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Madison Bumgarner
3 minutes ago
Texpope -- 21 HRs allowed by the Bum, 9 by the Shaw of LA.

Dee Gordon
about 6 hours ago
Are the values on the site the 2014 values yet? Or are they still 2013?

Asking for Ray G. from faketeams.com

about 8 hours ago
Did I say that? Sounds like Benson.

The B+ you give yourself for Gordon, Mike? You are a tough grader!

about 8 hours ago
I did the AL last week.

You did this exercise in one of your books many years ago, and as you pointed out it's far from perfect. Gordon is a good example. Nine dollars for Gordon sounds great and is better than the market, but to steal your line, would you go to a broker for this kind of advice?

One of my biggest knocks on myself is that too often I moved a price up or down simply to be in sync with the market. I had Prince Fielder at $27 versus the market's average price of $32. I moved him up to $30 before the season started. I figured that wouldn't "get" him, but my bad feeling about Prince persisted.

Next year I vow to make less of these types of adjustments.
Madison Bumgarner
about 15 hours ago
Clayton Kershaw:
Career ERA - 2.69
Career Post Season ERA - 5.12

Madison Bumgarner:
Career ERA - 3.07
Career Post Season ERA - 2.55

about 18 hours ago
Bye bye home field advantage.

It didn't even seem he was that sharp.
Michael Fiers
about 22 hours ago
Would seem to be the roto definition of "Unpredictable" Last three seasons --> WHIP -- 1.26, 1.52, 0.88; ERA -- 3.74, 7.25, 2.13;

K -- a little more than one per inning.

If I had to, I would lean towards his 2012 line since it's in the middle. This season he had a .236 BABIP which seems unsustainable.
Ryan Sweeney
1 day ago
LVW -- Was just re-reading your comments on Ruggiano vs Sweeney in the Ruggiano thread.

$1 Ruggiano earned you $8

You dropped a $5 Sweeney who would have earned you $4.

Nice choice.
Dee Gordon
2 days ago
MikeG grades himself today at BP for his final NL bids posted before the season.

His method is to compare his prices against the average price that was paid in actual drafts. And then ask himself if his price is a win or a loss against the market?

For example, the average paid for Dee Gordon in CBS, LABR and Tout was $4. Mike's bid limit was $9. For that he gets a +5. Very clearly in the win column.

For Anthony Rizzo, the expert leagues averaged $24. Mike's stopping point was $21. For that he gets a -3. It goes in the loss column because Rizzo earned a nice profit even at $24.

His charts show every player on which he and the market differed by $3 or more, and the wins far outnumber the losses.

Billy Beane
2 days ago
Can't fault the methodology: base a team's expected won-lost record on how it ranks with 29 other teams in its payroll that year; compare its expected won-lost record to the actual record.

Top five general managers in Avg Wins Above Expectation (minimum five years as GM): Beane, Friedman, Mozeliak, Sabean, Daniels.

The bottom five: Huntington, Amaro, Moore, Dombrowski, Zduriencik.

So where does Brian Cashman fit in?

He doesn't. "I left off a few GM's because either I was lazy in manually finding the years they managed different teams (Sandy Alderson) or I just really don't care that much about them as individuals or their franchises (Doug Melvin and Brian Cashman)."

Kind of a reverse Steinberg cartoon.

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