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Brandon Drury
about 1 hour ago
Keith Law's report from Arizona (for ESPN Insider):

• Arizona third baseman Brandon Drury has moved from being the throw-in in the Justin Upton trade to the team's best position-player prospect and potentially the best part of what was overall a “D-backle” of a trade. He looked overmatched much of the first week outside of a huge homer he pulled to left off a 90 mph fastball, otherwise struggling against velocity and right-handed breaking stuff. I love his swing, however, as it's short to the ball but long enough to enable him to make hard contact with some loft in his finish. He's also worked on his defense at third base to the point where it's no longer doubtful that he can stay there.

In a still small sample size, Drury went 0-for-5 yesterday to drop his average to .192.
Nick Williams
about 5 hours ago
Say for Keith Law, scouting the AFL for ESPN -- he doesn't mince his words.

• Texas outfielder Nick Williams continued to show why I don't believe he'll be a major league regular or more than an up-and-down guy. He hit .292/.343/.491 in high-A this year; the OBP was inflated by 11 HBP -- he walked just 19 times in more than 400 PA -- but his approach at the plate is atrocious, with poor recognition of both pitch types and locations. He has good bat speed and is an above-average runner, but there's no ability to make adjustments here, and you can't hack like this and become a big-league asset.
Rusney Castillo
about 5 hours ago
This interesting report from Keith Law, ESPN's Insider in Arizona:

• This was my first live look at Boston outfielder Rusney Castillo... He can certainly play the heck out of center field, with above-average speed but more importantly good reads, making plays into both gaps with ease. At the plate, he has a quiet approach with good hip rotation and loft in his finish; he starts with his hands by his right shoulder, barely moves them to load, then is short to the ball as he starts his rotation. I'd call this average bat speed, or at least not plus, but he made plenty of hard contact when I saw him against average velocity.

What he did not do was show much effort; he didn't run ground balls out (at this level there's a decent chance you'll end up safe) and looked disinterested in some at-bats. It's notable mostly because he's fresher than other AFL players who've been going since February or March, so I expected him to play with more intensity than everyone else, not less. I don't worry too much about that stuff, especially not this time of year, but in practical terms, it meant that those of us there to evaluate the league didn't get a real read on his running ability.
Jeremy Guthrie
about 5 hours ago
The defense helped, but there really wasn't much hard contact. One lazy fly ball after another.

Did anyone have him in the PCPSL, Tim?
Brandon Crawford
about 6 hours ago
Key play of the game: Crawford swinging at a 3-2 pitch that clearly was ball four.

If he takes it, the Giants have the tying run in scoring pitcher, the winning run on base.

And Finnegan comes out, Davis comes in with seven outs to go. So maybe it wasn't so key.
Todd Frazier
about 18 hours ago
We are hoping to cutover to the new site this weekend. Your input (and bug reports) will be appreciated.
Jose Altuve
1 day ago
Who gives a shift? ... turns out the Astros do!
Dee Gordon
2 days ago
You just summed up in 50 words what I'm probably going to spend 6,000 words on at BP next month.
Hunter Strickland
2 days ago
Before the altercation, I was thinking how calm the Royals were as they ran up the score. If Morse had hit the double that Perez hit, he would have gone berserk.
Emmanuel Burriss
2 days ago
Hitting .556 in the Dominican Winter League. Caught on with the Nationals this year and hit .300 at Syracuse. Stole 22 bases. Has hit .280/.345/.346 in 2,272 AB in the minors.

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