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Ian Kennedy Kansas City Royals

Racking up the saves over the past week.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Matt Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals

Good for Shildt, pinch hitting Rangel Ravelo at first opportunity tonight.  If he gets sent back to Memphis tomorrow, at least he got a big league PA after a long wait.

Grounding out to first isn't what he'll remember.

Mike Landau ML-

A big fly -- and then a bunt double. The pitcher has to chase the ball down in left field!

In the replay I'm not seeing anyone covering third.

Alex Patton Alex
Brandon Lowe Tampa Bay Rays

He cost us $10; even if you discount him by 50%, still a likely keeper.

Mike Dean TMU2009
Josh Hader Milwaukee Brewers

Really?  Hader has earned 19/13 (4x4/5x5) which is *VERY* impressive and valuable ... AND ... this guy ... ... has earned a lot more (31/27)!!! :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Bobby Bradley Cleveland Indians

His 80 power tool is on full display.  Bradley has hit 5 HR in the last 5 games  to give him 22 on the season.  But, it's not an empty HR total.  287/348/627 with 17 doubles.  Yes 87 Ks in 63 games is bad.  But, hitting the MLB baseball at AAA has definitely helped his hard hit percentage and balls leaving the yard.  

Without a few of their pitchers, the Indians are inexplicably hanging around in the wild card race.  Carlos Santana definitely helps 287/407/522, making 1B a cumulative 279/401/502.  But, DH is a combination of players leading to a 243/317/442 line.  Bradley could do better.

That won't solve LF 228/299/324 or CF 205/282/367 or even 2B 209/282/318 or 3B 208/295/306, but maybe adding a little power in the order can help Ramirez regain his form.

*full disclosure.  I picked him up 2 weeks ago.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Matt Adams Washington Nationals

Two more big flies yesterday, plating five baserunners besides himself, as the Nationals thrashed the the D'backs 15-5 after taking a 10-3 beating the day before.

The teams split the four-game series.

As it happens, every NL team that won yesterday lost on Saturday. There are no winning streaks or losing streaks going into today's action.

Alex Patton Alex
Ketel Marte Arizona Diamondbacks

Joins the 20-homer club. In the team's 73rd game.

Alex Patton Alex
Josh Hader Milwaukee Brewers

Another two-inning save. Six up, six down, three on strikeouts.

How can the Brewers be a game ahead of the Cubs? This is why.

Alex Patton Alex
Hyun-jin Ryu Los Angeles Dodgers

Seven more scoreless innings, allowing a grand total of two singles and no walks, striking out eight, to lower his ERA to Bob Gibson territory.

Bob Gibson on the higher mound, throwing a deader baseball.

Alex Patton Alex
Kirby Yates San Diego Padres

Pitching the last inning of the highest-scoring four-game series in the history of baseball, after his team had rallied for four in the top of the ninth, he set down Blackmon, Story and Arenado, striking out two of them, on nine pitches.

Alex Patton Alex
Brandon Lowe Tampa Bay Rays

With that K/W I'd say closer to Yaisel Puig. Remember Puig started his career with an insanely high BABIP. 

van wilhoite LVW
Charlie Blackmon Colorado Rockies
Howard Lynch LynchMob
Fernando Tatis Jr. San Diego Padres

9 facts about epic Padres-Rockies 92-run series ... including these fun FTJ facts ...

 Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. became the only player in baseball this year to record hits in seven consecutive at-bats

His 93.4 mph throw on a Daniel Murphy groundout was the fastest by an infielder this season, according to Statcast.

With two outs in the seventh on Saturday, Tony Wolters hit a liner to Tatis' right. Tatis went full extension for an absurd airborne grab to end the inning ... the video is worth watching :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob

Ps. Note that I don't talk about what Yamamoto can do in that comment. Remember how everyone was so psyched for Corbin Martin. Lots of talk about his skills. All these guys have skills, that's why they're on the precipice, and our informational void is we don't really have a clue about when they're going to figure it out.

We need to throw darts, we need to throw the best darts. That's the mission. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Surely this will go as badly as every other decision I've made this year, but Yamamoto was a lowball bid just to show we were in the game. In Tout NL's 1000 FAAB he went for 146, about the equivalent of $15 in our $100 budget.

But of interest here is how the dynamic is different. In this league we're building our teams over years and we get paid for finishing in the top four. In Tout the so-called experts have first place in mind, for this year only. Why not go Joey Gallo and go for the fences? Second doesn't matter, nor does seventh. Fifteenth might.

Anyway, worked out for me at least until Yamamoto pitches the next time. Good luck all. 

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman

Tonight's FAAB results ...

Original Oracles: rel ADickerson SF, prr JYamamoto Mia 7
Original Oracles: rel WSuero Was, prr BMiller Phi 1
Choes Balin: rel JHammer Phi, prr TFlowers Atl 3
Choes Balin: rel CSpangenberg Mil, prr SBrault Pit 3
Brubaker's Yeasts: rel JFamilia NYM, prr CFlexen NYM 4
Lynch Mob: rel JWebb Atl, prr AMinter Atl 11
Lynch Mob: rel LChisenhall Pit, prr YHirano Ari 4
Garry Oaks: rel LGohara Atl, prr EHernandez Mia 2
Lords of Flatbush: rel MAndriese Ari, prr JBrebbia StL 2

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Brandon Lowe Tampa Bay Rays

Peter Golenbock offered up his scouting report to the American Dream League the other day: "This guy is the new Mike Trout, or if not the new Trout the new Tim Salmon." 

I'll take either for my $6 buy.

Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Juan Then Seattle Mariners


Peter Kreutzer Rotoman
Tyler White Houston Astros

Called on to pitch the ninth against the Blue Jays, he showed them his best sliders. Some timed at 65, some at 67, some at 72, some at 73, some at 75, some at 78, some at 80, some at 81. His last pitch, to Grichuk, which he grounded to third, was timed at 82.

Seventeen sliders in all, ten for strikes. Two were struck for hits, one over the fence. Five were hit fair, three were fouled off or pulled foul, one was called a strike, one was swung at and missed.

I have to think his arm is going to feel it tomorrow.

Alex Patton Alex

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