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Mike Morin
about 6 hours ago
Wow. Look at the rating. Even better than the WHIP.

Let's hear it for Mike Morin!
Josh Harrison
about 11 hours ago
Braves announcers just said he's still leading the league in total bases since ASB ... B-R.com says 133

Kemp has 130
Rusney Castillo
about 11 hours ago
The Rusney sweepstakes in the ADL (with FAAB left to spend)...

Palukas 6 (6)
Bags 7 (11)

So, sure enough, he's a Bag.

And the Palukas have $6 (of an initial $50) that they never spent, the Bags $4.

Was there someplace else that that money could have been spent today?

Not really. I bought Steve Wright with my last dollar. Only one other team even claimed him.

Can Rusney win the pennant for the Bags?

They trail the Bad K by a point and a half. Bags are one homer behind the next team, two steals behind the next team, tied in RBIs (8 behind the next team), .0012 behind the next team in batting average...

Yes, he could. Absolutely.
Matt Kemp
about 11 hours ago
Will be a good pick/pan for the 2015 guide.

about 13 hours ago
Since the AS break, he's been a pretty good ballplayer: .311/.370/.594 with 15 HR/49 RBI ...

Not Kemp circa 2011 (the running game is largely gone) ... but if it's a sign of what's possible going forward if he's healthy, it's a good sign.

If he doesn't have any setbacks in the off-season there will be some bullish pundits going into 2015.
Jay Bruce
about 13 hours ago
Echoing Alex's September baseball comment.

Bruce hits one off of Lance Lynn which I'll give him, but the second was off of a 22-yo who started the season at sing A (Tuivailala).
John Holdzkom
about 19 hours ago
Kinda reminds me of the way the Braves used to come up with pitchers like Kerry Ligtenberg, Kevin Gryboski and Peter Moylan.
Stage Four
about 20 hours ago
It's hard to believe how the time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were drafting teams and looking forward to another season of playing the greatest game on the planet. Here's wishing everyone a great last week of play as we make that final sprint to the finish line!
Daniel Murphy
1 day ago
Will miss out on 20 games at 3B by about 5 from the looks of things.

A bit sad for a big Daniel Murphy fan.

Jhonny Peralta
1 day ago
Alex -- Here's an article from July on the issue.

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