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Todd Frazier
11 minutes ago
I did notice a needed fix yesterday. When you sort all players by league, the NL sort still includes the Astros' players. Makes me mad again at Bud Selig. I did not check the AL sort to see if they are included there.
Jonathan Lucroy
18 minutes ago
Doc, as touched on in the Heyward thread, there was less offense this year than last. By the time Alex gets the 2014 formulas done, LuCroy may have been worth more this year than 2013.

There's little doubt that, with the huge increase in doubles, and thus slight increase in SLG, along with the solid increase in OBP, that he was worth much more in real baseball this year than last.
Jason Heyward
44 minutes ago
Thanks, makes sense. Alex, how will I be able to tell when the 2014 formula has been substituted for the 2013 numbers? I'm trying to do a post mortem on each of my teams. Had Heyward at $28 in a keeper league this year.
Alcides Escobar
about 8 hours ago
Seven stolen bases tonight. That's insane. Me thinks the Angels will be paying a bit more attention to base runners than the A's apparently didn't this evening. You have to be happy for the long suffering KC fans.
Doubt Wars
about 10 hours ago
Swag baby.

Nicely done Mr 3repeater.

You'll get the Fantasy Guides from Rotoman and Rotowire, and some other stuff I haven't confirmed because I hoped the season would never end.

Send me your info to askrotoman@gmail.com and I'll be in touch.
Jonathan Lucroy
about 10 hours ago
Well, second best catcher in the NL (after Posey). Doubt he'll be top five in MVP voting, though he certainly deserves some votes mid-ballot.

about 11 hours ago
His average and on-base were up but his HR and RBI totals were down. I'd take his 2013 numbers that included 9 SB anytime over 2014.
Doubt Wars
about 11 hours ago
Thank you. What do we win?

about 11 hours ago
NL Doubt Wars is compiled and the results posted at ToutWars.com.

Tristan Cockcroft won, with the 3repeaters winning the civilian contest. Congrats Tristan and 3repeaters!

I hope to have AL and Mixed done early tomorrow, depending on how work goes.
Stage Four
about 11 hours ago
If I'm reading this right there will a Waivers run at 11am tomorrow morning for all the FA players.

Thanks Phil for the BBHQ podcast comment. I was actually on twice last year, and have to say that having a smart and prepared interviewer is a joy indeed. Patrick makes the whole thing a pleasure, and I dare say me practically radiogenic.

I can't get my head around fractional drafting, but if asked I would give it a try.

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