MLB views him as an easily replaceable quantity ...

But in Roto, if he can find ABs, he's still worth bidding on.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Garrett Hampson Colorado Rockies

Garrett Hampson (SS) COL - Feb. 18

Hampson will have to battle with Ryan McMahon during spring training for the starting job at second base, Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Hampson appears to be the favorite for the starting gig, although he doesn't have much experience in the big leagues to this point. He went 11-for-40 with four extra-base hits, four RBI and two stolen bases in 24 games a season ago, his lone major-league experience. While McMahon is the immediate competition, Brendan Rodgers, who's big-league debut was derailed by injuries a season ago, is also lurking in the shadows. Expect manager Bud Black to give both Hampson and McMahon plenty of opportunities to prove themselves during spring training, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the Rockies platoon at the keystone to open the 2019 campaign.

Alex Patton Alex
Ben Revere Texas Rangers

Rangers. MiLC.

Frank Smith Pancho
Adeiny Hechavarria Pittsburgh Pirates

Yankees.  Minor league contract.

Frank Smith Pancho
Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

34th Season, Deep, Auction, Keeper, Farm, Contracts, H2H

460 active roster slots, half hurlers, half hitters, multiple catchers per team

15 MLB and 6 Farm Keepers

3 year Contracts for MLB

Head to Head with a single win each week

Free Agent Acquisitions 3 times per week, Waiver Claims once per week

$15 Fee per Team

Strong teams available

7 x 7 Categories

Our online Auction Day is Saturday, March 30, 2019 beginning at 1:30 p.m. EDT.

No Bench. Everyone  plays, except those on DL or in Farm.

Need 2 Replacement Owners Seeking A New Challenge Custom League, not an off-the-shelf or shop worn format. 16 round Serpentine draft from 98 players with fixed salaries and contracts.

James Morgan jem1776
Gerardo Parra San Francisco Giants

Now with the Giants

van wilhoite LVW
Yoan Moncada Chicago White Sox

Nick Madrigal is on the fast track....and it could be accelerating. Great hit tool for the youngster and some serious speed potential.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Hernan Perez Milwaukee Brewers

Between the big price and the value of the projection?

Uncertainty about playing time tempers the big price, I imagine.

And, even if Hernan gets those 422 AB, it is a bold projection. I love bold projections myself, but I've learned many times not to match them with equally bold bets. If you really want a player, put down a bid limit that you think is just enough to get him. If you're wrong, let him go. The bid limit marks the point that the risk starts to exceed the reward.

Alex Patton Alex

There is.

In Options/Formula...

1) check Custom Denominators

2) change BA1 from 1430 to 1397

3) change BA3 from .260 to .254

4) click on OK

This changes the value of Rotoman's projection for Sanchez from $17 to $18.

A small difference. But you have uncovered a big mistake: we are still using the 2017 EVA formulas to calculate the values in the Projector; we should be using the 2018 EVA formulas.

It was hard to see, since the overall hitting contexts both years were similar. Neverheless, we won't wait until March 1 to fix this. I will post here as soon as we have.

Alex Patton Alex
D.J. LeMahieu New York Yankees

I can't see LeMahieu getting so many ABs. He shouldn't play over Torres or Andujar. DH is spoken for. Can he play 1b, or SS until Gregorius returns? 

Scott Shea SJS
Hernan Perez Milwaukee Brewers

Fantasy Baseball Guide has $8 for big price. Any idea why such a difference in value?

Joe Wrobel Chepelully
Maikel Franco Philadelphia Phillies

In a loaded lineup, but there's a catch - he'll be at the wrong end of it. Batted sixth and seventh most of last year, and that's his best-case scenario right now. Pitchers don't knock guys in; those 48 runs should stick out like a sore thumb. If something special was likely to happen, I think it would have happened by now. If you want to pay for .250 and 20-25 homers, fine. He's a reactive pick for me, not anything close to a proactive one. 

scott pianowski ballfour
Ross Stripling Los Angeles Dodgers

Love, love, love the skills. No idea on role or health or durability. Thus, a great pick when you already have the core or most of it and you're trying to get lucky. You just hope the definition comes early. 

scott pianowski ballfour
Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels

According to the excellent @kroyte fantasy guide, Mike Trout has earned less than cost five straight years. This by no means is a knock on Trout, it just underscores that the first round is about setting a foundational brick, not making a birdie or an eagle. Build your house.

scott pianowski ballfour

Is there any way to change it myself for the players I've already projected? Maybe under Formulas/Options/Hitting Denominators? 

Scott Shea SJS

Ouch. It should be .254, and is in the Evaluator.

The formulas in the Projector are always the same as the previous season -- it's hard enough to predict what a player is going to do, much less an entire league.

Good catch, Scott. That's a serious error that will be corrected in the first update.

We think March 1 is a good time for the first update, since by then we will have some actual spring training games to go by. The next will be March 15. After that each Friday until April 5, which will be our last.

Alex Patton Alex
Yulieski Gurriel Houston Astros

We have the topper, and it's my kind of topper.  Non-glamorous player.  

Mike Dean TMU2009
Yangervis Solarte San Francisco Giants

Has signed a minor league deal with Giants. $1.75 million if he makes the team.

How can he not?

Alex Patton Alex

Alex and Peter, is the batting average denominator in the AL .260 this year? I've got Gary Sanchez projected to hit .260 (yeah, I'm an optimist!) and he earns $0.0 in AVG.

Are we expecting a big increase in AVG this year? I recall the AL average being about .254 in 2018. 

Scott Shea SJS
Dan Jennings Los Angeles Angels

Will be in camp with the Angels. In seven years, a very mediocre WHIP and commendable ERA. The Rating -- which counts walks as far less damaging than hits and homers as far more damaging than the average hit -- leans toward ERA.

Alex Patton Alex

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