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Nick Vincent Seattle Mariners

Signed a MiLC with the Giants

Frank Smith Pancho
Jean Segura Philadelphia Phillies

Noted Jeff, but 7 points in one year? That seems extreme, but you may be right.

Here’s a link to a historical chart of MLB BA:

Yulieski Gurriel Houston Astros

Re the posts by Jeff and Syd under Segura... this is precisely why I'm seriously considering keeping Yuli at 20.

The uppercuts that are now in vogue (let's call the emphasis on "improved launch angel" what it is) have led to batting average scarcity.

Yuli's swing might even have a slight downward path. Which generates back spin. Which generates plenty of home runs with any kind of luck.

If he doesn't get any, he's still going to help my batting average.

Alex Patton Alex
Tyler Clippard Cleveland Indians

Even in 5x5 he's worth more than a MiLC.

Alex Patton Alex
Jean Segura Philadelphia Phillies

I would attribute the precipitous drop more to the new launch angle, swinging for the fences mentality.

jeff merk jeffamerk
Tyler Clippard Cleveland Indians

Signed a MiLC with Cleveland.

Frank Smith Pancho
Trevor Plouffe Philadelphia Phillies

MiLC with Phillies.

Frank Smith Pancho
Josh Harrison Detroit Tigers

One year deal with Detroit.

Frank Smith Pancho
Jean Segura Philadelphia Phillies

I have to wonder whether I need to reduce the bid price on players like Segura whose Batting Average creates a decent chunk of their value. 2018 saw a drop of 7 points in MLB average (from .255 to .248) which I believe may be an outlier. The prior 10 seasons saw the average fall in the range of .253 to .257 (2014 being an exception at .251). Can the shifts and strikeouts really cause such a precipitous drop in one year? I think I’ll be cutting a few bucks off the average guys for 2019 before I believe this drop is permanent.

Brandon Nimmo New York Mets

Brandon Nimmo (OF) NY-N - Feb. 20

Nimmo has a sore right shoulder, Tim Healey of Newsday reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: Nimmo isn't particularly concerned about the issue, calling it "early-season soreness," but the discomfort was enough for him to avoid throwing during defensive drills Wednesday. The extent of the injury should become clear in the next few days.

Alex Patton Alex
Jed Lowrie New York Mets

Jed Lowrie (2B) NY-N - Feb. 20

Lowrie will get an MRI after being limited by left knee soreness Wednesday, Mike Puma of the New York Post reports.

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: The second baseman reportedly started feeling the soreness when he first arrived in camp, so the team opted to ease him into spring workouts. Since the issue has yet to subside, the Mets will continue to play things cautiously with Opening Day still over a month away.

Alex Patton Alex
Scooter Gennett Cincinnati Reds

Maybe if his parents just hadn't called him Scooter...

Scooter Gennett (2B) CIN - Feb. 20Gennett and his agent have notified the Reds that they are interested in a contract extension, but the Reds haven't responded, John Fay of The Cincinnati Enquirer reports. "We've definitely opened it up," Gennett said. "They know I want to play here. They

know I enjoy playing on this team. I enjoy the fans. I enjoy the coaching staff. I enjoy my teammates. They know all that. There's nothing else to tell them at this point. It's waiting for them to come back, which they have not."

ROTOWIRE RECOMMENDS: The Reds are in a bit of a tricky spot with Gennett. The two sides have done well by each other and he's popular in Cincinnati, but he's at an age where one might expect diminishing returns defensively, the Reds have prospects coming up that need places to play and they might want to allocate resources elsewhere in the long run.

Alex Patton Alex
Fernando Abad San Francisco Giants

Signed a minor league contract with the Giants. Hopefully that allows him to work out in spring training while he's suspended, not sure if it does.

Alex Patton Alex
Whit Merrifield Kansas City Royals

Interesting observation from Mike G in his "Only-League Landscape: American League Outfielders," posted now at BP:

... A Stars and Scrubs strategy is a tempting route to take in an environment where half the AL teams aren’t trying to win, but even so, you need something out of all five of your outfield slots.

Sixty-one of the top 168 AL hitters in 2018 were outfielders. This left virtually no wiggle room if two or more teams in your league used an outfielder in their DH slot. There was a time when an outfielder with middle infield eligibility would have found himself slotted in at second base to take advantage of the depth in the outfield. Those days are over, and if you had Whit Merrifield or Dee Gordonon your roster, chances are excellent they spent time in your team’s outfield.

Alex Patton Alex
Oliver Drake Tampa Bay Rays

This guy pitched for *5* MLB teams last year! (BP sez "the first time such a feat has happened in MLB history")

The Jan 5th Rotowire comment below cracks me UP! "he's already onto his second organization of 2019 just four days into the year, on pace for 182.5 teams this year."

I did not notice him when he was on an NL roster ... only when I read this at BP 

Howard Lynch LynchMob
Elvis Andrus Texas Rangers

I had Andrus in 2017. I remember that his SB were way down in the 2h of that great year. I'd be pretty pleased if Andrus reaches Rotoman's projected SB total. 

Scott Shea SJS

Will the steals return?

Mike Landau ML-

I just joined a 3rd league.  I've got my league which is 5x5 AL, consecutive membership since 1994.  My 2nd league is 5x5 AL (plus the Nationals) and OBP.  I've been in it over a decade.

I've just taken over a friend's team in a league I was in for a few years in the early aughts. It's 5x5 AL, but only 11 teams, so I can't use the same par salaries in any of my leagues.

Three auctions in 8 days.  Should be fun. 

Eugene Freedman EugeneFreed
Tyler Naquin Cleveland Indians

Trying to recall why Naquin didn't really get a look in 2017. He had the unsustainable BABIP-fueled production in 2016, hit modestly well in AAA in 2017 for a half season, and then struggled before getting hurt last year.

The Indians are, dare I say, desperate for outfield production. I don't know what I'd expect, but his numbers through 2017 suggest he could be a useful cheap play if he got at bats. Can he get to 450+ PA?

Justin Dowling BGWoodsman
Mychal Givens Baltimore Orioles
Four if you include the 20-team Regs League, that I'm resurrecting for this year. I have a couple of open slots If you'd like to give it a spin. 9 Bats, 7 SP, 4 man bench with OBP and Save + Holds/2 in play. A fun format.
Tim McLeod tlmcleod

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