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Ian Kennedy Kansas City Royals

Masterful job on Nelson Cruz to get the save. Maybe Cruz did check his swing with two outs and the tying runs on and maybe he didn't, but after taking two called strikes he couldn't sit with his bat on his shoulder on the next pitch; Kennedy placed the third straight cutter just enough outside to get it started.

Alex Patton Alex
Wander Franco Tampa Bay Rays

Will we ever see Juan Then face Wander. 

van wilhoite LVW
Juan Then Seattle Mariners

For a power hitter they wanted one now so they traded Juan Then. 

van wilhoite LVW

I can see Juan Then being thrown into the “Who’s on first” routine.

Cody Allen Los Angeles Angels

What happened to Allen was the fastball. Drop in speed and movement. Until last year Allen could rare back and throw at the corners, and just when you had him timed here came a fine curve. And another. Curve still good. Fastball not so much.  If you hear in next couple of years that the fastball is back, might want to take a chance on him.

David Molyneaux NeauxBrainers ()
Juan Then Seattle Mariners

It's official: the Mariners, dealing with their home run surplus, have traded Edwin Encarnacion for Juan Then.

Alex Patton Alex
Mookie Betts Boston Red Sox

Increase in walks...….Possibly weaker pitchers avoiding the strike zone with him?

van wilhoite LVW
Hector Neris Philadelphia Phillies

One day later the Phils rally for two in the ninth and Neris nails it down, retiring Acuna, Swanson and Freeman on seven pitches.

Alex Patton Alex
Mookie Betts Boston Red Sox

With another ofer last night, he's now batting .260.

In the lead-off spot, so you could at least run, Mookie, when you get on.

Alex Patton Alex

With Hendricks on the shelf looks like Power Hungry will be sellers. Need some power, Ozuna is available. 

joel schreier jschri
Cody Allen Los Angeles Angels

DFA'ed. With the Angels writing the checks, someone else will likely claim him. But what happened?

Line drives don't seem to have been the issue. Fly balls were another matter.

Alex Patton Alex
Mike Yastrzemski San Francisco Giants
Alex Patton Alex
Jack Flaherty St. Louis Cardinals
Taylor Rogers Minnesota Twins

Locked down his 8th save tonight.  I am now tied for 3rd with 9.5 points in saves in my second league.  My bullpen is Rogers, Ian Kennedy, Hansel Robles, and Brandon Workman.  If I had only made such good moves with some of my other pickups.  Still in 7th, 10 points out of 3rd.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Franmil Reyes San Diego Padres

Wish they counted!

joel schreier jschri
Hansel Robles Los Angeles Angels

The first of the unexpected Saves sources to reach 10 of them this year. 

van wilhoite LVW
Victor Robles Washington Nationals

Now Robles is at bat and Eck is saying, "The game is played at a faster pace and fun."

The stress on fun is pure Eck; that's the way he talks.

But tell me he's not reading from his cue cards.

Alex Patton Alex
Christian Walker Arizona Diamondbacks

Top of the second in DC... Walker just put the fifth ball of the game into the cheap seats.

Eck is talking about the bad location of the pitches. The "constant effort to hit the ball in the air." Marte, who's batting now, "made himself that kind of hitter... extension, higher finish, more loft... I call this the post-modern hitter."

All true. Occasionally, Eck mutters something about the baseball.

He can't help himself. The word has come down: do NOT talk about it.

But there's still a little bit of the rebellious spirit in Eck and he mutters.

What's the over/under on the number of homers that will be hit today? Nine? Ten?

Alex Patton Alex
Matt Adams Washington Nationals

Old-timers like Adams and Adam Jones don't flip their bats, keep their heads down as they touch them all and then... start to boogey in the dugout with the kids.

At least Adams did just now. I'm not sure about Adam Jones.

But what must they be thinking as they round the bases? They know it's a joke. So do the pitchers, on whom there seems to be a gag order.

Alex Patton Alex
Jose Suarez Los Angeles Angels

Looked great through 5 innings.  Then, got some runners on, and gave up what looked like an opposite field line drive to Yandy Diaz.  It went over the fence for a three run HR.  He stayed and got a couple outs, so the outing doesn't look great, but it really was.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

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