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Fangraphs top ten WAR -- pitchers:

1. Gerrit Cole 7.4

2. Jacob deGrom 7.0

3. Lance Lynn 6.8

4. Max Scherzer 6.5

5. Justin Verlander 6.4

6. Charlie Morton 6.1

7. Stephen Strasburg 5.7

8. Shane Bieber 5.6

9. Zach Greinke 5.4

10. Lucas Giolito 5.1

Cole is the biggest gainer (compared to Baseball-Reference) while a teammate is the biggest loser. One Ranger stays at No. 3 while the other drops off the list.

Alex Patton Alex

Baseball-Reference top ten WAR -- pitchers:

WAR for Pitchers
1.Verlander • HOU7.8
2.Minor • TEX7.8
3.Lynn • TEX7.6
4.deGrom • NYM7.3
5.Cole • HOU6.9
6.Strasburg • WSN6.3
7.Rodriguez • BOS6.0
8.Flaherty • STL5.9
9.Scherzer • WSN5.8
10.Soroka • ATL5.7

Park context gives the the Rangers two of the three best starting pitchers this year? I can't think what else explains it.

Alex Patton Alex
Joey Wendle Tampa Bay Rays

It's up to you Joey!

Today's Matchups to Watch

  • Joey Wendle vs. Justin Verlander: 11 PA, .375/.455/.500, 0 HR
  • Kevin Kiermaier vs. Justin Verlander: 12 PA, .091/.167/.091, 0 HR
  • Eric Sogard vs. Justin Verlander: 10 PA, .000/.000/.000, 0 HR
  • Avisail Garcia vs. Justin Verlander: 35 PA, .235/.257/.294, 0 HR
  • Mike Zunino vs. Justin Verlander: 16 PA, .000/.125/.000, 0 HR

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Alex Patton Alex
Max Scherzer Washington Nationals

Suddenly all the pressure is on the Dodgers.

Yesterday's Top Performers


Max Scherzer* (WSN): 7.0 IP, 1 ER, 4 H, 7 K, 3 BB, 69 GmSc

Charlie Morton* (TBR): 5.0 IP, 1 ER, 3 H, 9 K, 2 BB, 64 GmSc

Luis Severino (NYY): 4.0 IP, 0 ER, 4 H, 4 K, 2 BB, 56 GmSc

Alex Patton Alex
Rich Hill Los Angeles Dodgers

That decreases his fantasy value but increases his real value.

jeff merk jeffamerk

Interesting stat on Rich Hill coming into this game. 11.6% of his total innings with the Dodgers have been in the postseason.  It doesn't sound like a high percentage but comparatively speaking it is. 

van wilhoite LVW
Gerrit Cole Houston Astros

And yet the Rays give the less than adoring crowd something they should have witnessed in person.

jeff merk jeffamerk
Jake Odorizzi Minnesota Twins

The Twinkies must have gotten overexcited about Dobnak's strong September. I was baffled myself.

jeff merk jeffamerk

Fangraphs top ten WAR for position players (fielding included):

1 Trout 8.6

2 Bregman 8.5

3 Yelich 7.8

4 Bellinger 7.8

5 Semien 7.6

6 Marte 7.1

7 Rendon 7.0

8 Bogaerts 6.8

9 Betts 6.6

10 Springer 6.5

Biggest difference from  Baseball-Reference is Bellinger.

Alex Patton Alex
Austin Meadows Tampa Bay Rays

Well, IMHO those are all things we can add to our evaluations. I don't think that less information is ever better than more. Obviously, the information will likely be more relevant in the case of someone like Meadows than it wold be for, say, Trout, but I for one think it's valuable. (Not that it helped me with Meadows; I saw him play poorly for the Pirates too often.)

mike fenger mike
Tim Anderson Chicago White Sox

I'm sure Eugene is right (Meadows thread). Nevertheless...

Interesting that the AL batting champ showed a different batting approach (possibly) in spring training.

Alex Patton Alex
Austin Meadows Tampa Bay Rays
I would say no.  Players at different stages of their careers are doing different things in spring training.  Some rookies are playing to make the team.  Some veterans are merely trying to get reps against live pitching.  Others are trying out new things like hitting to the opposite field (probably not anymore - but maybe working on launch angle changes).  Others are trying to see pitches without really swinging so they can get their eyes in shape, but not reaggravate injuries.
Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Jose Altuve Houston Astros

Both sides use the same baseball, I know, but... Altuve's flyball in the first inning should be an easy out.

Alex Patton Alex
Gerrit Cole Houston Astros

Lots of blue seats in the first inning.

Alex Patton Alex
Austin Meadows Tampa Bay Rays

His slash stats in 138 games that counted are almost identical to what he did in 19 spring training games.

Was it interesting to have the spring stats in the scan? Does it serve any purpose?

Alex Patton Alex
Jake Odorizzi Minnesota Twins

Why didn't he start the second game?

Alex Patton Alex
Russell Martin Los Angeles Dodgers

Was he guessing slider when he lays off the high fastball from Corbin?

The next pitch is a slider, a good one, and he doesn't miss it.

Alex Patton Alex
Tommy Edman St. Louis Cardinals
If he were really 1622' tall, that liner from Donaldson would have gone off his  ankle ... instead, just  over the top of his glove, starting off the Braves come-from-behind 9th inning rally.

Instead, the 5 inches  height difference between Edman and Carpenter might have made the difference ...
Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Gerrit Cole Houston Astros

I was curious, so i checked. While seats are pretty limited, you can still get 2 $100 box seats a little beyond first base for Monday's game. 

Walter Shapiro WShapiro

Starting a new thread... First up: a comparison of two WAR rankings at Baseball-Reference:

Wins Above Replacement for position players

A single number that presents the number of wins the player added to the team above what a replacement player (think AAA or AAAA) would add.

1.Bellinger   LAD  9.0

2.Bregman   HOU  8.4

3.Trout  LAA  8.3

4.Semien  OAK  8.1

5.Yelich  MIL  7.1

6.Marte  ARI  6.9

7.Betts  BOS  6.8

8.Chapman  OAK  6.7

9.Story  COL  6.4

10.Rendon  WSN  6.3

Offensive Wins Above Replacement (everything but Fielding)

The same statistic as Wins Above Replacement for Position Players (WAR), but with the fielding value excluded.

1.Trout LAA  8.3

2.Bregman  HOU  7.7

3.Semien  OAK  7.5

4.Yelich  MIL  7.3

5.Bogaerts  BOS  7.1

6.Marte  ARI  6.6

7.Bellinger  LAD  6.6

8.Rendon  WSN  6.4

9.Alonso  NYM  5.8

10.Devers  BOS  5.7 

Alex Patton Alex

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