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Adam Hill Milwaukee Brewers

The pitcher going to the Mariners, along with a compensation pick next June, for Omar Narvaez. Fourth round pick of the Mets in 2018. 

Alex Patton Alex

Perhaps this should be filed under Local News (or Saul Steinberg news) but it's a fascinating recap.

Alex Patton Alex
Jason Castro Minnesota Twins

DRS scans in the Handbook...


2015: 11

2016: 4

2017: 10

2018: 2

2019: -7


2015: -7

2016: -1

2017: -4

2018: 6

2019: 7

Alex Patton Alex
Alex Avila Minnesota Twins

Is pitch-framing part of dWAR? Avila's skill as a pitch-framer is supposed to be a reason, in addition to the money difference, the Twins preferred him to Castro as their second catcher. 

FWIW, dWARs last year --

Avila: 1.0

Castro: -0.2

Career dWARs --

Avila: 5.9

Castro: 5.3 

Alex Patton Alex
Juan Lagares New York Mets

Here's a case where spring training did seem to tell us something.

Alex Patton Alex
Jake Cronenworth San Diego Padres

I'm hearing that Double-A will be using the Triple-A ball this year. Unless MLB changes the baseball construction, expect a huge boost in homers at Double-A in 2020. Korea went in the opposite direction last year, going to a "dead ball". Homers were down, off the top-of-my head over 40% from the prior year. What was interesting was the time per game also dropped, and I believe it was around ten minutes per game. Maybe Manfred doesn't need to tinker with relief pitching to get his desired results?

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Nolan Arenado Colorado Rockies

2020 ZIPS has started at Fangraphs ... my guess is that Nolan will earn somewhere around 33-35 in 2020 :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Stephen Vogt San Francisco Giants

Out-homered Buster Posey.

Had two more RBIs than Buster Posey.

Alex Patton Alex
Tommy Pham San Diego Padres

100% right, Alex.

A look back at Pham pre-2018 ... a tough story to read.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jason Castro Minnesota Twins

He was paid $8 million last year. As a free agent, he won't get anything close to that this year.

I'm not saying he should.

And I'm not saying he shouldn't.

I'm saying baseball, despite all its woes, continues to have rising revenues (the new TV contract with Fox, signed last month, is worth 50 percent more than the old).

If baseball is earning more and players are earning less, what I'm saying is the rich are getting richer.

Alex Patton Alex
Alex Avila Minnesota Twins

Same salary, by the way, as last year.

Alex Patton Alex

Alex Avila (C) MIN - Dec. 06

Avila has agreed to a one-year, $4.25 million contract with Minnesota, Jeff Passan of reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Avila should replace Jason Castro as the left-handed part of a platoon at catcher along with Mitch Garver. It's possible Garver gets more playing time this season after his 31-home run breakout season, but the Twins were careful to rest their catchers. Avila adds strong pitch framing skills to Minnesota's catcher corps. Avila's signing signals that Willians Astudillo will not win the outright backup job, but he could still be part of the mix. 

Alex Patton Alex
Brad Brach Chicago Cubs

Interesting to note the NL was outscored by the AL through May.

The end-season record: NL 166 - AL 134. Run differential: NL 1497 - AL 1338.

Alex Patton Alex

Brad Brach (P) NY-N - Dec. 06

Brach signed a one-year, $850,000 deal with the Mets on Friday, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: The contract includes a player option for $1.25 million in 2021. Brach is still owed $500,000 from the Cubs for 2020, so he will be earning $1.35 million this season. The 33-year-old righty is coming off his worst year as a pro by ERA (5.47), but his 3.73 FIP suggests he was a bit unlucky. He should operate in a mid-leverage role. 

Alex Patton Alex
Tommy Pham San Diego Padres

Seems to me it's all about Xavier Edwards. If he's the real deal, just when Pham becomes too old and too expensive, the Rays cash in.

Alex Patton Alex

A casual fan who is somewhat a fan of the Cardinals wonders ... why did the Cardinals trade him away? ... and he's also somewhat a fan of the Rays and wonders why the Rays are now doing the same thing?  Hmmm ... 

And ... my hope is that, for a change, it's because the Padres are the team willing to spend the $$$ for his (projected) production!

And ... hmmm ... not many players get better from age 31 to age 32 ... hmmm ... so ... does Pham turn into just another .250 hitter (like Manny Machado did ... or worse)?

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jake Cronenworth San Diego Padres

"Huge step forward" is an understatement. We are showing what he did in Double A in 2018. I don't know why we haven't scooped up his stats in Triple A this year but here they are: .334/.429/.520  in 344 AB; 12 stolen bases in 17 tries.

Rotowire slots him at No. 7 among Padres prospects -- not bad, considering he's not on the top 15 list of Rays prospects in last year's 2019 Minor League Analyst.

But how do front offices adjust for the baseball that was used in Triple A this year? That's the question.

Alex Patton Alex
Xavier Edwards Tampa Bay Rays

If he turns into Trea Turner 2.0, I'm gonna be pissed ... with the caveat that I'm rooting for exactly that to happen ...

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Jake Cronenworth San Diego Padres

Fangraphs review of Pham/Renfroe trade

Cronenworth, the second part of the Padres’ return, bears more explanation.  He’s a 25-year old shortstop with enough glove to stick there, with the arm and fielding motions to handle any position across the infield in at least a utility role. His real appeal is with the bat, where he took a huge step forward in 2019.

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Xavier Edwards Tampa Bay Rays

Xavier Edwards, retrieved by Colin.

Alex Patton Alex

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