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Mike Soroka Atlanta Braves

Soroka only $18 in CBS but Sonny Gray $20 and Darvish $27 ???  What gives, Mike or Phil?  Was Soroka an end-game bargain?

Bob Elam Bob-in-TX
Kole Calhoun Arizona Diamondbacks

A 22.9% HR/FB ratio for a guy whose career average is 14.4% ... AND a guaranteed BA drag.  

AND see Peralta for late round OF prices.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
David Peralta Arizona Diamondbacks

In 2018 Peralta managed a 23.4% HR/FB ratio ... in 2017/2019 it was 12.2% and 14.6%.  No more speed and little pop breeds little enthusiasm.

But also - if you look at the CBS results dollars chased top hitters/pitchers ... and there were a ton of OFs that were relatively indistinguishable.  I scooped up Eaton for $14 a little earlier than Peralta went, and while that's a solid buy imo it helped keep me from some better lineup construction later on (for example, waiting to spend $7 or $8 on Gregory Polanco instead would have allowed me to end up with Eric Thames instead of Brad Miller as my CI and someone better than Roman Quinn as a 5th OF.)

But use the CBS results as a guide for mid-tier OFs at your peril ... a lot of them would go for more if they just came out earlier.

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Carlos Gonzalez Seattle Mariners

Mariners sign CarGo to MiLB deal.

Frank Smith Pancho
Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox

Sox place Pedroia on 60-day IL.

Frank Smith Pancho
Brian Dozier San Diego Padres

Padres sign Dozier to MiLB contract and invite him to ST.

Frank Smith Pancho
David Peralta Arizona Diamondbacks

12 in CBS seems to be undervaluing BA, but maybe because the SB are gone.

John Thomas Roll2
Kole Calhoun Arizona Diamondbacks

4 in CBS.  For a guy who rarely gets hurt, on a team that has what looks to be a weak bench, and its best propect OFs are a few years away, though I guess Josh Rojas can play OF.

John Thomas Roll2
Mychal Givens Baltimore Orioles

What's the closer on a 50 win team worth?  What's he worth if he could be dealt mid-season if he's pitching really well?

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
John Thomas Roll2
Joe Jimenez Detroit Tigers

Peter's projection is reasonable. If Jimenez holds his job, he easily gets 30 saves, even on the Tigers.

But no one will come close to paying $25 for him, even in 4x4.

Whatever whoever gets him pays, it's high risk, high reward.

Alex Patton Alex
Jarren Duran Boston Red Sox

Baseball America's daily Prospect Report kicks off with --

Jarren Duran, OF, Red Sox — Though Boston's system has thinned out some over the years, Duran is a bright spot who is bearing down on the big leagues. The sweet lefty swinger with the double-plus speed showed off on Sunday with a 2-for-3 effort including a triple and a run scored. Duran's path to the big leagues got a little clearer with the trade of Mookie Betts, and he'll have a golden chance this season to reach Boston for the first time. To do so, he'll have to put together a strong showing at the upper levels after an excellent showing in 2019.

Alex Patton Alex
Joe Jimenez Detroit Tigers

That's a lot of dingers in 59.6 innings.  Also a lot of Ks, and the Tigers aren't good . . . 

Mike Dean TMU2009
Liam Hendriks Oakland Athletics

Yeah, over time, we've had a team in our league that has done VERY well scrapping for saves after the auction . . . and we've done well ourselves with that idea, but I have a hard time, every year, seeing a "proven" stopper go for a buck under our price.   I wasn't heart-broken when Pagan was dealt to the NL by the Rays, even though we could have kept him for $15, because if there was one team that would be completely comfortable splitting up the closer duties, it's the Rays.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Renato Nunez Baltimore Orioles

Although he is the DH, it definitely helps his value that he qualifies at 1B.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Liam Hendriks Oakland Athletics

I can't imagine closer strategy egy in a mixed league because there are too many for the number of teams.  But, in an AL only, I have been no closers for years.  Funny thing, last year I couldn't get my starter targets in my 2nd league last year and moved some cash into Ian Kennedy $7 and a flyer on Rogers $6.  I then was aggressive on the free agent market and finished with 5 savers, adding Workman, Pagan, and Robles to the original two.

I've got no problems with cheap savers in an only league.  But, if you protect one, I am deeply opposed to chasing saves to add a second one.  If you pay for a "proven closer" it destroys the pitching budget and still doesn't guarantee high points in the category.

In my primary league I start with Workman for $5 and I think I will finish with him.  I won't get 1 or 2 points in saves and maybe I get 4.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Madison Bumgarner Arizona Diamondbacks

Sweet story, partly because he isn't bareback bronc riding.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Liam Hendriks Oakland Athletics

Joe Sheehan's lead-off pan in this year's Rotowire Fantasy Baseball: CLOSERS.

"All of 'em. Every one. I have come full circle on this, having once committed no draft/auction resources to saves for years, then taking Blake Treinen early in the 2019 Mixed LABR draft. Treinen and fellow top closer Edwin Diaz imploded. Kenley Jansen continued his decline. Some closers, like Brad Hand and Aroldis Chapman, held up, but the group as a whole was a loser. I'll be patient and wait on the 2020 versions of Alex Colome, Taylor Rogers and Liam Hendriks."

He doesn't even mention Kimbrel.

Alex Patton Alex
Tyler O'Neill St. Louis Cardinals

Not like the Cards in recent years don't have a history of shedding 1B/OF types who go on to some decent success ...

Tommy Pham (2 post-STL seasons, 6.3 WAR)
Luke Voit (1.3, 3.2)
Steven Piscotti (2.8 WAR first season in Oak) 
Randall Grichuck (2.2 WAR first season in Tor)
Matt Adams (1.6 WAR in 2017/18 after being traded)

Their return?  Roel Ramirez, Genesis Cabrera, Justin Williams, Max Schrock, Yairo Munoz,  Juan Yepez, Conner Greene, Dominic Leone ... and Giovanni Gallegos.

At least Voit provided some payback!

Phil Ponebshek Texpope
Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers

To my mind, Joe Sheehan's pan of Yelich in last year's Rotowire mag (Allard page) just underscores the amazingness of the season Yelich ended up having.

"The NL MVP got the award thanks to an absurd second half in which 46% of the flyballs he hit went for home runs... Yelich's season-long HR/FB of 35% was double his career mark. Yelich was less of a groundball hitter last year than he'd been, but still put more than half his batted balls in play on the ground."

So far so good. All well-grounded, so to speak, objections. It's the concluding sentence of this particular pan that I'm sure Joe regrets.

"Yelich's 2018 is Joe Mauer's 2009, a good year inflated by a fluke HR/FB we will never see again. If you pay for 20 homers, much less 30, you're making a mistake."

Alex Patton Alex

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