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Michael Conforto New York Mets

That's the head-scratcher. Why don't batters adjust? LHB should at least drop a bunt down leading off an inning. It seems to me there are fewer bunts now than there were back before the shifting business began.

in 2011 there were 2,350 shifts in both leagues. in this year's 60-game season there were 23,375.

Alex Patton Alex
Hector Neris Philadelphia Phillies

I can't tell if you're serious but I was talking about his BABIP and HR/FB.

Alex Patton Alex
Jason Vosler San Diego Padres
Michael Conforto New York Mets

What's the common understanding of how/why major league hitters can't / don't adjust to the shift?

Is Conforto a smart cookie ... or lucky?

Go Beavs!

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Hector Neris Philadelphia Phillies

What's the difference between "balls that stayed in play" and "balls that didn't go out of play"?

I kid because I care :-)

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Michael Conforto New York Mets

The Bill James Handbook lists the Top 30 Shifted Batters. 

Then it looks at all 30 to determine what happened when they hit a grounder or short line drive against the shift.

Ten of them hit under .200.

One of them hit over .300. Conforto.

In 93.5 percent of his plate appearances he looked out at the shift. When he hit a grounder or short line drive, he batted .303.

Then again, on the rare occasion that he came to the plate and didn't face the shift, he hit .500.

And when he hit a long line drive or a fly ball?

He did a lot of damage.

Alex Patton Alex
Matt Olson Oakland Athletics

Kyle Seager faced the most shifts this year (218 plate appearances). Matt Olson tied with Max Muncy for second (215 PA).

When Olson hit a grounder or short line drive against the shift, he batted .180.

On the rare occasion he came to the plate without seeing the shift and hit a grounder or short line drive, he batted 1.000.

Muncy's GSL batting average against the shift was .152.

It's possible he never hit a grounder or short line drive the few times there was no shift. His GSL batting average in that situation was .000.

Alex Patton Alex
Kyle Seager Seattle Mariners

On 218 visits to the plate, he looked out at the shift; when he hit a grounder or short line drive (GSL), he batted .191. 

On 30 occasions he came to the plate without seeing a shift; his No Shift GSL (in the lingo of The Bill James Handbook), was .800.

The Mariners team saw 953 shifts this year. At that rate in a full season they would have faced 2,573.

In 2019 they faced 1,601.

Alex Patton Alex
Brandon Dixon Detroit Tigers

Brandon Dixon (1B) - Nov. 19

Dixon was released by the Tigers on Thursday in order for him to head to Japan.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: The Tigers did not announce which NPB club Dixon will be signing with. Dixon fits the typical profile of a player heading overseas, as he's a 28-year-old with a respectable 197 big-league games under his belt but a generally unimpressive showing in those games. He's hit 20 career homers at the highest level and owns a .228/.271/.410 slash line. 

Alex Patton Alex
Maikel Franco Kansas City Royals

Maikel was seventh in the majors this year in AB. Who would've thunk?

The $22 we're showing for what he earned in 4x4 is the 2019 formulas applied to his 2020 stats, multiplied by 2.7.

My preliminary 4x4 formulas for 2020, which are based on the average player in 2020, show Maikel earning $25 in 4x4.

That seems about right.

Alex Patton Alex

The dream of witnessing Tetsuto Yamada plying his trade in MLB is simply that.....a dream. He has decided to stay in Japan, reupping with the Yakult Swallows on a 7-year $33 million deal. The next big bat we're likely to see heading our way from Japan is Seiya Suzuki, but likely not until 2022. Ha-Seong Kim will be posted out of Korea this year, probably right around Thanksgiving. 

Tim McLeod tlmcleod

I sure can, Alex. Sources for both KBO and NPB stats are below. You'll have to do some maneuvering, but they are very sortable and should provide one with everything they need and would like to know.

Tim McLeod tlmcleod
Derek Jeter New York Yankees

You have to click on this just to see Jeter posing with Ng 20 years ago.

Alex Patton Alex
Robinson Cano New York Mets

I have so many questions.

How many agents, do you think, know of clients' PED use?

Why would Cano, with a monster guaranteed deal, dare to use PEDs?  Hurt pride from his 2019 numbers?

Mike Landau ML-
Hansel Robles Los Angeles Angels

As we see in the previous comment for Hector, it didn't take him long to lose his job.

He never staked a claim for getting it back.

Normally baseball's nature is to abhor a void but not this time. The Angels bullpen was first in the majors in blown saves (14). Or I guess I mean last. The save percent (46) was definitely last. 

My calculator tells me in a full season they would have had 38 blown saves.

Alex Patton Alex
Hector Neris Philadelphia Phillies

Was Hector very unlucky on balls that stayed in play and very lucky on balls that didn't go out of play?

Whatever. His FIP was 2.50 this year, his xFIP 4.10.

He only had three blown saves. The Phillies bullpen all told had 11 saves and 12 blown saves. Its ERA was -- are you ready? -- 7.06.

Alex Patton Alex
Max Fried Atlanta Braves

Here's a thought. Max Fried was the MVP of the Braves.

Reason: Braves starting pitchers had a 5.41 ERA and won 14 games.

Alex Patton Alex
Dallas Keuchel Chicago White Sox

In 2016 Zach Greinke had a 1.66 to lead the NL in ERA.  The CYA winner was Jake Arrieta with a 1.77 ERA.  Arieta had 3 more wins, 6 1/3 more IP and 36 more Ks.

In the AL, nothing comes to mind.

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed

Tim, could you link us to the final stats in the NPB and KBO?

Alex Patton Alex

Was slashing .255/.330/.417 for the Orix Buffaloes on October 1 when Alex Vigderman wrote a short entry on Asian baseball for the Handbook.

Alex Patton Alex

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